The Four/Shao Nian Si Da Ming Bu (Ep 37 Recap)

One must be careful of the holes in one’s clothes.


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Estelle’s Recap

*ASG = An Shi Geng

Now that Prince Zhu has been “caught,” Zhu Ge is afraid there is no one else who can stand between ASG and his plans. Wu Qing delivers this bad news to Leng Xue and Li and shares his concerns. Apparently when he happened upon the dead Mr. Ji, he found Mr. Ji holding onto a piece of suspicious cloth. He had wanted to inspect the scene some more, but Yu Chun Tong arrived at that time and interrupted him. Leng Xue wonders if Wu Qing told Ji Yao Hua yet and the latter reveals the recent occurrences to imply his distrust of the new leader.


hmmm a piece of black fabric; must be significant!

Leng Xue decides that he must visit Prince Zhu despite the risk. At the meeting, Prince Zhu pulls out a part of a gold pendant – the one that Nu Nu had a piece of as well. He quickly clears his name by saying that he had wanted to save Leng Xue’s tribe, but when he arrived it was already too late. It was at the scene of the massacre that he found his pendant broken into pieces, obvious that someone had planned to blame him for it all. For years, Prince Zhu had been trying to find out who the real culprit is, but he didn’t tell Leng Xue because he was afraid that by revealing this he would become a suspect. However, now that he is unable to leave his residence, he wants to give this to Leng Xue so the latter can continue the investigation.tf_3704

is there chocolate underneath?

is there chocolate underneath?

Zhui Ming sneaks into Six Doors to examine the corpses of soldiers who died from the fire (the one that burnt the coin molds and whatever). He discovers that there are no traces of smoke inside the soldiers’ noses despite their supposed cause of death. He also finds a piece of black cloth in the dead official’s hand.

they had q-tips back then?

they had q-tips back then?

Zhui Ming brings the fabric back and Zhu Ge identifies it as a special grade silk only used to make clothing for level one government officials. Everyone agrees that it is likely that ASG is connected to this case (about time!). Zhu Ge assigns Wu Qing to locate the registration book of the dead official in order to see if there is anything suspicious. You know, with all these pieces of clothing surfacing, one gotta wonder if ASG notices these holes and whatnot on his shirts. Does he just make new ones? If I were him, I would wear something else so others can’t grab onto it and rip a piece off so easily. But that’s just me! ^^;

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The Fifth:

  • Yu Chun Tong reveals that he asked the fake coin guy to make false testimony against Prince Zhu in exchange for money. But of course we already know that.

making alleyway deals

  • Yi Yi wakes up after being knocked out by the gold bug. The creepy guy comes by and the gold bug kills him by infiltrating his brain or something.


  • Wu Qing sneaks up onto and freezes two Six Doors soldiers while they talk about how nobody can infiltrate ever again. HA! The irony!


  • Ji Yao Hua tries to get some 411 on Leng Xue/Li Mo as well as progress on their investigation from Zhui Ming, but he refuses to let out any information. Seems like Ji Yao Hua is still able to track the couple down though 😦



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    • hahah it is 48 episodes! i think originally it was supposed to be 44, but it got extended. i agree that it really suffers from being too long. a lot of the episodes can be condensed to make the story a lot tighter. thanks for visiting and commenting though! i’m starting to lose momentum but i want to finish this project!


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