Eye in the Sky (Ep 11-12 Recap)

Dude, where’s your face…and the diamond?


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Anna’s Recap

Not gunna lie, I’ve been so caught up by the all the mysteries and unanswered questions on the drama that I haven’t thought thaaat much about the love triangle. Well, it’s here! The inevitable triangle between Szeto, Lik, and Jan has finally reared its ugly beautiful head. As if it’s not already difficult enough to pick between the two handsome men (and a Ruco with Kevin’s face), the body count on this show is getting pretty damn high too. Seriously, how many baddies are there exactly?

Episode 11


FAMILY REUNION | Lik drops the bombshell that he’s the missing twin brother that Szeto’s been looking for, and explains that he looks different because he got his whole face burned off. Surprisingly, Szeto seems totally cool with it, and even very casually tells his parents that he’s found his younger twin bro. Obviously his parents are confused because they see that Lik looks nothing like Szeto, so Lik has to repeat his face-burning story yet again. After hearing the story and Lik swearing that his DNA matches theirs, his parents welcome him into the fam with open arms. Well, that was easy!

HALF TRUTHS | Szeto and his parents agree that Lik’s true identity should remain a secret for now because he’s still an arsonist on the run, after all. Szeto is happy to have his bro back, but tells Lik that he still has his suspicions and wants to know he’s watching Han. Lik admits that he suspects her to be the person who disfigured him, but doesn’t mention anything about the diamond…hm. Szeto buys his story though because he reveals that he had planted a hidden camera in his room as well. Lik promises that he will no longer do anything illegal, but it’s a different story when he meets up with Terry. They plan to spread rumors that Han has the diamond, in hopes that Pittman will go after her.

ROOMMATES | YM’s guest, Ms. Kwok, is being kept up all night by weird sounds in her room. When Han sees her sitting in the lobby in the middle of the night, she invites her to stay in her room. Also sharing a room and bunk beds(!) now, Lik sees Szeto watching the two of them on the hotel’s CCTV. He pretends that he might have been too paranoid about Han, but Szeto insists on monitoring her to find out if she’s responsible for disfiguring his bro. More importantly, someone please tell me they’re already writing a fanfic about Kevin and Ruco sharing bunk beds. Make it happen, people!

LIGHT UP MY WORLD | Because of the kidnapping and shooting incident, Jan never got to go on her movie date with Szeto. But that doesn’t mean that she’s still not daydreaming about him. She’s awoken though when Lik comes strollin’ in to ask her out to dinner. Afterwards, Lik takes her to a pitch-black beach to teach her how to “draw” pictures in the air with flashlights. Lik had such a good time with Jan that he dreams about her as an angel that night. And yes, of course Szeto dreams it too. Twin connection! Szeto is woken up by a giggling Lik, and he proceeds to tell Szeto about his date and dream. Szeto definitely does not look happy to hear this, and he ends up acting really cold and distant to Jan the next day. Sadface.

THICK AS THIEVES | The police and Scarlett dig up some CCTV footage of the kidnappers at a bar that serves the rare craft beer they were drinking in their room, but it’s Szeto who notices the bar owner to be wearing a couple’s watch with one of the men. But thanks to an anonymous warning from Lik, Pittman knows that the police are tailing the bar owner. And because of the rumors that were spread, Pittman meets up with Han, thinking that she has the diamond. After easily killing almost all of Pittman’s thugs, Han forces Pittman to reveal that they kidnapped Szeto because he’s the one who stole the diamond and disappeared with it a year ago. But before she can shoot him, one of his thugs intervenes and Pittman ends up with the gun. Just as he’s about to shoot and kill her, a figure hidden in the shadows kills Pittman first. Han looks up and is surprised to see that it’s her “boss.” This drama is just full of mysterious men…

International woman of mystery.

International woman of mystery.

Episode 12


FEMME FATALE | The police are on the crime scene investigating the Pittman murders. In a surprise move, Anson discovers traces of perfume on one of the victim’s face. The face? Weird. The forensics discover that the perfume contains a very rare flower, and Szeto immediately mentions how Han also wears a unique perfume. And based on that completely baseless observation, the police take Han to the station for questioning. Scarlett is in charge of the interview, so you already know that it’s not going to be a very successful one. Plus, Han is too smart to be caught by the police’s nonsensical questions. When she runs into Szeto and Lik at the hotel, she even trolls Szeto by saying that he must really like her perfume.

REMEMBER ME? | Lik takes Jan for another “flashlight drawing” photo shoot, and draws 12 roses around her because it means that they are thinking of each other every day. Jan tries to laugh it off, but Lik insists that he’s being for real here. That night, she receives a text from the fake Szeto saying that he’s outside her building. She doesn’t waste any time before hopping onto the back of his motorcycle. He brings her to her dad’s P.I. Firm, takes off his helmet…and surprise, it’s Lik! He tells her that he’s the twin that she’s been waiting for. Jan doesn’t believe him until he shows her the scars on his arm and chest and tells the face-burning story. He professes his love to her, but she can’t bring herself to accept him yet. (Btw, the two of them only made out that night, and didn’t sleep together.)

THREE’S A CROWD | Jan receives flowers and chocolates from Lik after literally running into him while investigating a case, so she unwillingly agrees to go on a date with him. Szeto’s parents ask why Lik isn’t coming home for dinner, and Szeto reluctantly reveals that he’s on a date with Jan. The parents are thrilled, but Szeto definitely isn’t. In fact, he’s so bummed about it that he goes to the harbor by himself to emo it out. He gets even more sad when Jan and Lik go to watch the movie that they were originally supposed to watch together. But never fear because Jan imagines Lik as Szeto during the movie, and purposely avoids Lik when he later calls. Team Szeto!

SECRET PASSAGES | Ms. Kwok move out of Han’s suite and back into her own after Szeto resolves the strange sounds case. Turns out that her neighbor was raising an endangered fish in his bathtub, and it was emitting sounds that resembled a baby’s cries. Yeah, I dunno. Anyways, to thank Han for her hospitality, Ms. Kwok brings over a gift while she’s out of the room. To everyone’s surprise, she runs into YM’s owner, Mr. Kong, coming downstairs from a hidden staircase! But before Mr. Kong can explain anything, Ms. Kwok immediately concludes that he and Han must be secretly dating…and he goes with it.

FAMILY FEUD | Anson comes to visit her aunt, Ms. Kwok, at YM to borrow money for her father’s failing business. But because of her estrangement from the family, Ms. Kwok refuses and orders her to leave her alone. During the argument, Anson accidentally spills her aunt’s coffee and causes her to break her jade bangle. She clearly didn’t get the message because Anson later comes back to the hotel to return the newly-fixed bangle. When Chu Lo See comes by in a bit to deliver Ms. Kwok’s clean laundry, she sees Anson holding a gun over Ms. Kwok’s dead body!

My money’s on Mr. Kong being the murderer…but why?!

Should have just lent her the money!

Should have just lent her the money!


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