The Four/Shao Nian Si Da Ming Bu (Ep 21 Recap)

The OTP confirms their feelings for each other! Woot!

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Estelle’s Recap

*ASG = An Shi Geng

So Wu Hen kidnaps Li Mo to some shady location, knocks her unconscious and tries to get it on, but Ji Yao Hua comes in and kills the guy. Wow. I didn’t anticipate the killing to occur.

don't come closer!

don’t come closer!

tehehehe lemme try

tehehehe lemme try

After saving Li Mo, Ji Yao Hua contemplates murdering her while she is still unconscious, but quickly rejects that idea. When Li Mo comes to, Ji Yao Hua guilt trips her into give up on Leng Xue instead. Man, all these warnings from the Princess, Ji Yao Hua and the two female detectives just further confirm that Leng Xue is totally head over heels for Li Mo. Take it as a compliment, girl.

But of course, Li Mo doesn’t think as we do and she starts to doubt herself again. Upon her return, Leng Xue immediately picks a fight with her about running off with a rapist and endangering herself. Oh c’mon, just admit that you love her already.

screaming face

screaming face. not gonna lie, it looks funny ^^

Leng Xue: Didn’t I tell you to just follow me? Why did you run off to other places?
Li Mo: I didn’t run off! Who would have known that a rapist would appear in the middle of the night?
Leng Xue: Why did you leave with him? Don’t you know it is dangerous?
Li Mo: I told you, I didn’t go with him, he kidnapped me. You don’t know anything!
Leng Xue: I don’t know, but I do know that if it wasn’t for Ji Yao Hua your purity would have been ruined!
Li Mo: So what if my purity is ruined? What does it matter? It is my business, it has nothing to do with you!


Leng Xue: Chu Li Mo, who do you think you are? You think I care for you, is that it?
Li Mo: You are right. I’m nothing. I’m just a maid. Caring for me would only burden you; it would not benefit you at all, right? Well then, from now on don’t care about me anymore. You don’t have to worry about repaying me for saving you that day, because I, Chu Li Mo definitely did not save you because I like you! Regardless if it is Ji Yao Hua or the Princess, you can care for whomever you want! It has nothing to do with me —

tf_2109 tf_2110 tf_2111

Then comes the declaration of love: I’ll never let anyone hurt you again. Also, Leng Xue tells Li Mo to wear his clothes and dress like a boy from now on. Awwwww he is watching out for her! I’m glad they finally decided they are a couple. All it took was a near rape experience. Well, I would say that was mighty risky. Don’t try it at home, kids.

so happyyyyy

so happyyyyy

The next day, Leng Xue and Li Mo hatch a plan to try to figure out what is wrong with Ru Yan using mind reading. First, he pretends to want to enter Ru Yan’s room, but of course Nu Nu does not allow him, so they start fighting. While the fighting is going on, Li Mo sneaks by and successfully enters the room.

Once inside Ru Yan’s mind, Li Mo spots her inside a red ball. Li Mo tries to approach Ru Yan, but gets pushed back by the ball. Suddenly, an old man appears and tells Li Mo that she is in Guan Chou Dong, the place where people unsuccessful in love are trapped. Li Mo requests to speak to Ru Yan, but the old man kicks her out instead.

check the hand holding

check the hand holding

trapped :(

stuck 😦

Since plan A failed Li Mo suggests entering Ru Yan’s dream instead, but she is unsure that she can beat the old man who is on guard. Leng Xue comforts her with words of encouragement. Like a true pair already! How sweet! ^^

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The Fifth:

  • Ji Yao Hua visits some temple to pray for love and meets some guy there who is ASG with black hair. She runs into him again while she is out drinking. So, what, does he dye his hair back and forth everyday? Sounds like quite difficult.



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