Eye in the Sky (Ep 20 Recap – FINALE)

A tale of two brothers.


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Anna’s Recap

The big finale! We’ll finally see if Lik and Szeto are able to reconcile their differences or if they are really fated to be sworn enemies. Their DNA may be the same, but what about their human nature? Without any further guesses from me, let’s see who, if anyone, will emerge victorious from this brotherly rivalry.


Episode 20 (Finale)

PLAYING FAVORITES | The question of who really stabbed Jan is quickly resolved because it was apparently that obvious to everyone. It was Lik, duh. Back at home, his parents are freaking out about why he’d frame his older bro, but Lik is not feeling sorry one bit for what he did. He tells them that if the situation was reversed, they wouldn’t be helping him like they’re doing for Szeto. The reality of it is that only one of them will go to prison, so which son would they pick? No need to answer because Lik already knows. He grabs his stuff and he’s outta there, still muttering about how he’s not in the wrong here. Oh man, Psycho Lik is coming…


FATED TO FRAME YOU | In prison, Szeto reveals to Anson and Scarlett that he’s absolutely sure that Lik is responsible. He knew he was up to no good ever since he came back, especially with the creepy murder dreams and whatnot. Szeto tells them that when he went to the rooftop to see Lik last night, he saw someone sleeping with his back to the door. Despite the severe lack of sleep, Szeto is still able to accurately deduce that this person must be the YM security guard, Fate. Wow, Sherlock ain’t got nothing on our Szeto Sir. Because he’s the only one who can stop Lik, Scarlett offers her gun to him, so he can pretend to hold her hostage and escape from prison.

VISITING HOURS | Not gunna lie, but Lik was looking kinda hot in his new psycho state. He definitely upped his accessories game too. Anyways, he is somehow allowed to visit a still unconscious Jan in the hospital. He goes full-psycho on her by messing around with her breathing tubes because he wants to show how he literally has her life in his hands. He reminds her that she brought this upon herself because she chose Szeto over him. Cue the maniacal laughter. Terry and Agatha come in just in time to push Lik away from her, and Terry chases him outside. Lik repeats his new mantra to him: whoever helps Szeto is his enemy. After bidding a threatening farewell to Terry, Lik calls Fate to find out his whereabouts, but that guy wants nothing to do with him. And to keep himself from falling asleep and letting Szeto see his dreams, Lik injects himself with more of the sketchy stuff that keeps him awake.


ROAD TRIP | Scarlett and Szeto discover that Fate has family in China, so it’s very likely that he’s headed there. While Fate is able to get onto the bus in one piece, his new seatmate is none other than Psycho Lik. Wait a second! Hold the doors because Szeto’s getting on the bus too! Coincidentally, there’s another pair of twin kids on the bus, and their cute twin interactions speak straight to Szeto and Lik’s hearts.The kids are able to resolve an argument in three seconds because that’s how long brothers can stay mad at each other. It’s not all fun and potato chips-eating here though because when Lik sees a police roadblock up ahead, he pulls out his gun on the driver to make him drive past it. Seeing his bro whip out his gun, Szeto busts out his too. When the bus stops inside an empty factory warehouse, Fate makes a run for it, so Lik starts shooting and chases after him. A stray bullet hits one of the twin kids, but it’s not fatal.

HIDE AND SEEK | Szeto catches up to Lik and both bros have their guns pointed at each other. Szeto warns him that the police are on their way, but Lik couldn’t care less. He sneers at Szeto’s attempts to reason with him because it’s impossible for him to understand. Lik tells him that if their roles in life were reversed, he would have turned out the same way as him. He proposes one final game to Szeto to see who can find Fate in the warehouse first. And if Lik can’t find him, he’ll just burn the whole damn place down. When he finally spots Fate, Lik shoots him in the back while chasing him. But before he can finish the job, Szeto jumps out from behind some boxes to block him. He tells Lik that there’s only one bullet left, so he should just kill him if he’s going to kill anyone.


FAMILY TIES | Outside the locked warehouse, his parents get on the megaphone to reason with Lik, and his mom admits that it’s true they play favorites with the twins. But the one they favor is actually him and not Szeto! The mother of the twin kids carries her injured son to Lik and begs him to let them go before he bleeds to death. Perhaps weakened by his mom’s words, Lik agrees. The gates open and the hostages rush out, but Szeto stays behind and locks himself inside with Lik.

