The Lost Tomb/Dao Mu Bi Ji (Pilot Pt.2 Recap)

The ensemble is complete!

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Estelle’s Recap

Wu Xie gets a text message from his uncle about something “good” so he dumps High Shao and Chen Cheng Cheng to go meet up. When he finally makes it to the location, he is held at knife point by a mugger right when he gets out of the car. Luckily mystery man from the cliff reappears in a hooded leather suit and highkicks the heck out of the thief, successfully saving Wu Xie’s butt. Uncle arrives on scene shortly after and Wu Xie learns that the good stuff was the ancient weapon mystery man was carrying on his back. He complains that he didn’t get to see it, but uncle blames it all on his late arrival. Wu Xie chides that uncle must have sold the weapon for a fortune.


hurry! blur the knife! oh wait this is not a kdrama


looking emo again

Wu Xie and his uncle go back to the latter’s home. After scolding Wu Xie for his recent dangerous adventure, uncle figures out that the script is the map of a noble’s tomb from the Three Kingdoms time and is worth a look. Wu Xie immediately stops uncle from looking any further because he is determined to protect the artifacts and offer clues to the country instead.

feigning disinterest

feigning disinterest

Once Wu Xie gets home he discovers both Chen Cheng Cheng and High Shao bound up. What is worse is that the script has been stolen by a group of men in black. Wu Xie thinks to himself about the times he saw Chinese artifacts overseas in Germany where he was studying, and how he felt disappointed that so many pieces have been sold off to faraway lands by those in the black market. While he understood the difficult choices some people had to make in the past, but he cannot tolerate illegal artifact dealings to continue so he vows to himself that he will protect these artifacts with all that he can.

prince charming to the rescue!

prince charming to the rescue!

a moment of introspection

a moment of introspection

And it’s as if High Shao and Chen Cheng Cheng read his mind! They suggest that they group together with uncle to find the location of the lost tomb first so they can protect it from being raided by the bad guys. Thought unsure that uncle will do anything pro bono, Wu Xie decides to tell him about losing the script and ask for help.

Turns out uncle is not so bad after all and agrees to take another look at the script. However, uncle is not convinced that Wu Xie should go to the lost tomb because it is a very dangerous activity. Wu Xie doubts uncle’s kleptomaniac tendencies and insists on tagging along despite uncle’s promise to return all artifacts to the government. Finally under threats and whatnot, uncle consents.

nice apartment

nice apartment

“i’m going to tear it up then!”

After collecting all the appropriate gear, Chen Cheng Cheng overhears uncle’s decision to not bring her along. She reveals that the reason for her to go to the lost tomb is to figure out what happened to her aunt who disappeared. Uncle realizes that Chen Cheng Cheng is his girlfriend’s niece and so the more reason to not put her in the path of danger. Wu Xie tries to convince Chen Cheng Cheng to stay behind as well, but she just runs off on her own. Unable to locate her and plus finding his home broken into again, the remaining trio begins to suspect the bad guys have kidnapped Chen Cheng Cheng. They decide the best thing to do is to set out for the lost tomb and wait for the bad guys to arrive instead of calling the police like normal people would do… Right.



The trio drives for what seems to be a really long time – or at least according to the two youngin’s since they complained the entire time about how tired they are. Finally they get to a bamboo built restaurant and meet up with others who are joining them – Pan Zi, one of uncle’s peeps and mystery man whom uncle introduces as Xiao Ge.

Below the Surface:

  • Wu Xie bribes uncle with a bottle of good wine to get back on his good side.
bribery works wonders

bribery works wonders

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