Eye in the Sky (Ep 13-14 Recap)

The age old question: nature versus nurture.

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Anna’s Recap

Quick! Come and join me on Team Szeto before you find out what Lik does in these episodes! For as much talk as Lik does about how life has been so unfair to him, I’m not entirely sure that’s all there is to blame for how he turned out. His inferiority complex seems to be part of his nature, and it was always going to be there whether or not he was part of the Szeto family. But how funny is it that the thing that truly sets him over the edge is Jan dumping him for his brother? Compared to the crappy childhood and face-burning, that just seems petty.

Episode 13


WHODUNNIT? | Yup, Ms. Kwok is definitely dead with a bullet to the head and her niece, Anson, is the prime suspect. She claims that she fainted in her aunt’s room, but there’s no proof of any drugs or sedatives in the toxin reports. And because YM’s employees saw the two of them previously arguing about money in the hotel’s lobby, Anson looks real guilty right now. When he, Lik, and Scarlett investigates the crime scene, Szeto quickly deduces that the killer must have entered the room from the balcony. Even though all signs point to Han being responsible, she’s cool, calm and collected when she sees Szeto.

HERE, DOGGY DOGGY | Szeto remembers how when he gathered all the security guards to talk about the murder, one of the security guards, Kin, was late. Coupled with the fact that he hurt his leg and is too afraid to look at Ms. Kwok’s photo, Szeto is mighty suspicious of him. CCTV footage shows that he stopped by the locker room to change his ripped pants before coming to the meeting. The security team are able to find Ms. Kwok’s dog, Capital, after it ran away from Ms. Kwok’s room after the murder by luring it out with dog food. Along with Capital, they were able to find a piece of cloth that matches the security guards’ uniforms. Jeez, wonder who it belongs to.

INSIDE JOB | Chu Lo See and one of the security guards purposely bring Capital to where Kin is patrolling, and loudly talk about how the killer’s blood is still on her fur. When they “accidentally” let go of Capital, Kin chases after it and tries to cut off the fur blood-stained fur, but is immediately stopped by Szeto! Turns out that Kin released some type of poisonous gas to knock out Anson and Ms. Kwok, came in through the balcony to murder, and was bitten by Capital. Kin refuses to reveal who ordered the hit on Ms. Kwok, and instead takes off running. By the time the police and Szeto catch up to him, he’s been shot and murdered too!

HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT | Szeto plainly tells Han that he knows she’s responsible for the two murders, but Han continues to play the innocent card and acting like she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. But when looking through Ms. Kwok’s belongings with the newly-released Anson, Szeto finds the rough draft of Ms. Kwok’s latest novel about two lovers who secretly meet on a hidden staircase. He and Scarlett search Han’s room for a possible hidden staircase that could lead to Mr. Kong’s penthouse, but find nothing. Little do they know that Mr. Kong was also watching them (via motion-sensor glasses or something), and is indeed Han’s boss. And he’s got the diamond!

BE MY MUSE | Jan and Lik go to a painting class where the instructor tells them to paint a portrait of someone they care about, so naturally Lik says that they should draw each other. But when it comes time to paint, Jan imagines Szeto’s face and draws him instead of Lik. Clearly this was her wake-up call because she breaks up with Lik afterwards, and asks that they go back to being friends. Lik does not handle this well at all. In his post-breakup sulking, Lik asks Szeto if he knows what’s up with Jan lately and why she’s dump him. Szeto obviously plays dumb and says no, but oh, he SO knows.

NOT-SO-FRIENDLY RIVALRY | Lik later goes back to the painting class, and sees the portrait that Jan drew of Szeto. She left it there?! Shoulda treasured that. Yeah, Lik is definitely not happy to see it, and takes it with him to Agatha’s P.I. Firm to confront Jan. She’s not there, but Agatha tells Lik that the person Jan actually likes is Szeto and not his twin. That night, he shows Szeto the portrait that Jan drew of him. Szeto’s face is all like, “Huh…who? Me? Huhhh?” during the confrontation. He claims that there’s nothing between him and Jan, but Lik isn’t having it. Lik then goes on a rant about how he’ll never be as good as Szeto, and swears that if their starting line in life was the same, he definitely wouldn’t lose to him. Was that a threat?


