The Four/Shao Nian Si Da Ming Bu (Ep 7 Recap)

Sorry – I’ve been sick these past couple of days which is why I have not posted any recaps! I actually had this one mostly finished last week, but alas I didn’t feel good enough to stare at a computer until today. Anyway, here it is! My plan to catch up to airing episodes are now spoiled. SPOILED I SAY!!!

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Estelle’s Recap

*ASG = An Shi Geng

When the moon is full, Leng Xue becomes totally cray cray and attacks everyone he comes across. In order to stop him, he is chained to a giant ice rock in the cave. Zhu Ge confesses that he can only temporarily stop Leng Xue from acting out and the only real cure is through mind reading. Three guesses WHO has that ability.



breaking free

breaking free

Before Wu Qing and Zhu Ge can leave, Leng Xue breaks free of the chains and starts to attack anyone he sees in sight. He seriously injures Wu Qing and escapes the cave. Leng Xue also transforms into quite an ugly beast. Eventually Zhu Ge knocks him unconscious and he reverts to normal.



The next day, Li Mo visits the Fox’s home in an attempt to help. The Fox lies that she has always been Ye Er. She also tells Li Mo that she needs Leng Xue’s blood in order to cure her husband’s illness. The Fox plays the sympathy card and convinces Li Mo to help her secure the blood. Meanwhile, the real Ye Er is still stuck in the jail cell 😦

“you are my only friend”

Seems like the Fox isn’t the only one making moves. ASG sends a letter to Leng Xue, telling him to show up if he wants to know who killed off the wolf tribe. Leng Xue pretends like he doesn’t know what ASG is talking about, but he shows up. Doesn’t that alone gives it away? Also, he tells ASG that he will find the real culprit himself. Uh…. ok. Regardless of his responses though, ASG implies that Leng Xue’s foster father is the person to blame.


Apparently when Leng Xue was a child, his tribe was ruthlessly wiped out by a bunch of people. To save him, his dad threw him down a cliff after calling for help. Turns out, Leng Xue’s foster father is the prince we met in the restaurant in episode 3 aka half brother of ASG. I guess ASG either knows something or he is really out to get the royal family. My money is on the latter.

Leng Xue goes to his foster parents’ home the next day to ask for the truth. The foster dad confesses that he has never met Leng Xue’s parents, so needless to say he was not friends with them. He had just come upon Leng Xue when he was out hunting and since he did not have any children he brought Leng Xue back home. Over these years, the prince commanded his followers to look for artifacts related to the wolf tribe and that’s how he was able to come to a ring in his possession now. He didn’t tell Leng Xue any of this until now because his wife didn’t want Leng Xue to live in the shadows of revenge. Well, that didn’t work so well did it?

the truth will come out sooner or later!

the truth will come out sooner or later!

OK, someone tells me Tie Shou is NOT into Yi Yi because he is trying SO hard to impress her. I mean first, he makes a giant kite and takes her out flying. Then he promises to protect her. C’mon! He just needs to declare his love and that’s about it. Some people move fast, and then some other people move super fast. NOT to mention, he also uses his skillz to catch a jar of fireflies for Yi Yi. Way to romance a girl, Tie Shou. Jot down some tips, Leng Xue!

tf_712 tf_714

Then things take a turn for a worse, as things usually do. Tie Shou pulls out some leaf (where did he get it? This place has only got rocks!) and makes music with it. He tells Yi Yi that she reminds him of his sister who is long gone (uh-oh) and this was her favorite song. Man, friendzoned is bad, but sisterzoned is worse!

Back at Shen Hou Fu, Li Mo has been sent to work in the kitchen. Of course, she has never worked the kitchen before and she sets the place ablaze by accident. The incident produces a huge commotion and the flames devour the entire kitchen.

totally oblivious until it is too late

totally oblivious until it is too late

Li Mo is about to get fired when Zhu Ge shows up and saves her butt. He can save her from getting punished, but he can’t stop her from getting bullied! Chun Ping comes by and demands that Li Mo leave at the end of the month. Li Mo agrees but first she demanded to get her jade pendant back. Yay! I was so scared Chun Ping was going to break it!!!

Anyway, a sad Li Mo gets caught by Zhu Ge as she caresses her pendant. Zhu Ge sees the pendant and somehow is able to recite what is on the back. He brings her to this secret room and locks her in it. Then he lets the wolves out on her! Really badly CG-ed wolves though =\


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The Fifth:

  • Wu Qing asks Leng Xue why he is so interested in Li Mo when he has never showed any toward any other maids before. TRUTH.
  • The Nine Tail Fox tries to get blood from Leng Xue while he was in wolf form, but fails.
  • Everyone warns Li Mo to not reveal what she saw at the cave aka Leng Xue’s werewolf transformation.
  • Leng Xue tells Wu Qing to kill him if he ever becomes a werewolf.
  • Ji Yao Hua mistakes Leng Xue’s distance for not wanting to involve her in the werewolf business. Girl, stop dreamin’!

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