The Four/Shao Nian Si Da Ming Bu (Ep 27 Recap)

Leng Xue gets help from a love scarred woman.

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Estelle’s Recap

*ASG = An Shi Geng

After some time, Ji Yao Hua arrives at the home of Mrs. Dao who nearly kills her. Apparently Mrs. Dao harbors some sort of hate for men because she has a scar on her face, and she will only agree to save Leng Xue if Ji Yao Hua will cut her face as well. What kind of twisted logic is this?


Ji Yao Hua agrees to the unwelcomed demand, but just as she picks up her sword to complete her end of the deal, Mrs. Dao stops her from doing it, scolding her for being stupid. Mrs. Dao then leads Ji Yao Hua to the courtyard to admire a cherry tree. Ji Yao Hua compliments Mrs. Dao on the beauty of the tree and the latter reveals that the tree is nourished by two dead bodies buried underneath – a man and his lover, both of whom she captured and killed.

Ji Yao Hua picks up on Mrs. Dao’s story and convinces her to give men another chance instead of continuing to dwell on the past. Mrs. Dao is unsure that men will still be interested in her since her looks are now “ruined,” but Ji Yao Hua persuades her otherwise and Mrs. Dao decides to save Leng Xue. Well, that was easy.

that's seriously barely noticeable

that’s seriously barely noticeable

Ji Yao Hua and Mrs. Dao bring Leng Xue to Mrs. Dao’s residence. On their way, Chun Tong’s people try to take them out but Mrs. Dao easily scares them away with her flying dagger. Chun Tong hears report of this and immediately looks into where Mrs. Dao lives.

At Mrs. Dao’s, she uses the blood from four different fish plus her qi to heal Leng Xue. The fish are brought up using flavorless alcohol which is produced by a flavorless fruit. Soon after, Leng Xue wakes up.  tf_2708 tf_2709

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The Fifth:

  • Li Mo tries to jolt Wu Qing’s memory by showing him a series of pictures and pretending to be the other members of the Four. She also plays flute for him and retells stories he told her in the past.
leng xue

leng xue

also leng xue

also leng xue

  • Li Mo and Mu Xue use little hammers to hit Wu Qing’s head in hopes that it will spark something for him, but nothing happens. Mo Er Chi comes by to “help” and hits Wu Qing really hard in attempt to teach him a lesson. Instead, Wu Qing suddenly remembers Ru Yan.
  • Leng Xue calls for Li Mo while unconscious and Mrs. Dao nearly kills him for thinking of another woman while Ji Yao Hua is present.
  • Tie Shou starts to think he is cursed again because both Wu Qing and Li Mo are gone.



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