The Four/Shao Nian Si Da Ming Bu (Ep 6 Recap)

Tie Shou has a secret admirer! Erm, not so secret really!

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Estelle’s Recap

*ASG = An Shi Geng

Tie Shou and Zhui Ming meet a girl named Ling Yi Yi who tricks him into signing a contract about loving her forever. Even though Tie Shou is not into her, Zhui Ming agrees to help her marry the man of her dreams. As if getting his signature was not enough, she gets him to walk her home after crying and weeping and retelling her reason for coming to find him. Apparently he had gone to her house years ago to inspect some crime and was able to save her family from doom. Even though Tie Shou doesn’t remember this, Yi Yi insists on paying him back by taking care of him for life. He isn’t interested though because he is not confident she is able to take care of herself, let alone him too! He does promise to let her visit him again! Gah! New favorite couple! ❤

the waterworks always work!

the waterworks always work!

pinky promise

pinky promise

Things are NOT going well for Li Mo because there is a rumor that Leng Xue has put her on his blacklist. As a result all the maids and female detectives find every occasion to bully her. She also gets tasked with chopping logs into small firewood sticks. On top of that Ye Er is forbidden to help her.

faced with a miserable task

faced with a miserable task

Since life sucks at Shen Hou Fu, Li Mo is determined to escape. Just as she finally flips over the wall, she runs into Leng Xue who scolds her for running away after the great length they’ve gone through to bring her in. She complains about the unfair treatment she has received recently, but Leng Xue could care less about all that. Instead, he emphasizes on the fact that if she leaves their lives and Shen Hou Fu will all be in danger.



Li Mo runs out on the street and screams that Leng Xue is harassing her. Unfortunately the civilians don’t believe her – they even push her into Leng Xue’s hands. After all, Leng Xue is an admired and respected detective, why would they take her words over his?

Leng Xue: So you really want me to harass you? Behave yourself.
Li Mo: [pointing to his hand that’s on her shoulder] Harassment! I can walk by myself. You cold-blooded animal!
Leng Xue: [as she is walking to a different direction] Over here!

Leng Xue brings Li Mo back and Chun Ping is already waiting there excited by the opportunity to pick on Li Mo yet again. However, Leng Xue makes it a point to Chun Ping to not spread rumors about him blacklisting people. This totally kills Chun Ping’s attitude and lets Li Mo off the hook. Yay! Good job, Leng Xue!


‘Tis night and the Fox is out snooping around. She gets into a fight with Wu Qing at first, but once Leng Xue shows up, she makes a run for it. Leng Xue and Wu Qing corner her at another stretch of Shen Hou Fu and force her to reveal her fox form. A crazy fight breaks out with a bunch of waving of arms and weapons and a lot of white furry tails going around. I couldn’t really see what was happening but the Fox makes a pro move when she slides under a carriage. Eventually Leng Xue cuts her thigh with his sword and she flies away.


check out the paws

Unbeknownst to everyone, Li Mo watched it all unfold from afar and even follows the Fox to her husband’s home. At the house, the husband notices blood stains on the Fox’s pants and lashes out. He tells her that he knows everything she has done is for him, but he would only feel ashamed if she kills people in order to accomplish that. Li Mo overhears this conversation and wonders if she should reveal the secret to the Four. She resolves to figuring out a way to help the Fox on her own. Real smart, Li Mo, real smart.

Since she can’t convince the Fox to come out with the truth, Li Mo prepares a bunch of medicine for the Fox’s wound and lays them out on the table. The Fox gets suspicious and Li Mo quickly covers it up by saying she twisted her ankle. The Fox sort of buys it, but insists on accompanying Li Mo to the doctor’s. On their way there, they bump into Wu Qing and Leng Xue.

Leng Xue: Pulling some tricks again?
Li Mo: Pulling tricks? Yeah, of course I’m pretending that I twisted my ankle so you would sympathize with me.
Leng Xue: Who is sympathizing?
Wu Qing: You guys are such yuan jia (to mean both enemies and sweethearts depending on context). Every time you meet you always argue.
tf_610Li Mo: I’m just a small maid, how can I argue with the great detective Leng Xue?
Leng Xue: Chu Li Mo, listen to me. Ever since you arrived in Shen Hou Fu, you have created so much trouble. You better be careful.

Wu Qing takes over and brings Li Mo to the doctor’s. Of course, since Li Mo is not really injured, the doctor can’t figure out what is wrong with her especially when her ankle is not swollen or anything. Finally, the doctor locates a rare disorder in his book and insists that that’s what Li Mo has. LOLLLLLLL.


Elsewhere, while Tie Shou is out and about, Yi Yi finds him and tags along. Before long though, a bunch of men chase them down and claim Yi Yi has stolen a jade kirin from their boss. Upon inspection, Yi Yi hands over the stolen item.


Tie Shou: So you really are a thief!
Yi Yi: Look at me, I’m a weak female, how could I be a thief?
Tie Shou: You don’t look much like a thief, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t one. Tell me, how did you steal the treasure?
Yi Yi: Treasure? What treasure? It’s just a stupid pendant. I don’t think it can sell for much at the consignment shop.
Tie Shou: Ah! So you are a thief!
Yi Yi: What thief? It sounds so terrible. I did all of this for you!
Tie Shou: For me? I think we have only known each other for two days.
Yi Yi: Yes, for you, two days. For me, it has been three months and two days. I travelled from my hometown to here, using three months. Now I have no money. If I don’t steal how will I survive? So the bottom line is I stole because of you. You, you, you!
Tie Shou: OK! Stop! From what you said it really sounds like it is because of me. In going forward though, you must correct yourself and not do this again. You are lucky that you met me, if it was any other detective you would be doomed.
Yi Yi: You are the best to me!


the kiss of gratitude

the kiss of gratitude

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The Fifth:

  • Zhui Ming complains to both Tie Shou and Wu Qing about how Leng Xue is so indecisive between Ji Yao Hua and Princess Zi Luo.
  • The doctor gets really excited that he is able to see such an obscure disorder in his lifetime.

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