The Four/Shao Nian Si Da Ming Bu (Ep 8 Recap)

The rom in the com is about to begin.

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Estelle’s Recap

*ASG = An Shi Geng

So we open the episode with a freaked out Li Mo talking to wolves out of fear and being – you guessed it – able to communicate with them! Zhu Ge is all impressed with his guesswork. Turns out (as if we didn’t already know) Li Mo can mind read. She confesses that she has been able to talk to animals since childhood, but it only worked occasionally.

Zhu Ge pulls out a painting from a secret shelf and Li Mo is like OMG that’s my mom. So her mom is actually Zhu Ge’s shi mei (basically they were studying in the same house of martial arts and she was a younger student than him) and he knew that she was able to read minds. At one point she was also the first female detective in the country, but then she left randomly and he didn’t hear from her until ten years ago. She sent him a letter saying that she has some urgent matters to attend to and told him to keep safe the mind reading technique book. How handy it is to have a book!



the book

the book

The Fox returns home to her husband and he surprises her with a bowl of longevity noodles. Apparently it is her birthday (people in dramas never remember their own birthdays). She asks him to feed her and they have a lovey dovey moment together. He tells her to stay besides him forever, even if he continues to burden her. Uh, what about last time when you were mad at her for shaming you? SO confused. This man needs to make up his mind.

eat up, honey

eat up, honey

Anyway, Li Mo has been promoted! She is now Leng Xue’s personal maid per Zhu Ge’s appointment. Yup, everybody is shipping these two. Chun Ping changes her usual attitude and totally sucks up to Li Mo, but that’s only because she wants Leng Xue’s updates. In exchange, Chun Ping promises to take care of Ye Er.

hello, now im super nice to you

hello, now im super nice to you

It is night and Leng Xue is back to find Li Mo in his room. The two have a small argument about whether she should stay or go and she insists that she is staying not out of her own will but out of respect for Zhu Ge. She then goes to her section of the room to find that there is no door (how convenient!) and he follows.

Li Mo: I’m warning you, in the future, when future you cannot come in here when I’m sleeping. Also —
Leng Xue: Also, let me warn you, don’t randomly touch my stuff and anything you clean must be put back to its original place. In addition, when I’m sleeping you cannot walk around here.
Li Mo: Then what if I really need to use the restroom?
Leng Xue: Hold it.
Li Mo: Fine, then I’ll add a curtain here and we can not bother each other.
Leng Xue: You can’t; this is my room.
Li Mo: Ok, I know. I won’t add it then. Ah, it’s been a long day, I’m going to sleep now.
Leng Xue: Who told you to sleep? I’m telling you, clean this whole room.


Li Mo hatches a plan to help the Fox secure Leng Xue’s blood. She gets a basin of hot water, mix it with milk and flower petals and tells Leng Xue to wash his feet in it. Of course, he quickly spots the sharp objects in the basin and points it out. Li Mo sees that she cannot get away with it and takes the basin away. Plan foiled!

the eager look

the eager look

The day has come for Zhu Ge to test Li Mo and she is able to understand a parrot and a bunny, but not the dog because it ran away and she wasn’t able to look into its eyes. Zhu Ge is all like you gotta read from the heart because the enemy may not give you an opportunity to gaze into their eyes in search of their soul. Ok, Zhu Ge, you don’t even know how to mind read! Who are you to teach it?

bunny: i get grabbed people day in and day out, when is the end?

bunny: i get grabbed people day in and day out, when is the end? ^^;;

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The Fifth:

  • Li Mo’s mom did not want her to learn mind reading, but she thinks is she learn it she will be able to locate her mother who disappeared.
  • The maids and Chun Ping all think Li Mo has seduced Zhu Ge because he has stopped Chun Ping from firing Li Mo.
  • Li Mo falls heads over heels for Wu Qing after he shows her some love birds in the garden.


  • Ji Yao Hua tries to gift Leng Xue a bed of bamboo to sleep on, but he rejects it point blank. Ha!
  • Zhu Ge and Jiao Niang were lovers when they were young, but the Emperor refused to let his sister marry a lowly public servant, so they haven’t gotten married.
  • Li Mo successfully acquires Leng Xue’s blood by using the jar when he is asleep. However, he wakes up after she is done!

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