Eye in the Sky (Ep 3-4 Recap)

One of them’s gotta be evil, right?!


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Anna’s Recap

Now that we know Tavia and Ruco’s characters’ nicknames, I will be referring to them with those instead of their full names from here on out. Zan Lei is now Jan, Cheng Lik Hang is just plain ol’ Lik, and Szeto gets to keep his name. Hope it lessens the confusion all around!

Episode 3


So many new characters! And they will probably all turn out to have some sort of secret connection to one another. Probably not that Fate guy though because he’s just a fool.

FIRST DAY ON THE JOB | Szeto takes Lik and Fate (bribe guy), the newly hired security guards, on a grand tour around the YM Hotel. Lik continues to impress with how pro he is, while Fate is too busy flirting with the housekeepers and rightfully gets the stank eye from Szeto. Apparently Fate is the security guard who testified against him in the arson case. Whatta small world. When he’s paroling the hotel, Lik sketchily watches the main housekeeper going into the boss’s penthouse. But before he can investigate the high-tech retina scan outside the penthouse, Szeto shoos him away.

PICK UP ARTIST | Jan and fellow P.I., Agatha, is on the case for a client who wants to find out if her hot young boyfriend is only after her money. They do a craptastic job spying on the maybe golddigger, but they do see a sleazy, smooth talkin’ guy snapping pictures of them on his own camera. He claims that he’s a photographer who only takes pics of beautiful things (*eye roll*), but Jan is so not having it. Agatha, on the other hand, is loving his lame pick up lines and even goes on a date with him.

EXTRAMARITAL ACTIVITIES | A new client hires the P.I. Firm to spy on his wife because he suspects that she’s cheating on him. Jan and Agatha follow Mrs. Chin to the YM Hotel and find out that she rents the same room there every week. Jan’s dad/P.I. Firm’s owner tells them to put on their best disguises because they’re going to infiltrate the YM Hotel!

BLIND FAITH | YM Hotel’s boss, Mr. Kong, is losing his sight and the experts he’s hired to help him has no solution. After one of those medical meetings, Fate tries to stage an accident to trip Mr. Kong, and then leap out to save him and become the hero. Lik totally sees him swipe and place the tripping rock, and thwarts Fate’s stupid plan just in time. Mr. Kong later comforts one of YM’s permanent guests, Ms. Kwok, who was crying about how no one appreciates her novels anymore. Using his own condition as an example of never giving up, he convinces her to keep writing and that she’ll always have him as her fan. Altogether now: awww.

BIG BEAR, WE HARDLY KNEW YE | Big Bear shows his face in Hong Kong again after hiding out in Taiwan for the past 18 months. Szeto corners him in the bathroom of the hot pot restaurant to get clues about the arson case. But before he can get any info outta him, a mysterious person shoots and kills Big Bear. With another lead lost, Szeto focuses his attention on finding Jan and enlists Lik to help him.

HOME SWEET HOME | Szeto brings Lik home when he’s in desperate need of a toilet (lolz). Szeto’s mom hosts her own cooking show on TV, and Lik just so happens to be her #1 Fan. They invite Lik to stay for dinner, and he’s visibly touched by how loving Szeto’s family is with one another. Szeto’s mom is just happy that Szeto finally has a friend to bring home, and even asks if they’re more than that. They both say they like girls, but there’s gotta be a Kevin-Ruco fanfic out there somewhere! After a post-dinner ping pong game, Lik reassures Szeto that he’ll find the answers to his arson puzzle soon. And what do you know, they both see Jan checking in at YM’s front desk the next day. The clue is here!

Watch out for that gun!

Watch out for that gun!

Episode 4


Oh boy, we’re another step closer to finding the real arsonist, but the why is still a mystery. Is it me or did this drama took a really early turn towards the melodrama? No complaints though because I have so many questions after this episode! Keep me guessing, Eye in the Sky!

HAVE WE MET? | Szeto tries to greet Jan in the hotel lobby and to tell her that he’s been looking everywhere for her, but she acts like she doesn’t know him and says to get out of her face. Jan and her dad are checking into YM as guests and Agatha is disguised as a housekeeper to investigate Mrs. Chin’s extramarital affair. While walking around the hotel with her cleaning supplies, Agatha runs into Terry, the guy with the pick up lines, and fails at pretending not to know him. Clearly, I gotta get myself to YM because that’s legit where everyone else is.

SIDE PIECES & SIDE DISHES | Jan sees a sketchy dude leaving Mrs. Chin’s hotel room, and with Szeto’s assistance, she tracks him to the local street market. He’s the fish guy there, and Jan’s pretty sure that he’s Mrs. Chin’s side piece. After Mr. Chin hears about this, he’s so enraged that he grabs a letter-opener to confront the cheaters at YM. He gets past Jan and Agatha in the lobby and kicks down the room door in one try. Letter-opener waving in the air, he tries to stab fish guy, but Szeto and Lik rush in to pin him down. Mrs. Chin reveals that she doesn’t want to embarrass her husband by being fat, but since she can’t help herself from wanting to eat, she comes here to do it. The so-called other man turns out to be just delicious plates on plates of food. Hearing his wife’s struggles, Mr. Chin reassures her that he will love her no matter what size she is. Yay!

POOL PARTY | Mr. Kong throws a party for all the guests at YM to celebrate the reconciliation of the Chins, and she can now eat to her heart’s desire at the buffet. Anson, Szeto’s former superior at the police dept., also shows up because she’s Ms. Kwok’s niece, but their relationship is definitely chilly. When she runs into Szeto, he tells her again that he won’t return to the police force until he clears his good name. Damn right. After Szeto successfully bribes one of the P.I. Firm’s employees to find out about his doppelganger, he runs to Jan to ask her what else she knows about the night of the fire. She tries to get away from him, but ends up slipping and pulling Szeto into the pool with her.

TWINNING | When Jan pulls on Szeto’s wet dress shirt, she sees that he’s missing the scars on his chest and arm that his doppelganger had. Now that she knows that Szeto really isn’t that guy, she’s all cool with him. Jan tells him and Lik about how the guy didn’t deny that he was a police officer, so he was definitely trying to impersonate Szeto. Lik asks if it’s possible that he has a twin brother that he never knew about. After some very unscientific discussions about the magical “twin connection,” Szeto starts to think that it’s a real possibility. Weirdly enough, Jan gets a headache later…and both Lik and Szeto feel it too. Uh, wtf?

FAMILY SECRETS | Szeto conspires with Lik to trick his parents into telling him if he has a twin or not by telling them that when he “reads” Szeto’s life, he sees that he should have a sibling. Szeto’s mom immediately folds and reveals that he really does have a twin brother, but he died at birth. Afterwards, Szeto tells Lik that the only plausible explanation is that his twin is still alive and trying to frame him. Not cool, bro. The two of them and Yan (after secretly following them) go looking for the midwife that delivered Szeto. With the help of the neighborhood photographer, who just oh so conveniently had a pic of her, they suuuper easily find the midwife. Lik and Szeto immediately peer pressure the old lady into revealing that she…sold Szeto’s twin at birth!

Okay, let’s be real here. Lik is definitely the twin, right?!

We know you know.

We know you know.


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