The Four/Shao Nian Si Da Ming Bu (Ep 31 Recap)

Reunion is sweet, but everything else sucks.


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Estelle’s Recap

*ASG = An Shi Geng

It is Mu Xue’s first night at Shen Hou Fu without Li Mo and she is feeling a bit sad, but Wu Qing cheers her up and urges her to rest up. On her way to her room however, she passes by Yi Yi as the latter is happily consuming some poisonous bugs. Oops. A surprised Yi Yi quickly warns Mu Xue not to tell others about what happened. Probably not the best impression you want to make =\

hehehe it looks like a funny mustache

hehehe it looks like a funny mustache

“shut up”

After a night of sleep, Mu Xue starts the day with Wu Qing out at the city market. Wu Qing enters a restaurant to put in a reservation for some peking duck because apparently it sells out really fast (how considerate). While Mu Xue is waiting for him (why couldn’t she go in too?) two shady people invite her to see some street performer. Innocent Mu Xue thinks nothing of it and follows them with eagerness.

Of course the two people are creepers who are planning to sell her off to the brothel. Mu Xue starts to get suspicious when they enter a small alley, but it’s too late! The two dudes grab hold of her and are about to carry her off to their destination. Just then, Wu Qing appears and defeats the two bad guys with little effort, successfully saving Mu Xue from a terrible future. I bet Mu Xue is all like *swoon*.

Mu Xue laments that people aren’t as nice as those in Qing Ge tribe. Uh really? I don’t think Qing Ge tribe is that great at all, and clearly neither does Wu Qing because he reminds her of her brother Mo Er Chi. Mhm.

shifty dudes

shifty dudes

in big doo-doo

in big doo-doo



Back at Shen Hou Fu they bump into Yi Yi. Afterwards Mu Xue confess to Wu Qing what she saw the night before. Well that was quick. They bring this information to Tie Shou who reveals the whole thing with Wen Ru Yu. Instead of feeling the animosity that she felt before, Mu Xue gains new respect for Yi Yi, calling the latter a real hero to sacrifice for love.

that was easy

that was easy

Elsewhere, Li Mo finds Ji Yao Hua on the street, and they head over to Mrs. Dao’s. On their way there Ji Yao Hua reveals that she plans on leaving forever after she witnesses Leng Xue’s recovery. Li Mo responds with kind words of well wishes, but Ji Yao Hua is reluctant to accept them.

Anyway, they arrive at Mrs. Dao’s and Li Mo sees how weak and terrible Leng Xue looks. Dude, I told you to cleanup in the last episode! Why don’t you ever listen! But they do have a very touching slow-mo walk to each other followed by an intense hug.


Leng Xue: Where did you go? I looked so hard for you. I really missed you.
Li Mo: I also really missed you.
Leng Xue: I haven’t seen you for so long.

tf_3109 tf_3111

Right after the tearful reunion, Leng Xue gets a sudden attack and pushes Li Mo away, asking her to leave him. Li Mo begs Mrs. Dao to save him, but Mrs. Dao says she will only do it if Leng Xue marries Ji Yao Hua. Of course Leng Xue doesn’t want to, and even Ji Yao Hua refuses the arrangement. Yeah, this seems like an unreasonable request and kind of stupid to be frank.

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The Fifth:

  • Mrs. Dao offers to kill Li Mo, but Ji Yao Hua refuses.
  • ASG figures out Li Mo’s true identity and brings people from Six Doors to look for her. Though he couldn’t find her, he suspends everyone at Shen Hou Fu using uncle’s powers.
  • Wu Qing buries Ru Yan’s belongings.



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