The Producers (Ep 12 Recap – FINALE)

When good intentions are rewarded.


A rookie no more!

Previously on The Producers… ep 11 recap

Anna’s Recap

After 11 episodes of will-they-won’t-they games with this love square/rectangle/quadrilateral, we finally find out if anyone gets the happy ending with the person they’re supposed to be with. To be honest, I was real nervous going into this finale because I wasn’t sure if the writers were gunna mess with our hearts one last time…like they’ve done with this whole time. Even though I didn’t learn particularly much about the producing aspect of variety shows, this has been a very fun ride for the romcom-loving side of me. Looks like there’s love to be had both on and off a variety show!

Episode 12 (Finale)

OUT IN THE OPEN | Joon Mo single handedly pisses off KBS, CEO Byun, and the Korean public by having Cindy continue shooting 2D1N. While everyone waits to see them crash and burn, 2D1N takes their shooting away from the city noise and into the countryside. Cindy acts annoyed that the little old grandma hosting her at her house doesn’t even know she’s famous, but she’s actually glad someone doesn’t know or care about her fame. In fact, Cindy’s having a great time cleaning and doing chores around the house with Seung Chan. And having him assure her that he knows she didn’t lie is especially sweet.


Being one with nature.

BENEATH THE STARS | After a long day of shooting scenes of Cindy just cleaning, Cindy, Joon Mo, and Seung Chan gather around for some good ol’ bonding time. Who knew that Seung Chan was such a scaredy cat and gets freaked out by a lame ghost story. Cindy asks them if the 2D1N cancellation rumors are because of her. Joon Mo tells her that she needs to disregard what other people say about her, and also that he recently saw Yuna doing really well with her own flower shop. During their talk, Seung Chan falls asleep on Joon Mo’s shoulder. He pushes him away onto Cindy’s shoulder, but he’s still asleep. Eeek, they are thisclose right now! So of course when Joon Mo tells Cindy to just go inside and sleep, she tells him that she wants to stay out here a little while longer.


Time stood still for a moment.

HOLD MY HAND | Half an hour goes by with Seung Chan asleep on Cindy’s shoulder and Joon Mo long gone to bed. When he finally wakes up, she tells him she didn’t want to wake him because he was sleeping so soundly (and beautifully). She admits that she knows who he likes, but she also can’t lie about her own feelings for him. Seung Chan tries to let her down nicely about how having a one-sided love is tiring, but Cindy just thinks that he’s making fun of her. He cutely stutters around about how he feels honored that she would like him. Cindy tells him that she just wants him to remember her because she really does like him. She asks if his promise to make it up to her for the embarrassing preview voiceover is still good. Before she has to go back to Seoul to face all the drama by herself and without anyone holding her hand, she wants him to hold her hand just once because his is so warm. And he does! So much cuteness.


Warm heart, warm hands.

THE LOST INTERVIEW | While discussing the current Cindy scandal, one of the cameramen that works with Ye Jin mentions that he once filmed a Pinky4 interview when Cindy was still a rookie. In it, she broke down in tears about her parents passing away, but a manager suddenly came in to stop the interview and told them to edit out those parts. Ye Jin pulls an all-nighter to watch through countless old videos to find that lost interview to clear Cindy’s name. Her hard work pays off when she not only finds the tape but also that it shows CEO Byun lecturing Cindy on tape that she has to lie about her parents living in America. CEO Byun, that old hag, definitely had no idea that tape was still out there. Seeing the footage play on TV immediately wipes that disgusting smirk off her face. PWNED.



NOT HANDLING THAT LIQUOR | As an initiation into the PD club, Joon Mo and the other PDs send Seung Chan to visit Song Hae, host of National Singing Contest, to record a message for the next episode of 2D1N. What our rookie doesn’t know is that this senior is a boss drinker, and all the PDs who agree to a drink with him ends up totally wasted. We all knew Seung Chan is a bad drinker, but this was some next level drunkenness. He stumbles back to KBS, threatening to spill Joon Mo’s secrets, so Joon Mo and Ye Jin have no choice but to drag him home. These three must have gotten drunk together too many times because Seung Chan picked up all of Ye Jin’s obnoxious drunk habits. But Seung Chan’s aegyo act? On point. Joon Mo might disagree though seeing as how Seung Chan kissed him on the mouth in his drunken stupor. See, drunk Ye Jin 2.0!


