The Four/Shao Nian Si Da Ming Bu (Ep 25 Recap)

Ok, so this is random, but check this picture and tell me if her eyelashes are put on badly?

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Estelle’s Recap

*ASG = An Shi Geng

So if you remember, in the last episode, Mo Xue’s brother decides to marry her off to Li Mo without knowing that the latter is a woman. Of course, Mo Er Chi is super confused because he thought Li Mo and Mo Xue really liked each other. Without any other choice, Mo Xue reveals the truth and he is completely stunned.

Back at Shen Hou Fu, Yi Yi gets an order of scorpions, but Ye Er sees them and kills them immediately. After sending Ye Er off, Yi Yi goes back to the kitchen to salvage the scorpions and puts them in a jar with a newt and some snakes. She takes off the fabric that is wrapped around her poisoned arm and sticks it in the jar.

tf_2501 tf_2502

Meanwhile a couple of days have past and Wu Qing is still in the random spot in the forest with that random kid. Uh… What? Where are the parents? Anyway, the kid insists on learning the flute from Wu Qing and offers him more fruits in exchange.


Now at the Qing Ge tribe, Mo Er Chi seeks Li Mo out and they have a talk about her family and friends. She starts to miss Leng Xue because it is the moon festival when family and friends gather together. Mo Er Chi tries to cheer her up by saying that they are all her friends too and if she wants, he can have everyone gather to party and celebrate under the moon every night. Wow, somebody is trying very hard. Isn’t this also too fast? I mean he literally JUST learnt that Li Mo is a girl, not a guy. Uh….ok. Whatever floats your boat dude.

tf_2506 tf_2505

At Shen Hou Fu, nobody is in the mood for festivities. Zhui Ming laments that they used to just worry about Leng Xue during full moon, but now they must also worry about Wu Qing, Ji Yao Hua and Li Mo. At least Jiao Nian is good spirit as she and Zhu Ge share some tangyuan (glutinous rice balls).


Elsewhere ASG comes by to challenge Leng Xue. The latter quickly takes out his sword to fight, but Nu Nu pops out of nowhere and blocks the hit for him. Man, these women are just dying left and right. First is Ru Yan, and now Nu Nu? Not to mention Ji Yao Hua is also severely ill from blocking that hit for Leng Xue some time ago.


Leng Xue carries Nu Nu off to somewhere safe, but she is only able to ask him to promise to avenge the wolf tribe before she is gone. Nu Nu, super determined to the end. To be honest, I’m not sure what the point of her role is in this story line. She didn’t do anything terrible, but she also didn’t do anyone any good. Kind of confusing…


So we were right, Mo Er Chi has fallen desperately in love with Li Mo all of a sudden. He tries to convince Li Mo to stay by showing her their storage of rice. A bit strange, but ok. On their way there some assassins show up, but the point is not for Mo Er Chi to prove he is a man. It is actually for one of the assassin’s knife to fly to Li Mo and cut her hair ribbon off, releasing her long locks while she twirls around like in one of those shampoo commercials. And there is Mo Er Chi totally gaga over her. He makes a point to tell her how important it is to him that she is a woman and how he will announce this news to everyone in the tribe. Oh dear.

tf_2510 tf_2511

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The Fifth:

  • Ye Er reports what she saw in the kitchen to Leng Xue, but he could care less.
  • When Li Mo leaves Mo Er Chi after conversing with him, she drops her handkerchief which he picks up and keeps with all smiles.
  • Tie Shou and Yi Yi burns paper money for Wu Qing, Ji Yao Hua and Li Mo. 😦
  • Ji Yao Hua reappears at Shen Hou Fu. Her dad wants her to quit, but she pleads and pleads and she gets her way.
  • Leng Xue and Ji Yao Hua set off to find Wu Qing and Li Mo. The Princess tries to stop them, but fails. Again, Zhui Ming is the one that is hurt the most. 😦

tf_2513 tf_2514

  • Zhui Ming calls the Princess immature, and warns her that love is not secured by a bunch of guards.
  • ASG dances in his room. Weeee~!


But seriously though, did you guys look at that cover photo? The eyelash? Yes or no? Here it is again.


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