The Four/Shao Nian Si Da Ming Bu (Ep 32 Recap)

Looks like brighter days are NOT ahead.


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Estelle’s Recap

*ASG = An Shi Geng

Mrs. Dao has decided to team up with Li Mo to cure Leng Xue’s poisons. I guess she has concluded the whole marriage arrangement was silly and stupid. Mrs. Dao explains that Li Mo needs to enter Leng Xue’s heart using her mind reading ability to stop Leng Xue’s wolf poison from going crazy. Apparently when Mrs. Dao tried to get through Leng Xue before, the two poisons combined would be too much for her and they will not allow the fish blood to heal him. I’m not sure how this work because it sounds totally weird, but ok Mrs. Dao.


healing session

So Li Mo enters Leng Xue’s mind or heart or wherever, and finds him in some place engulfed by fire. Li Mo calls out to him but he is too focused on looking for his parents and seeking revenge to listen to her. She doesn’t give up and keep talking to him about calming down in order for them to cure his poison. Finally, she promises to stay with him forever and that does the trick. BTW the picture is blurry not because my resolution sucks but because the production decided blurriness best convey fire or something.

hugs <3

hugs ❤

With a cough, Leng Xue falls unconscious but Mrs. Dao explains that the fish blood has gone through and he is now officially free of both poisons. Horray!

sweat and blood yo

sweat and blood yo

Back at Shen Hou Fu, Mu Xue finds Wu Qing practicing martial arts in a field of cherry blossoms. Oh, of course he is. I mean where else would he be but under the cherry tree, right? Cue eye roll.

he even poses for us

he even poses for us

In any case, Mu Xue asks him why he is practicing so hard and he tells her he needs to protect the innocent from the likes of ASG. She is no fool though and understands that he is referring to Li Mo despite his denial. However, this doesn’t deter her from giving him a 荷包 (hebao) which is basically a small purse people carried around back in those days. Girls usually liked to sew special patterns or designs on them and gift them to someone they like. So this is a special purse!


Mu Xue: I want to give this to you. 
Wu Qing: What is it?
Mu Xue: If there is someone who is willing to guard you in place of Ru Yan and care for you in place of Li Mo, will you accept her? This hebao is a personal item of mine. In Qing Ge tribe, when we find a man we like we would give this to him to represent that we have found someone who is more reliable and precious a companion than money. We would give the rest of our lives to this man.
Wu Qing: I appreciate your love, but I cannot be the one you seek.
Mu Xue: Why not?
Wu Qing: I have no desire for love right now.
Mu Xue: But what if I just want to wait for you? This is the first time I’m giving my hebao to a person I like, I don’t want to have it returned to me.
Wu Qing: I understand this is a custom of the Qing Ge tribe, but I really cannot accept. I hope you will be able to find someone better suited. I’m sorry.

Ouch, rejected. That was mad cold, Wu Qing.



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The Fifth:

  • Jiao Nian meets with ASG to beg for his mercy on behalf of Zhu Ge. While he pretends to agree to her request, he poisons her with some low level drug that causes her to have a stomache. stomach hurts...

i…my stomach hurts…

  • Wu Qing digs up Ru Yan’s belongings because he realizes he can’t let her go yet.


  • Chun Tong becomes the official leader of Six Doors after ASG exposes the original leader’s reliance on illegal drugs to uncle.
drug habits are bad

drug habits are bad

  • Zhui Ming and Tie Shou want to know if Wu Qing and Mu Xue are a couple, and Wu Qing asks them if they’ve ever seen men as gossipy as women before. LOL.
  • Mrs. Dao is STILL trying to pit Ji Yao Hua against Li Mo. Seriously, what is wrong with this woman???

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