Eye in the Sky (Ep 10 Recap)

He really meant it when he said, “Bros for life.”


Previously on Eye in the Sky… ep 8-9 recap

Anna’s Recap

Midway point of the drama, but there’s been enough plot to fill 30 episodes, let alone 10! Just when you think the tension and stakes of it all couldn’t be raised any higher, they totally do. But the big reveal of the episode is truly the make-or-break point for our characters because what they choose to do afterwards will determine everything. I, for one, would not want to switch places with any of them. Okay, maaaybe Jan because she’s pretty much got both Szeto and Lik now. Lucky, lucky girl.

Episode 10


ONE STEP AHEAD | We thought that Szeto was watching Lik watch Han’s room, but nope! Turns out that Lik was hiding in Han’s bathroom while Szeto was “inspecting” her room, and noticed that he had momentarily glanced at the painting. Lik pulled his own psych-out on Szeto that night by watching a video game on his phone instead of Han’s room because he felt something was not quite right. He meets up with Terry the next day to task him with watching Han because he’s too close to being discovered and needs to lay low. Szeto ain’t giving up his suspicions just yet though because he continues to monitor Lik’s room through the secret camera he’s planted in there, but there’s nothing suspicious going on.

TRUST NOBODY & EVERYBODY | Coincidentally enough, Jan is investigating for a client who suspects his business partner/friend for embezzling. She and Szeto discover that he’s been acting so sketchy lately because he’s planning to sell his house to help save the biz! Jan is feeling bummed out because her dad’s also been accusing her of working with the enemy, so she knows how much it sucks to not be trusted. Szeto gets all thoughtful and agrees that it’s uncool to be suspected and accused of something that you didn’t do. We all know who he’s talking about…

LOVE HICCUPS | Jan and Szeto get caught in the rain, and have to find cover in a nearby store. She ends up getting the hiccups after laughing too hard at him for always acting like Mr. Cool Guy, so she presses down on her pinky finger/pressure point to get rid of ’em. When it’s not working, Szeto grabs her hand to do it for her! Eeek! Jan must have really been feeling the butterflies in her stomach because she daydreams about Szeto that night, and gets annoyed when he doesn’t text her. She even later asks Szeto out on a movie date under the premise that it’s to help with a case. Right, of course it is. Yayayay Team Szeto!

BRO TO BRO | During a late-night bonding session, Szeto tells Lik that he became interested in investigating and solving cases after he read a Japanese detective series as a kid. Lik says that it’s not exactly a bad obsession to have, but Szeto disagrees because he has a major flaw: overly suspicious. Apparently Szeto is a glass half empty kinda guy because he believes that people are inherently bad and will always tells lies. Lik tells him that he’s the opposite because he really trusts people…especially those close to him. Wink, wink.

COSTUME CHANGE | Terry tells Lik that he heard Han talking on the phone about meeting up with someone, so Lik follows her all the way to a shopping mall. She goes into the bathroom there to change places with someone dressed identically to her. Lik isn’t tricked by the fake Han though because he can smell that her perfume has changed. He quickly realizes that Han must have discovered the hidden camera and is trying to catch whoever put it there. Lik calls up Ms. Kwok to come to the mall because she had asked him to help her gather info on Han for her next novel’s inspiration. Han sees Ms. Kwok sketchily following her, so she thinks that she must be the one who’s been spying on her.

YOU’VE GOT THE WRONG GUY | Szeto is on his way out of YM to meet up with Jan for their movie date when Lik overhears the hotel’s new guests mention a “Mr. Pittman” as they follow Szeto. In the parking garage, he sees them continue following Szeto’s car, so he grabs one of the hotel’s car to chase after them. Lik then calls Terry to let him know that Mr. Pittman has found them, and Terry is properly freaked out. Who’s Mr. Pittman?! Szeto is quick to discover that he’s being followed, but is unable to avoid being captured at gunpoint (in the middle of the road, no less…) by the thugs. While Szeto’s getting the crap beaten out of him at an abandoned junk yard, Lik comes racing in to save him!

OH BROTHER! | A shootout ensues after Lik crashes the Pittman party, and Lik and Szeto team up to shoot up the bad guys. Terry get there in time to warn Lik about an oncoming bullet, but he accidentally yells out the twin’s nickname, “Ka La.” Lik still gets shot in the arm, and Szeto strangely feels pain as well. Twin connection! They are able to successfully dodge more bullets and escape in Terry’s car. When Szeto later asks Terry at the hospital why he was at the junk yard, but Terry just mutters some BS answer before leaving. Szeto’s way too smart for him though because he follows him back to his grandma’s place. You’ve been found, Dai Fu Long! He throws Terry up against a wall and demands that he admit that Lik is the twin he’s been looking for. Terry refuses to say anything, but Lik suddenly bursts into the house. How he get there…? He tells Szeto to let go of Terry because what he suspects is true; he is indeed Szeto’s younger twin brother!

Szeto’s face says it all: “WTF…but yeah, I knew it!”

Imma lay down some truth on ya.

Imma lay down some truth on ya.


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