Respect the lady’s choice!

Episode 14


AUTOCORRECT PROBZ | Szeto’s parents ask him why Lik is in such a bad mood, and Szeto is forced to tell them that Lik and Jan broke up. Everyone immediately shuts up when Lik walks into the room, but he totally sees his parents and Szeto very obviously texting one another. He tells Szeto that he knows about their secret group chat that he’s not part of, and also how he read his dad’s text referring to him as a stranger. Szeto explains that it was just an autocorrect typo, but Lik ain’t listening. Even though he’s angry, he doesn’t blame them. Instead, he blames Ho Yee Goo, the midwife old lady, for selling him and ruining his life.

FORGET THE MOONCAKE BOX | The longer he thinks about it, the more pissed Lik gets at Ho Yee Goo. He drives himself and Terry to her place, saying that he’s going to poison her cat and break her legs because that’s the most precious thing to her. Terry holds him back and reminds him that they already stole all her money, but it’s no use because Lik is not letting anything get in his way. They start fighting, and Ho Yee Goo sees them and tells them to stop. It looks like Lik is about to snap and go after her with the metal pipe(!?!) in his hand, but seeing the police on the nearby street stops him.

RELATIONSHIP STATUS | Szeto announces to the Agatha P.I. Firm that he will longer be their consultant because of personal reasons. He leaves without saying another word, so Jan chases after him. She asks him if his so-called personal reasons include avoiding her because he made this decision after she broke up with Lik. Szeto plays it cool and says that it’s none of his business what’s going on between her and Lik, but she says that it is! He’s the reason for their breakup, and she knows that he likes her too. Szeto admits that he once had feelings for her, but claims it’s only because of his twin connection with Lik makes him think that he likes her. Gotta be the worst rejection line ever…

DARK SIDE | Y’all thought Lik would give up on ruining Ho Yee Goo’s life? Nope! He sneaks over to her place and fulfills his promise of poisoning her cat. When the old lady sees the unconscious cat, she races outside to save it. Right as she’s about to call Szeto on her phone, she trips on the street curb and hits her head against the pavement. Lik sees all of this happen, but instead of calling the police or helping her, he literally stands there for five minutes watching the old lady bleed to death. SO MESSED UP. SO EFFIN’ MESSED UP! That’s it; Lik has officially joined the dark side.

CCTV DON’T LIE | The police make a visit to YM the next day to question both Szeto and Lik about Hor Yee Goo’s death. Szeto was the last person that she wanted to call, and CCTV captured footage of Lik watching her bleed to death. Lik claims that he didn’t know it was her or that she was bleeding. Lies! When Szeto is walking out of the morgue, he sees Terry. After chasing him down the street, he gets Terry to reveal the truth about them infiltrating YM to find the diamond they stole. Szeto confronts Lik at home, but he’s not remorseful at all about either his thievery or Ho Yee Goo. He even claims that he breaks the laws because the law cannot give him justice. Well, we’ll see how that works out because Han and Mr. Kong just discovered his identity as Szeto’s twin.

BRO NO MO | Lik catches Fate (that idiot security guard) stealing one of the hotel guests’ expensive watch and phone. But instead of turning him in, Lik plants the stolen goods in…Szeto’s office! Not cool, man! When the guest comes complaining about the burglary, Fate suggests using the phone’s GPS tracker to find it. When they call it, a beeping noise sounds in Szeto’s office. But when they retrieve the phone from his desk, the guest says it’s not his and the sound was just Szeto’s alarm. His wife also then comes rushing into the room to say that she found the watch and phone in their own room. Szeto calls Lik up to the rooftop to confront him, but he, of course, denies it. He tells Szeto that he always thinks that he’s better than everyone else because he was a police officer, but he’s not. Lik’s parting words for his brother is that he needs to reevaluate their relationship. And as if Szeto’s day could not get any worse, Mr. Kong essentially forces him to resign from his job.

Safe to say that Lik is definitely the villain of the show, right? That guy…wow.

Let's take this sibling rivalry up another notch.

Let’s take this sibling rivalry up another notch.


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