The Talk: Would you date Myeong Soo?

Happy 1st anniversary to us! Yay, we can’t believe we have already hit the one year mark of Drama for Real, but we couldn’t have done it without YOU, our loyal readers! So for this new year, we would like to get to know all of you better by starting this new feature on the blog called, “The Talk.” Think of us as your drama-obsessed friends and we’re just having a typical chat about our favorite drama things.

The way this is gunna go is we’ll post a question (drama related), share our thoughts and cross our fingers that someone will respond. Please save us from embarrassment and somebody comment! >.< Pretty please?


Our first ever “The Talk” topic is based on the new Korean drama that we have been watching and obsessing over, Ex-Girlfriend Club. Who amongst us haven’t watched a drama and put ourselves in the characters’ shoes? For this one, we wonder if we’d able to deal with the ex-gf craziness of the cat, the fox and the lioness, and if we could suffer through it like Soo Jin just for a shot at love with Myeong Soo. Let’s look at the pros and cons chart, shall we?

  • MS is loyal, kind, friendly, generous, considerate, creative
  • He is also sooooo adorable! ❤
  • He has great taste in couple shoes
  • He looks good in glasses!
  • He will buy you chicken! Nom nom nom
  • The ex-girlfriends can become your buddies with whom you complain about MS, maybe?
  • The ex-girlfriends will eat you alive
  • MS is WAY too nice, and is like at the beck and call of the cat, blech
  • He comes with a lot of baggage
  • He can’t say no, like ever.
  • He will probably want to keep being friends with his ex-girlfriends even if you say no
  • You won’t be able to date the director guy >.< Andwaeeeeee!



Anna: I initially thought that this was a really tough question because Myeong Soo is just too cute to give up. But after looking at the pros and cons of the situation, there just aren’t strong enough pros for me to accept all the drama that will come with the abundance of ex-gfs. Obviously, the guy knows how to charm the ladies…but there’s gotta be a reason why none of the relationships lasted, right? Yeah, not really interested in having jealous arguments all the time. If it was up to me, it’d be: goodbye Myeong Soo, hello director guy. *wink*

Estelle: I think I want to date him, theoretically speaking, but I don’t know if I can handle the ex-girlfriends. I hope Myeong Soo can protect me, but it is probably unlikely that he will cut ties with the exes. I’m not opposed to staying friends after a breakup, but I think Myeong Soo needs to learn some boundaries before I can accept him. At the very least he needs to figure out his deal with the cat lady. Her, I definitely want out of his life FOREVER. My verdict? At episode 8, a big fat NO.

Let’s be real here and give us your takes on:

Would you date Myeong Soo? Or any guy with way too many ex-girlfriends?

Tweet us your answer @annaandestelle (#talkforreal) or sound off below!




12 thoughts on “The Talk: Would you date Myeong Soo?

  1. humbledaisy1 says:

    I’m not watching Ex-Girlfriend Club and I don’t think I’d be likely to as – I think Myeong Soo just sounds too much of a pushover! I like a guy with a little backbone who can say “enough is enough” when necessary. I have dated (and married!) a guy with a lot of ex-girlfriends and it’s doable as long as you take all the drama with a pinch of salt. I met Mr. Daisy in school – he was a very popular guy in a snooty fraternity – and I spent a lot of time shaking my head over some girls’ antics. For a long time, I was ready to walk away if necessary and he knew it so he had to learn to say “no” to others who wanted to take up all his time. Good luck on the new feature!


    • Oh, MS is for sure a pushover! Sometimes I can’t tell if his personality is just like that or he thinks he’s being the bigger person in those situations.


  2. Camille W says:

    So I guess I’m alone when I say YES. I’d date Myeong Soo. He is such a sweet heart. Also, he is learning to say no. For a fake relationship this is the guy who announced that he’d no longer be working with his ex. He’s even been avoiding the “ex-girlfriend club house” lately, so he’s trying. A relationship takes time to grow too so why not. The only thing is that like SJ I’ve not dated as yet so I think I wouldn’t be able to handle MS’s exes nor the hurt from their antics. Nonetheless, I find MS quite attractive and really sincere. When he dates he goes in giving his all. I for one am not enamored nor attracted to Director Jo Geun. I just don’t see his appeal. He is much too cocky. I prefer a guy I can easily laugh with and talk to abt my problems, someone I could really relate to. And he’s so patient. I prefer the nice guy to the cocky chaebol.


    • Now that I think about it…it seems like MS and Jo Geun’s characteristics have been switched in the typical kdrama format. In any other drama, the arrogant chaebol would get the girl, and the genuine caring guy would be cast aside.


  3. weeyooweeyoo says:

    Hell yes! It’s hard to find a reliable, straightforward, playful, funny and all around good guy. Adorable! I dont mind the exgfs at all, even the cat, as long as Myung Soo says he is completely over her and shows it. with him being such a natural good guy, i wont have trust issues much. Will just be proud Im lucky that he chose me when other women are so gaga over him. When you think about it, even the exgfs are still protective of him. He must have treated them with respect and care to gain that affection after a breakup right?


    • You got a point. He must have treated them well! I can’t get off the cat though; she’s a bit much =\ I think everyone else I can deal with, but she is just so annoying to me!! I think she is the one not over him, and that can be problematic even if MS is done with her!


  4. lynette31 says:

    No. Way to much past baggage for one, but that’s not the main reason. I’m very opinionated and strong-willed. There’s no way the relationship would last. He would let me walk all over him, and I need a guy who can stand up to me.


    • Mmmm yeah, Myeong Soo is definitely a bit of a push over and nice guy. Sigh, but that’s partly why we like him. He is so genuinely… genuine!


  5. Congratulations on the one year mark! Thanks for bringing us great drama posts for the past year 🙂 I think this new feature is really cool and I probably wouldn’t date MS either. He’s nice.. but too nice. I think I’ll be really insecure with him, especially with all that ex drama going on. I don’t think someone with many exes is an issue though, it just means he would be more experienced in dealing with and protecting a relationship 🙂


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