The Producers (Ep 6 Recap)

Accidents happen.

I see potential.

Do you see the potential?

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Anna’s Recap

By the end of this episode, I wanted to give each character a hug because everyone just seemed so darn sad. It’s never easy to love someone who loves someone else, and that’s exactly what our leads are learning…the hard way. Right when someone looks to have found their way out of this very complicated love traffic jam, an unexpected road block pops up and refuses to move out of the way anytime soon. Looks like everyone will just have to keep moving forward, but with your seat belts on please! Too many love accidents already.

Episode 6

DRUNK TRUTHS | Seung Chan confronts Joon Mo about lying being too drunk to remember what happened last night, including Ye Jin’s love confession. Joon Mo viewed the evening as an accident, and nothing more than that. After dragging a very drunk Seung Chan and Ye Jin back to the apartment, he decided to just “forget” about the accident to avoid any awkwardness. Seung Chan doesn’t accept the excuse though and straight-up says that pretending nothing happened is a cowardly move. Even though the truth is finally (sorta) out there, Joon Mo tells Seung Chan to mind his own business because this is a matter between him and Ye Jin. Since he can’t speak up about the issue anymore, Seung Chan resorts to purposely messing up Joon Mo’s coffee order later on. Yeah, that’ll show him!


That was a joke, right?

WE HAVE HISTORY | Seung Chan temporarily leaves his editing all-nighter to meet up with Ye Jin at the playground near their apartments, and tells her that he confirmed Joon Mo’s drunkenness from last night and she has nothing to worry about. Ye Jin seems relieved knowing that her secret is still safe, but sitting at the playground brings back memories of growing up with Joon Mo. She reveals to Seung Chan that the apartment they’re living in right now used to belong to her family, but they had to sell it to Joon Mo’s mom when they went bankrupt. Ye Jin feels embarrassed to be sharing all this info with him, but Seung Chan reiterates that she can come to him anytime she needs to talk. Ah, someone’s got a crush.


Bonding session.

PREMIERE NIGHT | When the 2D1N team bets on what the ratings will be for their premiere episode, Seung Chan, very scientifically, predicts a low 6.8. C’mon, not even a 7?! Let’s see how the show goes then. Seung Chan’s whole family gathers around the TV to watch it…and they’re not impressed. And when they see the clip of him tying Cindy’s shoelace for her, yikes. Cindy, on the other hand, is all smiley seeing the scenes of her and Seung Chan together. Ye Jin and Joon Mo are watching the show together when they realize the name of they town the show was filmed in was misspelled. This is apparently a very, very big deal because the netizens are already all over the message boards bashing the show for it. The only thing that will cheer up Joon Mo now is a cold beer.


Spellcheck didn’t catch it?!

PRESERVING THE STATUS QUO | Clearly not learning anything from the last time, Joon Mo and Ye Jin are drinking to forget about the disastrous premiere episode of 2D1N. She asks about the blind date that his mom set up for him, and he lies that he already went on it. Ye Jin knows he’s lying because she just got off the phone with his mom and found out that Joon Mo flaked on the date. She realizes then that Joon Mo DID hear her love confession the other night. Joon Mo tells her that he only pretended not to hear because he assumed it was an accident and didn’t want things to become weird between them. Upset by his response, Ye Jin says that yeah, it was an accident and now she feels even more humiliated because of him.

Now it's awkward.

Now it’s awkward.

DAMAGE CONTROL | While Joon Mo is writing reports apologizing for the premiere episode’s caption typo, Seung Chan treats Ye Jin to a beef dinner. She tells him that Joon Mo actually heard the confession, but she doesn’t blame Seung Chan for not telling her. He asks her why she likes Joon Mo in the first place, and Ye Jin doesn’t have an answer. She muses that Joon Mo probably only thinks of her as his bro, and that she’s not pretty in his eyes. Seung Chan jumps into tell her that she’s pretty. Aw, cuteness. Joon Mo confronts Ye Jin when she arrives home because he heard she wanted to move out. She tells him it’s so they can all live comfortably. He gets upset that she’s taking this “accident” so far, and blurts out that she should just do whatever she wants then. Joon Mo quickly regrets it, but Ye Jin leaves again.


CLOSE CONTACT | After crashing overnight at the office, Ye Jin wakes up in a daze and suddenly remembers that she has to organize the special concert that KBS is having. The concert headliners, Cindy and Lee Seung Gi, run into each other, and their images couldn’t be any more different. Seeing Seung Gi’s “good guy” persona in action, Cindy attempts to soften her notoriously bratty image too…especially in front of Seung Chan. After all, he’s the only person who can make her genuinely laugh. When he helps her put on the mic equipment, Cindy’s feelin’ ALL the butterflies in her stomach. Then when he holds onto her while they’re on the stage lift together, it’s hearts everywhere!


I mean, can you blame her?

MOVE, GIRL, MOVE! | While the crew is getting all the equipment out onto the stage for the dress rehearsal, Cindy is in the middle of it completely zoned out. Is she sleeping standing up? Not sure. Ye Jin calls out to her to move, but she doesn’t hear her. Ye Jin rushes forward to push Cindy out of the way and ends up getting hit by the sliding stage herself. When Seung Chan finds out that there’s been an accident and Ye Jin is at the hospital, he drops everything and sprints there. But when he gets to the hospital, he only sees Cindy because it turns out that Ye Jin only had minor injuries. Cindy, however, really hurt her ankle because Ye Jin pushed her away but right into the stage lift hole.

Spaced out to a different dimension.

Spaced out to a different dimension.

TO THE RESCUE | Ye Jin and Seung Chan go to apologize to Cindy for causing her injury, but she’s surprisingly not angry about it. Instead, this will be her chance to get some quality rest. CEO Byun comes by to rain on everyone’s parade and tries to get Cindy to continue working. Ye Jin and Seung Chan stand up for Cindy and insist that it’s illegal to make Cindy work through her injuries. On the way out, Ye Jin holds onto Seung Chan’s hand to fight through all of Cindy’s fans, which has him shyly smiling to himself.


My bad, girl. My bad…

THE NEXT MOVE | Joon Mo finally catches word of the accident and Ye Jin being injured, and he too rushes to the hospital. But when he sees her, he yells at her for being clumsy instead of comforting her. Ye Jin thinks that he’s acting so mean because he only cares that she got Cindy, one of 2D1N‘s stars, injured. She goes off to cry by herself, but Seung Chan follows. Ye Jin tells him to go because she wants to be alone, but she’s sorry for what happened today. Seung Chan also randomly(?) apologizes to her. She asks why he’s sorry, and he tells her that he’s about to get himself into trouble. Hm, what’s that now? Seung Chan then walks forward and holds Ye Jin against him in an embrace. Omo. Is this the start of Chan-Jin…?


Not an accident.


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