The Four/Shao Nian Si Da Ming Bu (Ep 24 Recap)

Falling off cliffs comes with consequences.

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Estelle’s Recap

*ASG = An Shi Geng

When we last left our heroes, Li Mo was saved by a group of people while Wu Qing wakes up by himself and starts to wonder around. Ji Yao Hua has been rescued by ASG. Not sure if that’s good or bad.


i fell off a cliff but i only got some minor scrapes

Anyway, back to Li Mo. She gets saved by a brother sister pair of the Qing Ge tribe. The brother is named Mo Er Chi, the second prince, and the sister is named Mu Xue. They also mistaken Li Mo for a dude because she is dressed in Leng Xue’s clothes.

After changing into fresh clothes, Li Mo gets a tour of Qing Ge tribe. Turns out the folks at the tribe have not left for years and years and they still think it is the Yuan Dynasty when in fact it is already the Ming Dynasty. Li Mo suddenly connects the dots and refer to Qing Ge tribe as the Peach Blossom Land (Tao Hua Yuan) which is this fictional utopia where people live in harmony. Historical tidbit here: Tao Hua Yuan was first mentioned in the book, The Peach Blossom Land in year 421, but according to Mu Xue their ancestors escaped war time and settled in Qing Ge during the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368). So it is actually not possible for Tao Hua Yuan to be Qing Ge. Li Mo even quotes the book which is by Tao Yuanming, and he is definitely of the Jin Dynasty, way ahead of Yuan. But who am I to complain?


hello! we are peace loving elves except we don’t have pointy ears or long blonde locks

Let’s check out Ji Yao Hua, shall we? She wakes up surrounded by a bunch of maids ready to do her beck and call. They deliver a letter to her from ASG who assumes his fake identity of the man she saw at the temple. He tells her his name is Geng Jun and that he is away trading tea, but that he will bring back special herbs for her illness. Ji Yao Hua easily believes the lies and even becomes touched by his “sincerity.” C’mon, girl! How do you not recognize that ASG and Geng Jun are the same people???

if only leng xue is as good as geng jun

“if only leng xue is as good as geng jun…”

Meanwhile, Wu Qing wonders to the middle of the forest and sees a pile of luggage on the ground, including a small thing of water. He drinks it all and starts to play music on his flute. Uh… you drank the only supply of water and now you are wasting your saliva on the flute? Dude, where’s your survival instinct?


hey the cuts on my face all healed suddenly!

A little boy runs over and offers Wu Qing a pear in exchange for music lessons, but Wu Qing claims he does not know how to play the flute. Wu Qing also says he doesn’t know his name. So the kid and Wu Qing just sit in the forest by themselves, surrounded by trunks and stuff. This is not weird at all.


i’ll take your pear though

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The Fifth:

  • ASG gives Ru Yan a tearful goodbye, but that’s only because he thinks she is finally Die Wu.


  • ASG offers up Wen Ru Yu as the scapegoat. The detectives try to save Wen Ru Yu, but he turns into a set of corpse almost immediately after touching water.
i'll spare you the more gross looking picture

i’ll spare you the more gross looking picture

  • Mu Xue tells Li Mo that she came up with her name in honor of her mom. Wait, she named herself? How? Either she was a genius and was able to do that right out of the womb or she didn’t have a name until she grew up. Both very strange scenarios.
  • Zhui Ming freaks out that they are all going to fall off the cliff one day and die. LOL.


  • Li Mo decides that she is going to love Leng Xue regardless of what Ji Yao Hua says.
  • Mo Er Chi becomes the royal prince of Qing Ge tribe aka the heir. His brothers aren’t too happy 😦 Uh-oh. He also decides to marry Mu Xue off to Li Mo and the two girls are like oh crap.



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  1. piebokou says:

    Lmao Mo Er Chi pretty went up on myb list of annoying character themoment I saw Him. The was tied up with JiYa Hua.


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