The Four/Shao Nian Si Da Ming Bu (Ep 34 Recap)

Someone says the three little words, out loud.



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Estelle’s Recap

*ASG = An Shi Geng

Right after Yi Yi and Tie Shou narrowly escape from being caught by soldiers, Tie Shou starts to scold her about her poison palm again. The same exact argument happens all over again. Man, whoever wrote this script needs to learn a couple of new words. Yi Yi departs feeling all upset, and guess who does she bump into? I don’t even remember his name, but it’s the guy who killed Wen Ru Yu. I thought his scenes were over, but here we go again!

this guy

this guy

What does he want you ask? He is keen on taking Yi Yi back to their clan to teach her some other martial arts moves to train her into his puppet or something. Of course Yi Yi doesn’t want to do it, but he easily defeats her and kidnaps her. Booooo!

Meanwhile, ASG pays Ji Yao Hua a visit, coercing her into joining his team. She refuses, but ASG entices her with a chocolate m&m… I mean, special life saving pill from the inside of his belt (totally gross). He puts it in some tea and offers it to her. Don’t do it!!!!

Oh but she does. I don’t know why she thinks this is a good idea but ok. Here we go, the bad people team is complete.


magic bean

magic bean

Meanwhile, Zhui Ming finds Leng Xue and Li Mo at the city gate and immediately tells them to go away while things simmer down. He also fills them in on the coin problem, Li Mo’s identity issue and the suspension of Shen Hou Fu. Leng Xue is determined to stay to help though, so they hide away in some countryside residence in Mo Nan Cun. I think this is really just a ploy to get him and Li Mo alone together to show us some cute scenes. Hehehe, bring it on!

"you must stay with me because that is the safest place" - leng xue

“you must stay with me because that is the safest place” – leng xue

nice yard! swanky house!

nice yard! swanky house!

At night, Leng Xue and Li Mo sit under a sky of stars as he promises to stay beside her for foreverrrrrrr.

Leng Xue: Close your eyes. Quickly. Take out your hand.

tf_3412 tf_3413

Leng Xue: Do you like it? I made it myself.
Li Mo: I like it very much.


Li Mo: Close your eyes.
Leng Xue: You have one too?
Li Mo: Close your eyes!
Leng Xue: Oh-Kay!tf_3415


friendship bracelets! where did the beads from?

Li Mo: Do you like it?
Leng Xue: Yes. Are you using mind reading again?
Li Mo: [hits Leng Xue] We just think alike!
Leng Xue: When everything is over, let’s find some place quiet to live out our lives peacefully, ok?
Li Mo: Okay.


so daring now ^^;

Li Mo: [laughs] Me too.
Leng Xue: Me too what?
Li Mo: Just same as what you are thinking right now.
Leng Xue: I didn’t say ‘I love you.’
Li Mo: Ah-ha! I love you, too.
Leng Xue: I love you.
Li Mo: I love you very much.
Leng Xue: I love you very much too.
Li Mo: I love you very very much.
Leng Xue: I love you very very very much.
Li Mo: I love you more.
Leng Xue: I love a lot.
Li Mo: I love you super much.

ha-ha! got you!

ha-ha! got you!

Shouting now…
Leng Xue: Chu Li Mo, I love you!
Li Mo: Leng Xue, I, love, you!
Leng Xue: Chu Li Mo, I love you!
Li Mo: Leng Xue, I love you more!
Leng Xue: Li Mo, I love you. I’ll give you lifelong happiness.

tf_3419 tf_3420

The whole time I was thinking, I thought they are trying to lay low? Telling the world your names doesn’t seem to accomplish that =\

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The Fifth:

  • Tie Shou and Wu Qing group up to spy on Six Doors as they plant fake coins in another official’s residence to use as “proof.” Zhu Ge learns of this and becomes even more sure of ASG’s involvement. With further deductions, Zhu Ge concludes that ASG’s real target is his half-brother, Prince Zhu (no relation to Zhu Ge) aka Leng Xue’s foster father.

    peeping toms

    peeping toms

  • Crazy guy from poison clan locks Yi Yi in a cave with a ton of poison bugs. He plans on leaving her there for 49 days. Then some weird bright bug kills off all the poisonous ones and knocks Yi Yi unconscious. The whole thing is super weird.


  • Wu Qing continues to be emo, now with blue flower petals falling everywhere. He wonders where Li Mo is. Uh, hello, Zhui Ming told you that like ten minutes ago.


  • Li Mo and Leng Xue are so in sync that they even kiss their bracelets at the same time.
  • Ji Yao Hua returns to Shen Hou Fu, but she is a lot colder and more aloof than before.

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