The Four/Shao Nian Si Da Ming Bu (Ep 13 Recap)

Li Mo gets her first big case!

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Estelle’s Recap

Is it just me? I somehow feel like Li Mo is cheating by using her mind reading abilities to learn other people’s backstories. I mean it’s one thing to use it to solve crimes, but it’s another to look into people’s private lives. Isn’t that some sort of intelligence/memory piracy? Anyway, now that Li Mo knows about Wu Qing’s past, I bet there are going to be more of her trying to “comfort” him in the upcoming episodes.

In any case, Li Mo successfully joins the ranks of detectives! Even though the two annoying female underlings are not fans, but at least Ji Yao Hua seems to take it okay and even threatens the two if they act up. Let’s see how long this will last!



Wu Qing comes by while Ye Er congratulates Li Mo on her promotion, and Ye Er takes this opportunity to tell Wu Qing that Li Mo is sewing a handkerchief for him. Wu Qing apologizes for his behavior the other day and even accepts her little token of admiration. Oh boy, Li Mo is just gonna sink further.


yup, us too

yup, us too

Meanwhile, Yi Yi is chasing after Tie Shou again, and he is still insistent that she leaves. Why? Because he thinks he is cursed – his parents and sister all died and he is sure it’s his fault. Just then, a flower pot falls down and hits her and he is like oh man look, the curse is already starting. Ohy. Should’ve thought of this when you took her kite flying last time.

it's starting!

it’s starting!

In order to get rid of Yi Yi, Tie Shou seeks help from Zhui Ming. Probably a bad idea! Zhui Ming tells Tie Shou that the easiest way is to incite jealousy in Yi Yi which will result in a fight between the two of them and the end of their relationship. Uh, I don’t think that’s going to work.

Zhui Ming: Look at Chun Ping and Li Mo. They are like enemies now.
Tie Shou: So you mean I should use Chun Ping against Yi Yi?
Zhui Ming: No! Chun Ping and Yi Yi have nothing against each other, why would it work?

bro talk

bro talk

So what’s the plan? Zhui Ming and Tie Shou call Yi Yi out to eat dinner. At the same time, a swarm of girls who pretend they know Tie Shou come up and basically “attack” him all over. Yi Yi is notably upset, but Zhui Ming is totally enjoying the situation.

tf_1308 tf_1309 tf_1310

Of course, it doesn’t work out. Yi Yi explains that while she is jealous, she is willing to wait for Tie Shou and to respect his choice in a mate. She also understands that since Tie Shou is one of the Four, there will always be women around him. As long as she is in his heart, that is enough. Dang. Even Zhui Ming is convinced that Tie Shou will have to accept Yi Yi as a life companion.

what to do now??

what to do now??

Yi Yi successfully sneaks into Shen Hou Fu by pretending to deliver firewood. However, she gets caught by Zhui Ming who promptly kicks her out. After she leaves, Zhui Ming bumps into Tie Shou and the following hilarious conversation ensues.

Zhui Ming: The woman who admires you (a lot) just snuck into Shen Hou Fu.
Tie Shou: Are you referring to Yi Yi?
Zhui Ming: Aside from her, do you know other woman who has such an abnormal brain?
Tie Shou: What? What does she want?
Zhui Ming: Do you even need to ask? Of course it is to see you.
Tie Shou: See me? For what?
Zhui Ming: I don’t know. I only know that she wanted to sneak into your room.
Tie Shou: Sneak in my room to do what?
Zhui Ming: Probably to steal one of your intimate items.


face of shock

Tie Shou: She is seriously daring. Then aren’t I in a lot of danger?
Zhui Ming: I don’t think she is daring, she is just lustful. I’m sure she was missing you like crazy so she wanted to sneak into your room. I think you better be careful. I think her here [point to head] is not right.
Tie Shou: I had tried convincing her and scaring her, but now I don’t have any more ideas.
Zhui Ming: Good thing I caught her this time. If it was any other detective, she would be in jail by now.
Tie Shou: Hehe, thank you very much, but best not to tell others about this.
Zhui Ming: Of course! A woman snuck into your room and then stole your intimates – wha, what kind of relationship do you have with one another!
Tie Shou: We are very innocent! We have no relations.
Zhui Ming: Really?
Tie Shou: Really!
Zhui Ming: I don’t think you understand.
Tie Shou: Understand what?
Zhui Ming: You will understand by yourself slowly.

totally judging

totally judging

There’s a new case in town! A serial rapist has been raping and killing young women in the city. This individual can burrow underground so Zhui Ming cannot out run him, and he is also able to use illusions to trick folks. In order to catch him, the female detectives hatch a plan to lure him in. Basically, one of them will play bait and the others will come after the perpetrator shows up. The two annoying female detectives recommend Li Mo to be the bait, and she is excited because she wants to contribute to the team so Ji Yao Hua agrees to it, but she emphasizes over and over again how important it is to keep Li Mo safe.

a little nervous

a little nervous

prepping for the night

prepping for the night

Finally, the rapist turns up and gets to Li Mo’s room by pretending to be a delivery boy. Seriously though, the detectives just let him pass after checking his box of food. Uh, how does that tell you if he is a rapist or not??? Anyway, Li Mo pulls out her knife as she planned, but it is super short and she can’t hurt him with it. She tries to ring the bell to signify the arrival of the criminal, but unfortunately Ji Yao Hua had to respond to another emergency, leaving the two annoying girls on guard. The two detectives purposely ignore the bell. All looks gloom for Li Mo.

oh no!

oh no!

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The Fifth:

  • Chun Tong get opium (or something like that) from the poison man and offers it up to the dude in charge of Six Doors. Uh-oh.
  • Leng Xue is worried about Li Mo’s initiation into the ranks of detective. Zhu Ge tells him to just take care of Li Mo. You hear that, Leng Xue?
  •  Yi Yi tries to ask Zhui Ming questions about Tie Shou, including if he wants a boy or a girl after they get married. Zhui Ming just runs away LOL.
no, don't come after me!

no, don’t come after me!

  • Leng Xue’s foster father gets attacked by a wolf tribe female during an outing.
a bit avatar ish

a bit avatar ish

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