Eye in the Sky (Ep 15 Recap)

Let’s just all stop pretending.


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Anna’s Recap

As much as I’ve loved all the secrecy in this drama, I’m glad that everyone’s true identities have been revealed. Actually, wait; that’s probably not true. Knowing this show, we’re probably in for a few more big surprises in the last 5 episodes. But for now at least, Szeto is clearly in the light and Lik in the dark. I’m interested to see if there’s any possibility of them teaming up or if they’re really destined to be enemies. Seriously though, are they still sharing those bunk beds now that they hate each other? How awkward!

Episode 15


BROTHERLY ADVICE | Mr. Kong forces Szeto to quit his job without much of an explanation, but we all know what’s up. Out of everyone though, it’s Lik who’s the happiest. Lik may have done a 180 in less than 24 hours, but Szeto still cares about his lil bro and wants him to just quit the shady stuff while he still can. But Lik isn’t in the mood for any brotherly advice because he’s legit treating Szeto like his sworn enemy. He tells Szeto that they will continue pretending to be BFFLs at home in front of their parents, but that’s it. Sooo childish. Maybe he shoulda listened because sketchy Mr. Kong chooses him as Szeto’s replacement as Head of Security…

NOUVEAU RICHE | Mr. Kong pays a little visit to an old friend of his. Or more accurately, an old thieving partner. The old dude lectures Mr. Kong about still being in the burglary business when he should be more like him and get rich in the more traditional ways (e.g., cosmetics lol). His house right now was one of the places they tried and failed to burglarize back in the day. He even brags to Mr. Kong that the prized painting they wanted to steal before is now his. Apparently this entire meeting was just for this guy to brag about how he’s part of an elite rich people club where thieves are not allowed.

MAN UP | After selling the house to invest in Filipino imports, Jan’s dad announces to her that he’s moving to the Philippines to start a new P.I. firm and that she can’t follow him. Basically Jan just became homeless within the span of five minutes, and now has to drag her one suitcase of belongings to Agatha’s place. She runs into Szeto on the streets and is looking pale and weak, but she tells him that it’s just hiccups. He walks away, but then soon sees an ambulance wheeling away Jan, He chases it for a couple of blocks before it finally stops to let him on. The doctor at the hospital tells him and Agatha that there was something wrong with Jan’s heart, so that’s why she hiccuped so often. After hearing that she’s going to be alright, Szeto goes back to being Mr. Cool and acting like he doesn’t wanna see Jan, despite Agatha urging him to just admit his feelings for her.

AN HONEST MARRIAGE | Terry visits Jan in the hospital and picks up Agatha to meet his grandma. During dinner, his grandma gives a speech about how she’s getting old and doesn’t know how much longer she’s gunna be around. She asks Agatha if she’s willing to take care of Terry and marry him…and she is! Wow, they sure moved fast. But Terry isn’t quite as enthusiastic because he reveals to Agatha the truth: he is a big-time thief, not a photographer.¬†Agatha is obviously disgusted, but she just can’t stop thinking about him. After a few days, Terry tells Agatha that he’s given back all the things he’s stolen and is willing to leave his thieving days behind for her. She realizes that she does love him, and accepts the new Terry. Congrats, you two.

BURGLARY 101 | While Han and Mr. Kong pretend like they ran into each other at the hotel’s cafe, a fire occurs in her suite. Lik acts like he’s going to extinguish the fire, but he just really wants to look for the diamond in there. He quickly finds the secret staircase to Mr. Kong’s penthouse, and then very easily discovers the locked entrance to his walk-in safe/museum. Lik gathers his burglary kit of gadgets (seriously, where did that come from?!), and busts in there with no prob. And what’s directly in front of him? The elusive diamond, of course!

THAT’S GUNNA LEAVE A MARK | Right as Lik figures out that the diamond he has in his hands is a fake, Mr. Kong and Han enter the room with a gun pointed at him. They laugh at how gullible he is thinking that it’d be that easy to steal back the diamond. Mr. Kong proposes a deal; he wants Lik to steal the famous painting from his friend’s place, and then he’ll give the diamond back to him. Lik refuses to trust him, so Mr. Kong offers to repay him for his burned-off face by slicing Han’s with a pocket knife! Ouchhh. But now that they’re even, Lik is willing to think about the deal.

WAIT FOR LOVE | Jan waits for over an hour before leaving the hospital to see if Szeto will show up, but nope. But after seeing how Agatha and Terry were able to make up, she decides that she needs to go after what she wants too. Szeto! She goes to YM to find him, but instead finds Lik occupying his office. Lik is definitely not over her because when he later sees her waiting outside their house for him, he purposely lies to her that Szeto is in Taiwan. When Szeto does get home soon after, he receives a call from his friend, Chow Jing Man, asking for a ride from the airport. Remember her? She’s the ex-famous singer who Szeto helped to kick the drug habit. She comes crying to Szeto about how she found out her boyfriend was actually married, and wonders why she can’t find someone good like him. Okay, yeah that sucks but back the eff off, lady! He’s been spoken for!

She's just not that into you, man.

She’s just not that into you, man.


One thought on “Eye in the Sky (Ep 15 Recap)

  1. After the previous 2 weeks which had great cliffhangers, ep15 was so dull in comparison. I can’t believe they put Jing Man back into the story just so Szeto can be a noble idiot. Although really, I don’t care about the love triangle anymore and just wished they only concentrate on the relationship / bunk bed of Szeto and Lik.:))))))


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