THREE SECONDS | Szeto takes the gun away from him, but Lik still has a knife and holds it against his own neck. Szeto tells him that he will always be his brother, no matter what happens. Lik admits that he tried to kill Jan and frame him for it because he has no humanity. Szeto says that it’s true he’s done some terrible things, but like the twins on the bus said, brothers are only allowed to be angry at each other for three seconds. He’s going to count to three and then forgive him. In a super emotional scene, Lik drops the knife after the three seconds and embraces Szeto. *tear* (The acting was so insanely good here. SO GOOD.) But, wait. When the gates reopen, everyone rushes in to find Lik lying dead in a pool of his own blood. Szeto tells them that after they made up, a bunch of loose logs fell from the second floor because he had [by accident] shot at the chain holding them. In order to save him, Lik pushed Szeto away and the logs landed on him instead. RIP, Lik.


PASS/FAIL | Szeto quits being a police because he doesn’t feel like he’s done anything significant to change society or humanity. Instead, he finds a new gig as a college professor of criminal psychology. Man, if Szeto was my professor, I’d never skip class. During a lecture, Szeto thinks back to what happened with Lik in that warehouse. Surprise, surprise; the story he told was fake! During that brotherly embrace, Lik steals Szeto’s gun and points it at him. He refuses to lose to his older brother any longer, who is separated from him by only one minute. He tells Szeto that the only way they can be equals now is if he kills him first and then kills himself. Lik starts counting down from three, but the loose logs really do fall and kill him before he can pull the trigger. Ahhh…c’mon!


BOX OFFICE HIT | Szeto hears someone hiccup during his class, and he frantically scans the room to see where it came from. He later goes to the movies and sits down next to…Jan! She woke up from her months-long coma awhile ago while Szeto was studying in England. Szeto starts hiccuping during the movie, so Jan helps him pinch his pinky finger to stop it. But Szeto takes her hand instead and intertwines his fingers with hers.


What a drama! I loved almost every moment of Eye in the Sky, even that cop-out of an ending. Before they revealed what really happened with Lik, I was betting on Szeto being the one who killed him! (He sorta inadvertently did…) But I guess what it showed was that Szeto was always going to be good and righteous, and it really was too late for Lik to turn back. Also, are Szeto and Jan finally watching that movie they were supposed to see a million years ago? How long has that movie been playing?! I need to know!

Let me know what you thought about Eye in the Sky and its ending, and thanks for reading the recaps! Stay tuned for an upcoming series review where I’ll probably do some more fangirling over this wonderfully crazy bromance. I was already a huge Kevin fan before this, but omg, Ruco! ❤ ! Do I hear chants of, “TV King,” or what? Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go binge-watch his dramas.

That Lik...still trollin'.

That Lik…still trollin’.


5 thoughts on “Eye in the Sky (Ep 20 Recap – FINALE)

  1. I think Ruco has potential to be TV King but not necessarily for this character (he’s had better), you’ll see when you finish bingeing.

    I was really betting for Szeto to have killed Lik. I really wanted Szeto to turn bad, making room for a sequel.


  2. Jade says:

    Really enjoyed reading all of your recaps!

    Same like you, I’ve been a fan of Kevin but after watching this drama I’m mesmerized by Ruco’s handsomeness and acting. TV King for sure!!


  3. That was such another one of those stupid TVB endings I would rather forget.

    “Not gunna lie, but Lik was looking kinda hot in his new psycho state.” <— THIS I have to agree 😉

    Very sad now we don't get to see the two guys 5 days a week. 😦


  4. I’m actually sad for Ruco, despite him being the evil twin. He had to endure so much, without his family and love 😦

    And I dislike tavia’s character here. Initially, she was head over heels for Johnny but when Ruco revealed to be Johnny, she felt that something was missing. I felt she was purely judging from appearance as he doesn’t look like Kevin cheng anymore! T_____T


    • Yeah…Ruco or Lik definitely got the short end of the stick there. I’d be resentful too if I were him. I absolutely hated Tavia’s character in this drama! She was SO useless. And you’re totally right about how she only “liked” Johnny because of his looks. Meh, was never a Tavia fan and my opinion of her didn’t change after this drama lol.


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