Eye in the Sky (Ep 1-2 Recap)

Kevin AND Ruco? You’re one lucky girl, Tavia.


  • Kevin Cheng as Szeto Shun
  • Tavia Yeung as Ng Zan Lei
  • Ruco Chan as Cheng Lik Hang


  • Hong Kong (Cantonese)
  • 20 episodes
  • Original run: March 2-27, 2015

Quick Rundown:

After being accused but ultimately found not guilty in an arson case, the former senior member of the Hong Kong Police Force, Szeto Shun, leaves his job and is then hired as the Head of Security at a hotel. At his new position, he is still obsessed clearing his name and finding out who the real arsonist was. A chance encounter with the private investigator, Ng Zan Lei, may be the key to solving this puzzle that has consumed Szeto’s life.

Anna’s Recap

Woohoo, the first 2015 TVB drama that actually looks interesting! Then again, you can’t really go wrong with a cast of Kevin Cheng, Ruco Chan, and Tavia Yeung. But before we discuss any further, a warm round of applause to welcome back Kevin, who’s finally gracing our screens again after going on hiatus in 2013 & 2014. Missed you, Kev.

I’ll be recapping all 20 episodes of this modern-day thriller, and hope that y’all will stick around with me to see what these three pretty people get up to. Eye candy galore, amirite? Okay, let’s do this thing!

Episode 1

We’re off to a good start with Eye in the Sky, and the action is picking up pretty quickly in this first episode. Added bonus is that there’s one crazy headscratcher of a cliffhanger! I’m also liking the interactions between Szeto (Kevin) and Zan Lei (Tavia), but we all know the jokey, flirty banter is going to end right when things get turnt up. And Kevin riding motorcycles? Definite yes. Told ya it’s turnt up.

I SPY | Senior officer, Szeto Shun, and his fellow officers at the Special Crime Unit in the Hong Kong Police Force put their observation skills to good use by correctly identifying a shady couple lurking around a jewelry store as the serial robbers that have been hitting up places across HK. Aw, they’re just like Bonnie & Clyde! The cops get right to work staking out the jewelry store/next target, but their amateurish sting op almost gets ruined by a couple of randos, aka Ng Zan Lei and her nosy as eff friend, who keep getting in the way. Move it along, ladies!

HANDS IN THE AIR | Literally right after Zan Lei and her friend leave, Bonnie & Clyde hit up the jewelry store with an old-fashioned stick up. Szeto and his cops suddenly look really incompetent when they get blasted out of the way by the robbers and his scary, hulking accomplice. Everyone splits up to chase after the the crooks, but Szeto goes after the big guy alone through the back alleyways. He steals some guy’s motorcycle and uses it to ram the dude into the concrete wall, while Zan Lei and her friend are cowering behind a trash can, watching this go down. Mission accomplished, and Szeto’s even got time to finish his Sudoku puzzle. From the expression on Zan Lei’s swooning face, he’s got a new admirer too.

SHERLOCK WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO | A very casually dressed Szeto (complete with a diamond stud earring…) visits the Ng Jor Zhi Private Investigation Firm, and officially meets Zan Lei, who just so happens to the be daughter of the owner and a P.I. herself. He wants to hire their firm to hack into a drug kingpin, Big Bear’s, phone, so that he can monitor his activities. Hm, I’m digging this Sherlock Holmes x Girl with the Dragon Tattoo vibe. Sensing Zan Lei’s hesitations to accept, Szeto throws down a stack of cash and successfully convinces her. But after he leaves, she reassures her dad and partner that she ain’t gunna risk her life for this. Take the cash and do a crappy job, right? Little do they know that she totally has the hots for Szeto.

SARANGHAEYO OPPA | Despite her insistence that she wasn’t gunna try one bit on this job, a late-night flirt session with Szeto by the harbor totally has Zan Lei changing her tune. Her new plan is to dress up like a kpop star because Big Bear is totally about that life right now, and then she’s gunna flirt her way into stealing his phone at the hot pot restaurant. The flirting fails, but she does manage to steal his phone. She drops the phone off for her partner to install the hacking program, and then leads Big Bear & Co. on a wild-goose chase. By the time she throws them back the newly hacked phone, Szeto rescues her from the grasps of BB & Co. and onto the back of his motorcycle (another one?), but suffers a nasty knife gash on the arm. After helping him bandage his wound, things get real sexy for Zan Lei and Szeto in the P.I. Firm’s back room.

