The Four/Shao Nian Si Da Ming Bu (Ep 18 Recap)

The Princess continues to be as annoying as ever, but at least there are some juicy bits 😛

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Estelle’s Recap

*ASG = An Shi Geng

The special cure the team thought would save everyone does not work. Yi Yi suggests that they steal the cure, so she sets out with Tie Shou for the mountain Wen Ru Yu is at. Unbeknownst to the pair, Wen Ru Yu had wanted them to come to the mountain and the reason he did not take Yi Yi the other day was so this exact situation would occur.

still oblivious

still oblivious

Meanwhile, Li Mo, Leng Xue and Ji Yao Hua arrive at the bottom of the mountain on foot and Wen Ru Yu is there to meet them. When trying to block a hit for Li Mo, Leng Xue falls down the cliff with her, leaving Ji Yao Hua to her perils.

fallen in the wrong hands

fallen in the wrong hands

In another side of the mountain, the Princess stops Zhui Ming in the middle of the road and demands that he bring her along. Zhui Ming refuses, but she pulls out her royal pendant. OMG. Is this girl for reals? She also tells him to carry her up the mountain after Zhui Ming explains that the road is too steep for a horse. Zhui Ming gets super excited by that, but just then the creeper guy flies out throwing snakes everywhere and freaking them both out. Zhui Ming leaves the Princess to fight the creeper, but he ends up surrounded by snakes too.

she brought out the golden pendant to force him


The Princess is left defenseless and the creeper is back. Uh, even though I’m not her fan, I don’t want anything to happen! Luckily Wu Qing comes flying. However, he gets hit with some green dust. Zhui Ming insists on saving Wu Qing first (his eyes are impaired) despite Wu Qing’s resistance. Oh, and the Princess gets snatched away. Meh.


Elsewhere, Wen Wu Chang poisons Tie Shou with some stuff and leaves him paralyzed. In addition, Wen Ru Yu decides that he will marry the Princess in order to become a noble, and his son will marry Ji Yao Hua. Ew. The two women are completely grossed out by the prospects, but what can they do?



Meanwhile, Li Mo and Leng Xue have fallen into some frozen valley. Li Mo wakes up first and puts Zhu Ge’s special vest on Leng Xue. Shortly after, he wakes up and he is super angry that she took off the vest. After she threatens to leave, he relents and pulls her into his embrace! Is it to keep warm or is it really what he had desired all along? Hmmmmm….

tf_1908 tf_1909

Oh, I guess it is the latter. Teheheheheh ^^


While everybody is out, ASG goes to meet Ru Yan. He figures out that she is poisoned by the fragrance, but he doesn’t care to find a cure. He tells Nu Nu that Ru Yan’s primary purpose is to get to Long Xi, and if he gives her a medicine to extend her life, then she will be able to fulfill her mission and the rest won’t matter any more. After Nu Nu leaves the room, he laments that Ru Yan has never been happy with him, so it might be better for her to leave this world.


Night time has fallen. Yi Yi brings Tie Shou back to Wen Ru Yu and pretends that both of them have changed their loyalty. Wen Ru Yu is no dum-dum, and so he wants to test Yi Yi before giving Tie Shou the cure for his poison. He tells Yi Yi that he needs one of her arms as an ingredient for the cure for the poison ASG had given them. In exchange he offers a special martial arts technique. Left with no choices, Yi Yi agrees to it. Tie Shou watches in silence because Yi Yi had locked his pressure points so he cannot speak in protest.


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The Fifth:

  • Creeper guy aka Yuan Bu Xie aka Wen Ru Yu’s student is not happy that the father and son pair have hogged both women they captured. I think he is going to do something crazy next episode.


  • Wu Qing and Zhui Ming have a bromance moment where they try to stop each other from risking their lives. They think they are the only ones of the Four left.

tf_1912 tf_1913

  • Li Mo and Leng Xue walk out of the cold valley and meet a woman in wheelchair. I bet this woman is some awesome doctor. In these types of story arches falling off the cliff often promises some sort of miracle or unveils a mystery person.



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  1. Oh dear this is so interesting!! I hope Yiyi doesn’t really loses her arm because I’m sure Wen Ru Yu won’t be teaching her any good skills. And I look forward to the drama that Mr Creeper is going to bring 🙂


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