The Four/Shao Nian Si Da Ming Bu (Ep 26 Recap)

Li Mo gets confessed to.

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Estelle’s Recap

*ASG = An Shi Geng

So Ji Yao Hua follows Leng Xue on his search for Wu Qing and Li Mo under the pretense that she is going to “support him quietly.” Whatever, girl. You just keep your distance and paws off, okay? In other news, Li Mo gets invited to the Qing Ge tribe’s version of valentine’s day which is when lovers gather and confessions happen. Mo Er Chi takes this opportunity to present Li Mo with a special outfit (oh man, is a make over coming up?) and offers to teach her to dance.



On the actual valentine’s day, Mo Er Chi starts his official confession with comparing Li Mo to gems. Then, he breaks tradition and gifts her a sword he has been keeping all these years (apparently women are supposed to give men gifts). After that, he talks about how she is his lucky charm and he is willing to welcome all her friends and family into Qing Ge tribe. Finally, he tells her to forget about her former love because he is a prince and every girl should feel blessed to marry him. He shoves the sword into her hand and insists that she learns to love him. Eep. Run girl, run!


Now back to Wu Qing. He is still in the forest with the orphan child, Xiao Ding, who is surprisingly clean for being homeless. I mean both of them are spotless. Where do they shower? The kid learns to play the flute and Wu Qing promises to stay with him. Just then, a trio of bad guys come out of nowhere and tries to take Xiao Ding away. Wu Qing distracts the three and Xiao Ding is able to run away. However, since Wu Qing cannot recollect his fighting skills, he is easily defeated and gets knocked unconscious. Maybe he will regain his memory?? Could it be??

At least the search party is on their way. Leng Xue and Ji Yao Hua finds a piece of black cloth on the side of the road and Leng Xue is all like YES THIS IS DEFINITELY FROM MY SHIRT THAT LI MO WAS WEARING. I mean… how could you even tell? Not to be a meanie but I’m sure that fabric is not exclusive to your shirts. But anyway, I digress. I should give Leng Xue some credit; he is super concerned and angry at himself.

this is it!

ah, a clue!

Meanwhile Li Mo accompanies Mu Xue to the local market and they spot Wu Qing in a group of people being sold off. I thought Qing Ge tribe is supposed to be a piece of clean land where nothing bad happened? Why are there folks conducting human trafficking in broad daylight? Shame! For shame!

In any case, Li Mo runs up to Wu Qing immediately and starts going on and on about how glad she is to see him, but his sole response is who the heck are you. I guess that blow to the head did not restore his memory. Well, that’s refreshing.



Once released, Li Mo and Mu Xue bring him back and feed him. Mo Er Chi gets super jealous and so Mu Xue ends up taking care of Wu Qing instead. Uh, so Mo Er Chi was afraid that Wu Qing would harm Li Mo, but it’s cool for his sister to be in potential danger’s way? Someone sure got his priorities straight (cue eyeroll). Nothing exciting happens in this scene, but I think watching Wu Qing eat proves that even beautiful people have ugly moments.


example 1

Maybe I was too optimistic about Leng Xue and Ji Yao Hua coming to their rescue soon. Chun Tong shows up and pretends to fight with Leng Xue, losing super easily. However, his real purpose was to stab and poison Leng Xue so he could capture the latter more easily. I’m not sure how this is a good idea though because if ASG wants Leng Xue’s blood, a poisoned Leng Xue probably has got some bad blood. Right?

crazy weapon

crazy weapon



Ji Yao Hua gets a doctor to check out Leng Xue’s illness, and the prognosis is that he can only last one month. HOWEVER (of course there is a however, right?) if they can find a Mrs. Dao, she might be able to save Leng Xue. So Ji Yao Hua sets out to find this mysterious woman.

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The Fifth:

  • Zhui Ming is angry with the Princess and tells her that he cannot continue to be silly with her.
  • Tie Shou scolds Zhui Ming for fighting with the Princess in front of Shen Hou Fu. Zhui Ming refuses to make up with her and swears that he will not.
  • Mu Xue falls in love with Wu Qing after he cleans up. She sure is superficial, no? ^^;;

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