The Four/Shao Nian Si Da Ming Bu (Ep 39 Recap)

Mask off! The end is near.


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Estelle’s Recap

*ASG = An Shi Geng

It appears that Li Mo has settled in home life while Leng Xue is out saving the world. While she is doing laundry, two masked men fly out of nowhere to capture her. Boooo! They are probably ASG’s minions. Not the adorable yellow kind, but the mean and evil kind 😦

cover your mouth girl!!

cover your mouth girl!!

The Four meet up with Zhu Ge to report on what they saw – the transportation of the gasoline and also the fact that Ji Yao Hua has turned a blind eye to it all. Leng Xue takes this opportunity to bring up what Li Mo saw in Ji Yao Hua (ASG’s shadow) and everyone is all like oohhhhhh. Yup.

gossip circle

gossip circle

Leng Xue finishes up with the men and returns home to find Li Mo gone!! Oh no!! Ji Yao Hua appears from around the corner. What does she want? Just then a piece of black fabric flies in. Leng Xue opens it up to find a note about Li Mo’s whereabouts.




sooooooooooo jealous

Leng Xue and Ji Yao Hua run out, pass these two random arches. Seriously, no idea why these wooden arches exist, but anyway that’s not the point. Sudden they see Li Mo hanging up on a wooden asterisk like thing. No, really, check it out; it’s not a cross!

Before either of them can react, ASG appears out of nowhere and pulls Ji Yao Hua up on another asterisk. ASG launches into a long speech about how each of the two girls loves Leng Xue and blah blah blah. Then a swarm of archers show up; ASG explains that he will shoot whomever Leng Xue decides to give up on.

peep the pose!

peep the pose!

look! asterisks!

look! asterisks!

Leng Xue coolly announces that he will not save Ji Yao Hua because she has already betrayed Shen Hou Fu. A disappointed Ji Yao Hua blames Leng Xue for what has happened so far and for her downward spiral. Leng Xue asks her one last time if she is willing to turn back and admit her fault to Zhu Ge, but she shouts that it is now too late.

But oh wait! Li Mo speaks up and asks Leng Xue to save Ji Yao Hua instead because the latter saved her before. Ji Yao Hua refuses and claims that Li Mo was super inconsiderate in secretly getting together with Leng Xue. OH MY GOSH. Is she for real?

After all is said and done, Leng Xue rescues Li Mo while Ji Yao Hua flies away with ASG.

“my heart is dead”


lemme sacrifice myself!

Elsewhere, Zhu Ge uses the Emperor’s special plaque to arrange a meeting with uncle. He reveals his suspicions about ASG to uncle, who finally agrees to investigate. Uncle arrives at ASG’s residence with tons of soldiers and demands to inspect the location.

say wahhhh

say wahhhh

ASG does not obey and actually come out to specifically state his desire to take over the throne. He sends out a bunch of ninja soldiers who have become totally cray cray after inhaling some of ASG’s weird smoke thing. Uncle’s royal soldiers are no match for these ninjas so Zhu Ge is forced to come out to play. However, Zhu Ge’s skills aren’t enough to defeat ASG, allowing him to successfully escape.

asg's special attack - flinging of dust!

asg’s special attack – flinging of dust!


look! fake cgi rock pillar!

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The Fifth:

  • ASG offers Ji Yao Hua a new magic m&m that promises to help her become emotionless.

those crazy eyes!

  • Yu Chun Tong decides to dish out all dirt on ASG when he sees how powerful Zhu Ge is. He is only able to reveal where the gasoline is before ASG kills him.
  • Yi Yi faints in front of Shen Hou Fu and finally makes up with Tie Shou. I’m a little upset that he didn’t even try to look for her this whole time. What the heck man.

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      • piebokou says:

        IKR I felt the same way, it made me so mad. I also hate the fact that they always gloss over the fact that Yiyi misfortune was largely cause by her meeting Tie Shou.


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