Eye in the Sky (Ep 18-19 Recap)

No rest for the weary.


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Anna’s Recap

We’re almost at the end of the series and y’all know what that means. The ultimate showdown between Lik and Szeto is upon us! Who are you betting on? I think Jan said it best (shock!) when she asked Szeto why he won’t believe that Lik is a good person when that was all he ever wanted. It doesn’t matter what has or hasn’t happened, Lik and Szeto are fundamentally different people. Both will always be suspicious of each other’s intentions because they cannot/refuse see the good in the other. It really will come down to who can outsmart his brother…

Episode 18


CH-CH-CHAINED | Just as was suspected, all of the valuables in Mr. Kong’s safe has been removed. Lik freaks out and pulls his gun out to shoot the old guy, but his bodyguard shows up out of nowhere to shoot Lik in the arm. While he’s running away, Szeto drives by to rescue him. Lik hasn’t even been in the car for two minutes before he points his gun at Szeto to make him stop the car. When he refuses, Lik finds the handbrake, pulls it, and causes the car to literally flip onto its roof. More surprisingly is that both guys are able to quickly get out of it with barely a scratch on them. Miracle! A super sloppy fight ensues until Szeto finally gets Lik into a headlock and tries to slap the handcuffs on him. During the struggle, Jan shows up and helps to lock up Lik while he passes out from the chokehold. Where she come from…? When Lik wakes up, he’s heavily chained and locked in an abandoned warehouse by Szeto and Jan. Uh oh, Lik’s got that murder look in his eyes.

FRENEMIES | Szeto pays Terry a nice little visit after he was just dumped by Agatha for helping Lik. Terry refuses to snitch on his friend, but Szeto asks how can he be a good bro if he’s willingly letting Lik go down this terrible path. He therefore reveals to Szeto what Lik told him about all the valuables in Mr. Kong’s penthouse at YM. Later at the warehouse, Terry tries to convince Lik that they’re only trying to help him, but dude’s in no mood for reasoning. Lik tells him that since he won’t side with him, they are bros no more! Szeto later tells Terry that he’s going to trick Mr. Kong into thinking that Lik is going after him, so that he can get him arrested/safe from Lik murdering him. Because he wants to help Lik and prove to Agatha that he’s not a bad person, Terry agrees to help with the plan no matter how dangerous it is.

BADASS SZETO | Szeto ditches the police (very smart move) to begin his solo mission of capturing Mr. Kong. He sends him a text from Lik’s phone saying that he knows the valuables are still at YM and that he’s coming after his life. Mr. Kong thinks he’s so smart by sending assassins to go after “Lik,” but Szeto easily kills all three of them with ease. Nice to meet you, badass Szeto. After Mr. Kong kidnaps Terry to blackmail Lik, Szeto is the one who receives the pic they sent of a bloodied Terry. He shows up to the penthouse instead of the real Lik and goes straight for the hidden safe to retrieve Terry. When he opens the door, it’s still just an empty room and Mr. Kong is laughing away at how stupid Szeto looks. No prob though because Szeto very casually pulls out his gun and shoots the air. It was actually a mirror and Terry and the stolen valuables are behind it! Szeto was able to monitor the whole kidnap ordeal via a camera that was implanted inside Terry.

LIGHTS OFF, GUNS OUT | Szeto is ready to arrest Mr. Kong when the sneaky old guy uses a remote to turn off the lights and dash away. Badass Szeto kills the bodyguard in the dark before chasing Mr. Kong onto YM’s rooftop. It literally takes Szeto less than a minute to knock the gun out of Mr. Kong’s hand and put the handcuffs on him. Guy didn’t stand a chance. The most unbelievable part of all this was the fact that the entire useless police squad was acknowledged for their efforts in capturing him. HAHAHA. Too funny.

