The Four/Shao Nian Si Da Ming Bu (Ep 22 Recap)

A man should not let his woman be in harm’s way – Leng Xue.

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Estelle’s Recap

*ASG = An Shi Geng

Leng Xue and Li Mo return to Ru Yan’s residence and successfully bypass Nu Nu by freezing her (via pressure points). Leng Xue “knocks” Li Mo’s spirit into Ru Yan and she is able to enter the weird Guan Chou Dong again. The old man appears and Li Mo is all like why are you here! But seriously though, this man lives here, the question really should be directly at you, Li Mo.

you again!

you again!

The old man tries to kick Li Mo out again, but because she has Leng Xue to support her outside she is able to defeat the old man instead. The fire ball surrounding Ru Yan disappears and just as Li Mo is about to pull Ru Yan out of Guan Chou Dong, ASG somehow senses it. He sends a swarm of mini corpses to hold Ru Yan down and then creates a crack in the ground with molten lava spouting out. Out of the split comes two giant fire people who set Li Mo ablaze.

army of corpses

army of corpses


this girl is on fiyahhhh~

Despite all this, Li Mo does not give up. Through her determination she is able to turn the flames back on the giants and they explode. Then, Guan Chou Dong welcomes the first spring it’s had in a long time. Awwwwwwww. It’s the power of love ladies and gentlemen!


Back in real life, Ru Yan wakes up, but Li Mo is passed out from exhaustion. Ru Yan presses a button on her seat in the cage and it opens just like that. They also find the royal stamp inside the seat Ru Yan has been sitting on the whole time.

tf_2210 tf_2211

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The Fifth:

  • Li Mo starts to call Leng Xue “Leng Da Ge,” Da Ge is like older brother or oppa, a term of endearment.
  • Leng Xue promises to take care of and protect Li Mo forever.
  • Nu Nu says goodbye to ASG because she does not want to be a part of his rebellion.
  • Leng Xue gets caught worrying about Li Mo.

huh? what?

  • Ji Yao Hua wants Leng Xue to go with her to find the best path back to the city, but he rejects in favor of staying behind to care for “other” but I think he means Li Mo.
  • Wu Qing wants to go away with Ru Yan – to somewhere where they can be alone.
  • After Tie Shou and Yi Yi become a couple (what happened to “I’m cursed?”), Yi Yi decides to leave because she thinks she is not good enough for Tie Shou anymore. Tie Shou is convinced that he can help her with the addiction and that they should stay together. It’s cute, but it’s all sort of sudden.



  • Ru Yan says she married ASG because he kept her parents captive, but now she wants to be with Wu Qing… so uh, what about her parents???
  • Ru Yan begs Li Mo to take care of Wu Qing in case she dies. She even uses “I’m dying and I’ve never begged anyone besides you” to guilt trip Li Mo. I think I liked Ru Yan better when she didn’t talk =\
  • The Princess pays some shaman an expensive jade pendant to help her with her love life. He tells her if she runs away and the man doesn’t chase after her, then he doesn’t love her. Dude, I could’ve told you that!
  • Wu Qing and Ru Yan are mad sappy together. They are like the new Er Kang and Zi Wei (HZGG reference).



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