The Four/Shao Nian Si Da Ming Bu (Ep 12 Recap)

Leng Xue learns to smile after being psychoanalyzed. What a derp.

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Estelle’s Recap

*ASG = An Shi Geng

While Ye Er is teasing Li Mo about the latter’s crush, Chun Tong is sneaking around Shen Hou Fu and sprinkling powder outside Leng Xue’s residence. Sure enough Leng Xue becomes his crazy self again and he is about to strangle Ji Yao Hua to death! Just then, the other three members of the Four show up and Leng Xue tosses Ji Yao Hua aside to fight them. Yup, even his werewolf alter ego is uninterested in Yao Hua.

girl talk

girl talk


roar, check out my fake teeth

Under Zhu Ge’s command, Li Mo looks into Leng Xue’s eyes. Suddenly she enters his mind and sees his tragic backstory. With a new understanding, she calms Leng Xue, asking him to let go of his past. As if he heard her, he drops Li Mo and falls unconscious.


look into my eyes, my eyes!

i....i got claws?

i….i got purple nail polish?

Zhu Ge calls Li Mo to his room and tells her about Leng Xue’s childhood – his parents’ death, his adoption into the royal family and so on. Li Mo wonders why Leng Xue turned so randomly when the moon is not full, and Zhu Ge chalks it up to the quick accumulation of wolf poison in Leng Xue’s body. Apparently hatred and vengeance fuels this poison and the more Leng Xue wants to seek revenge the more likely he is to turn into a werewolf. Uh, ok.

Just then, Zhui Ming runs in to announce that he found a servant who was stripped of his clothing and knocked unconscious. Tie Shou also comes in with a bloody handkerchief he picked up from outside Leng Xue’s place. Zhu Ge decides that the handkerchief must have been the culprit. So there was no powder? Does this mean Leng Xue can’t smell blood? Well, that’s mighty problematic in his line of work.

gross man, don't play with that handkerchief

gross man, don’t play with that handkerchief

Anyway, Li Mo mentions that she saw a suspicious person outside Leng Xue’s room right before he went bonkers. Everybody chastise Li Mo for not speaking up earlier and she says she was just worried that she would wrong Ji Yao Hua like she had wronged the people on the streets that one time. Wait, is she implying that Ji Yao Hua is the suspicious person or something? Somebody explain this jump for me. Also, Zhui Ming concludes that someone dressed up in the servant’s clothing and scattered powder that led Leng Xue to act up. Now I’m totally confused. Was it the powder or the handkerchief? Or both??? What they know for sure though is that this suspect is not a simple character. Yeah, no kidding.

After all the peeps leave, Li Mo visits Leng Xue and starts to sympathize with him by saying all sorts of assumptions, such as how he must be hiding under his cold exterior because he is actually really weak and unconfident etc. Psychoanalyze him girl, that’s how he falls in love with you. He is going to think you are the only one who *truly* gets him because he is going to open his eyes the moment you walk away. 1, 2 3. Ta-da!

there you go!

i told you so!

The next morning, Li Mo brings Leng Xue his breakfast and imagines him being super thankful, so much so that he is willing to grant her one wish. What is this wish that Li Mo has been wanting? To see Leng Xue smile!

tf_1208 tf_1209

Even though it was just a figment of her imagination, you can’t deny the fact that it is SUPER cute! Of course, the real Leng Xue is still as cold as ever and walks over coolly to ask why she is laughing to herself. He does end up giving her the day off though! Yay, improvement!

But don’t get too happy too soon, Li Mo! Bratty Princess is back in town and wants to take Li Mo to the palace so the latter cannot “seduce” Leng Xue. Oh puh-lease, Princess, Li Mo doesn’t need to seduce anyone and she can still one up you! Leng Xue quickly solves the problem by pretending to send Li Mo to the stables, which makes the Princess really happy.

And guess who else needs to have a say in this? The two super annoying female detectives. They purposely bump into Li Mo and demand that she apologize. Since Li Mo wouldn’t, they knock her unconscious (a lot of this in this episode) and bring her to some shady room. When Li Mo comes to, she overhears them plotting to sew her eyes shut (creepy), but neither of them really wants to be responsible for that. So Li Mo uses this information to pit them against one another while she runs away.

seriously annoying

seriously annoying

Li Mo runs back to Shen Hou Fu and passes by Wu Qing’s room where she witnesses him drunk after writing about a million poems. She reads one of his poems and then puts him back in bed. Wu Qing mutters the name Ru Yan, and out of curiousity, Li Mo begins to mind read – and so she learns of this girl Wu Qing is in love with. Turns out Ru Yan was forced to marry someone else and she committed suicide on her way to the wedding.

not the most comfy position

not the most comfy position

i didn't know hand holding was needed for mind reading?

i didn’t know hand holding was needed for mind reading?

While cleaning up for him, Li Mo starts to play with Wu Qing’s stuff – basically the leftover items from Ru Yan. Uh, not a good idea because Wu Qing wakes up and shouts for Li Mo to leave. Zhui Ming sees this and runs after Li Mo to explain that it is Ru Yan’s memorial and that’s why Wu Qing is in such a bad mood.

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The Fifth:

  • Li Mo gets involved in the fight while Leng Xue is Mr. Wolf only because she was trying to block a hit for Wu Qing.
  • Zhui Ming is convinced that Li Mo and Leng Xue are a match made in heaven. I see you are a shipper too huh!
  • Zhui Ming tells Leng Xue to visit Ji Yao Hua ‘cuz she almost lost her life trying to save him. Wait, whose side are you on???

    those fake eyelashes tho

    those fake eyelashes tho

  • Zhu Ge suggests that Li Mo become a female detective.

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