MAN OVERBOARD | An unconscious Lik wakes up on a boat in the middle of the night. He uses a rolled up piece of aluminum foil to pick the locks on his chains and forces the captain to reveal that they are headed for Vietnam. Based on the way he stood on the bow of the boat in the pitch black night screaming, “Szeto Shun!” does not bode well for our hero. While Szeto is having serious guilt about failing to uphold justice (re: Lik, his criminal lil bro) and ready to resign, he receives a phone call alerting him to the fact that Lik jumped overboard from the boat! Better run, Szeto.


Adrift, but still coming for ya.

Episode 19


SECOND CHANCES | Terry lays the sweet talk on Agatha, and promises that he’s really changed this time. He was willing to risk his life to put Mr. Kong in jail because he wanted to help Lik but also because he wanted to prove something to her. He gets down on one knee to propose, and she happily says yes! While one happy couple has reunited, Jan isn’t quite so lucky. Before she’s able to ask Szeto out on a date, he drops the news that Lik escaped from the boat. Szeto claims that he can sense via their twin connection that Lik is on his way back to Hong Kong for some revenge. Lots of it.

CHANGED MAN | At Mr. Kong’s trial, Szeto is super paranoid that he can sense Lik’s presence near him. And whaddya know, Lik really is there! He’s back, y’all. But before the trial even starts, Mr. Kong collapses and dies from a heart attack. No way he dropped dead on his own, right?! Anyways, Lik approaches Szeto, Jan and Terry outside the courthouse and tells them that he was originally planning to come back to exact revenge on them. But after floating in the middle of the ocean for a couple of days, he realized that he was very wrong and that he’s very sorry for his previous actions. He then goes to his parents reveal everything that he’s done, and they forgive him, of course. Jan and Terry also seem to buy Lik’s story about changing, but not Szeto.

SLEEP ON IT | Szeto starts having these creeptastic nightmares about Lik looking all sinister while holding a knife. He confronts Lik about knowing that he’s back to kill someone because he saw it in his dreams, but Lik denies it and says he’s overthinking things. Nope, Szeto ain’t buying it. Even when Jan tries to reassure him later on that Lik seems to have really changed for the better this time, Szeto is still paranoid. Just the fact that Lik sincerely wished Jan and Szeto happiness together shoulda tipped them off that he’s lying. The nightmares continue every time Szeto closes his eyes, so he forces himself to stay awake all night long. Damn that twin connection!

NO FILMING ALLOWED | When Szeto meets up with Jan to buy Agatha and Terry’s wedding present, he’s looking ROUGH. He bolts from her after scanning the crowd for Lik. She chases him down to an alleyway, and Szeto talks like a crazy person about how Lik is following them and how he has an evil plan. His fidgeting and crazy mutterings about how he can sense Lik’s anger attract a crowd of onlookers, and Szeto freaks out on them. Jan tries to drag him away, but he yells at her to leave him alone. As he’s walking away, there really is someone watching him! Szeto rushes home to trash Lik’s room and demanding to know what he wants, but Lik continues to act super innocent. His parents force them two to go to the doctor to get some sleeping pills for their insomnia. Lik purposely takes and swallows a pill from Szeto’s prescription to prove that there’s nothing wrong with it. But as soon as he goes back the roof, he forces himself to throw it up and then injects himself with something to keep him awake.

BAD NIGHT’S REST | At Agatha’s bridal shower sleepover, Jan is stillĀ  bumming out about Szeto. When she’s back in her own hotel room, she’s ambushed by a masked man who is dressed just like Szeto, and he stabs her! The attacker purposely cuts his finger and drips blood onto her face. Ew. Over at Szeto’s house, he receives a call about Jan being attacked. His parents wake up Lik, who was sound asleep in his own bed, and they rush to the hospital. The police also show up to arrest Szeto for the attack because they found his fingerprints and DNA at the crime scene. Hearing this, Szeto punches Lik in the face, screaming that he knows that he did it. At the police station, he’s shown CCTV footage of the attacker who’s dressed like him entering and leaving Jan’s hotel building. That combined with the forensic evidence, Szeto is charged with assault without bail. Looks like he wasn’t crazy after all…right?

What’s going to happen in the final episode?!


Someone doesn’t like rejection.


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