Who wants to go for another round?

ALL BUSINESS | The revelation of the lost interview forces CEO Byun to terminate Cindy’s contract ahead of schedule. In their last meal together to officially put an end to their 10-year relationship, she tells Cindy that she really did think of her as her daughter. Surprisingly, Cindy says that she knows she loved her. But it’s because the methods of expressing that love was wrong that she has to leave. Whatever, CEO Byun; see ya never.



REWIND THE TAPE | Since their last date that ended in tears, Seung Chan tells Ye Jin in one of their classic rooftop convos that he wishes he could “re-shoot” some scenes in his life, e.g., when he first started liking her. If only he wasn’t so awkward and immature in his pursuit of her, maybe things would have turned out different. He asks her if it’s possible for him to edit out all those scenes and start anew again. For a moment there, it looked like Ye Jin was really considering it. She had found out that the person who filed the complaints to get the street lamps by her house fixed was a PD at a TV station, and assumed it was Seung Chan. She asks him why he threatened the neighborhood office that he’ll come over with a camera if they didn’t fix the lights, but he’s just confused. He tells her that he wasn’t the PD that filed the complaints…


No take 2.

THE CHASE OF IT ALL | Ye Jin calls Joon Mo in the middle of the night to come over to help her kill a mosquito. He tells her no way, but of course he gets up to go. On his drive there, he sees Ye Jin chilling on the pathway with the fixed street lamps. When he asks what she’s doing there, she gets him to reveal that he was actually the one who made all those complaints. Ye Jin wants to know why he did that and why he came all the way here tonight. Joon Mo finally (finally!) reveals that he spent half his life chasing after her, from school all the way to KBS, not out of habit, but because of love. *tear* He didn’t want to jeopardize their friendship, but she somehow just kept staying by his side. And for that, he’s thankful. Joon Mo embraces Ye Jin, which she happily accepts. JoonJin together at last!


Never letting go again.

WINNING | Now that she’s without an agency, Cindy has to do everything herself, including carrying all her luggage around. She runs into Seung Chan in the KBS parking lot, but he’s just as clueless as ever. In a throwback to when they first filmed 2D1N together, she suggests playing rock, paper, scissor to see who will carry the luggage. And exactly like last time, Seung Chan wins despite having the chance to lose on purpose. Sighing, Cindy says she’ll beat him at the game one of these days. But then, Seung Chan takes the luggage and carries it for her! Cindy happily tells him to wait up for her. They walk together, both of them smiling the whole way. CHANDY LUV 4EVA <3!


He’s got it for you, girl!

AFTER SHOW | Joon Mo gets 3 months to turn things around for 2D1N after their ratings recently started going up. And she may be happily in love now, but Ye Jin is still the kickass PD that we know and love. Cindy still has her top star attitude, but now her annoyance comes more from wasting gas in the car. It ain’t cheap running your own one-man agency! Seung Chan’s episode previews are getting more and more popular, but Joon Mo is still lecturing him about petty things. No worries though, Seung Chan; you’re a real PD now!


Lookin’ good AND producin’ good shows.

If you were like me and hoping for a happy ending, then you’re probably very happy with this finale of The Producers. Celebratory soju all around! But if you’re not to say goodbye to our beloved characters, fear not because there’s a special episode comin’ your way. More JoonJin, Chandy, and variety show hijinks, please!

Thank you to everyone for reading these recaps and loving Chandy as much as me. Even though this drama turned out to be a lot more different than what I expected, I still enjoyed it very, very much. I’m definitely more than little sad to be done with this drama because c’mon, only 12 episodes of Kim Soo Hyun is not enough! I’ll be posting a series review soon, so check back to read my thoughts on the entire drama and how much it lived up to the crazy high expectations. Until then, let me know in the comments how you liked The Producers, its ending and which of the lead actors/actresses you wanna see back on your screen ASAP!


Miss y’all already!


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  1. John Wendel Gomez says:

    I’m very sad of the ending ! I’m Hopping that There is Season2 focusing on the two character Seung Chan and Cindy there love story to be continued Imagine if there is season 2 focusing the story on both of them super satisfied feeling for me and also to there Fans who expecting season 2.


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