RING THE ALARM | When Szeto is leaving his house in the AM, he is greeted by his superior telling him that he’s wanted for an arson investigation. Man, at least let the guy have his coffee first! She demands to know what he’s carrying in his duffel bag that is not-at-all suspicious looking, and in it is none other than 3 million HKD in cold hard cash. Dayum. Back at the police station and in the hot seat, they show Szeto CCTV footage of him setting fire to a known drug den. Even worse for Szeto is that one of the officers saw him hanging around a club the night before looking real tight with a drug dealer. When suited-up Szeto is wandering the streets at night wondering wtf is happening, he just misses crossing paths with an earring-wearing Szeto. Hold up…what the what? Are we dealing with an evil twin here?!?


The tell-tale earring!

Episode 2

Still not sure if there’s really an evil twin out there waiting to show up again, but he’s gone…for now. What if the story is that Szeto is actually the evil one? Oh man, how crazy. Now that Ruco’s Cheng Lik Hang character has officially been introduced, better pick your teams soon! Team Kevin or Team Ruco? One of life’s quandaries, for sure.

THE ART OF DEDUCTION | Szeto and one of his police officers, Scarlett, visit the torched drug den that he’s been accused of burning down. After sleuthing around, Szeto deduces that there was an additional person that was being kept against his will in the room by Big Bear’s crew, a key fact that was overlooked by the police. A couple of dirt stains on the stairwell’s wall confirms that this mysterious 6th person was rescued by a 7th person, who was not part of Big Bear’s crew. What all this adds up to is that the person who rescued the other guy is the real arsonist, and he set the fire to cause a distraction. That Szeto Shun is a regular Sherlock Holmes, but even he can’t prove with the alley’s CCTV footage that he wasn’t the arsonist. Womp, womp. Quick cutaway scene shows that earring-wearing Szeto boarded a ship with the rescued guy that’s bound for Malaysia.

DAY IN COURT | During his trial, Szeto maintains his innocence as the arsonist, but can’t give evidence as to where he was the night of the fire. But no worries because his defense attorney has got a star witness to prove his innocence: famous singer, Chow Jing Man. She testifies that she and Szeto were high school classmates, and he was at her place with her the night of the fire because he was rescuing her from a suicide attempt. Apparently lady started dabbling in drugs after finding out her rich husband is cheating on her, and Szeto is the one who’s been trying to help her kick the habit. He even went to her dealer to cut off her supply (hence the club sighting). The 3 mil he was holding was also from Chow Jing Man…so not drug money, or maybe it is? Thanks to the testimony, Szeto is acquitted of the arson charges.

LATER, HATERS | Even though Szeto’s been found innocent of arson, his superior tells him that the higher-ups still want him to transfer to another dept. for the time being. He declares that he’d rather quit than be transferred because that just shows that no one believes in his innocence. With that said, Szeto peaces out of the HK Police Force.

FLASH FORWARD | 18 months later, Zan Lei runs into Szeto again in an elevator for the first time since their short-lived romance. When she greets him, he’s totally confused and tells her that she has the wrong person. Zan Lei thinks that Szeto is being a no-good man and slaps him in the face in exchange for his cold response. Out of the elevator and in the shopping mall, random passerby, Cheng Lik Hang, sees a pervy guy videotaping up girls’ skirts and tries to stop and catch him. Szeto jumps in to help, and poor Zan Lei gets pushed to the ground amidst all the tussling. She gives him one last death glare before leaving. When Szeto returns to his new job as Head of Security at the YM Hotel, he remembers how Zan Lei said that he should remember her since it’s only been 18 months. He adds a hand-drawn portrait of her to his secret “arson investigation board.” Hmm…

READY, SET, GO! | When one of YM Hotel’s security guards gets fired for framing a guest’s dog for urinating around the pool (Yeah…no.), Szeto has to find someone to fill the position. One of the candidates is the hero from the shopping mall, Cheng Lik Hang, and he immediately makes a good impression. Szeto wants to just hire him on the spot, but the hotel’s GM took a bribe from one of the other guys, so he insists that at least two people must be hired. Szeto agrees but tells them the criteria is that they have to run from the ground floor to the roof in 15 minutes. Lik Hang bolts up the stairs, leaving everyone in the dust, but the bribe guy fakes a sprained ankle and convinces Lik Hang to literally carry him. Szeto tells Lik Hang that he knows that he would have been the first to get to the rooftop if he didn’t have to carry bribe guy, but Lik Hang says it doesn’t matter because he just wants to help people. Boy, you too nice.


Niceness gets you nowhere, kid.


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