Fall in Love with You Again/Zhuan Sheng Shuo Ai Ni(First Impression)

Just skip it.


  • Wang Luo Dan as Li Yu Ming
  • Choi Si Won as Song Chen Xi
  • Yuan Hong as Yu Chu Hao
  • Jessie Chiang as Bei Bei


  • Chinese/Korean
  • 32 episodes
  • Original run:

Quick Rundown:

Li Yu Ming is a 38 year old housewife who is bored and tired of scraping by with her kind-hearted but childish husband, Song Chen Xi. After getting into a car accident, Yu Ming wakes up to find herself back in time. She meets Yu Chu Hao, a rich and successful man who is everything Chen Xi is not. Faced with new options and choices, will she make the same decisions? Will she pick Chen Xi again, or will she change her future once and for all?


Estelle’s Take

The premise of this story may sound interesting enough to give it a try, but you are probably better of not watching it because it is a complete train wreck. Granted I have only seen one episode of it, but I’m pretty sure I’m right on the money with this one. It took me a whole week to drag through 45 minutes, I can’t imagine sitting through 32 episodes of this mediocrity.

Since this is filmed in 2012 and didn’t air until now (I think I understand why – I mean it’s just bad), the whole set has a dated feel. From the fruitastic poster to the actors’ hairstyles to their clothing to the camera angle, there is nothing that is current about this series. I told myself I would not judge a book by its cover so I shouldn’t toss this one aside after getting a glimpse of the bad poster, but man do I regret clicking play. How badly do I want those 45 minutes back? So badly.


To be honest, I didn’t have high hopes for this series, but I thought the acting would at least be good. Wang Luo Dan impressed me in The Virtuous Queen of Han, and she is meh in this. Yuan Hong tries really hard to pull off the rebellious chaebol thing, but it’s just not working for me. Even Choi Siwon’s beautiful face is not enough to entice me to watch this poor production. Not to mention he has a super fake beer belly for the first half of the episode. He does show off his abs later – this is probably the only scene worth checking out in ep 1 and that’s really sad.

The one good thing that came out of this is my rediscovery of Eighteen, Twenty-Nine, which is a 2005 Korean drama with a relatively similar storyline. I have seen it before and now I’m happily propped in front of my computer revisiting it instead of the disaster that is Fall in Love with You Again. Besides, Choi Siwon is in Eighteen, Twenty-Nine too, playing the younger version of Ryu Soo Young’s character; it was Siwon-y’s debut on screen.

here, i saved you the trouble

here, i saved you the trouble

This & That:

  • Wang Luo Dan was in popular historical drama, The Virtuous Queen of Han, in 2014. In the same year, she also starred in movie The Continent with Bolin Chen, Wallace Chung, William Feng among others.
  • Choi Siwon is of the popular Korean supergroup Super Junior. He was in Chinese/Korean series Hundreds of Millions of Successors in 2014; the series was thought to be a copycat version of popular Korean drama, The Heirs. He debuted on Chinese big screen in Jackie Chan’s 2015 Lunar New Year movie, Dragon Blade.
  • Yuan Hong was accepted into Shanghai Theatre Academy purely based on his good looks because he failed everything else. His teacher later admitted that they had selected him partially because they wanted to make a bet on him. He worked extra hard at school, waking up at six in the morning every day to exercise, practice Mandarin (he spoke with a heavy Wuhan accent) etc.  He is in Ping Fan De Shi Jie (the normal world) which aired 2/26 and upcoming drama City of Angels, to air on 3/28.



14 thoughts on “Fall in Love with You Again/Zhuan Sheng Shuo Ai Ni(First Impression)

      • piebokou says:

        You are a true Hero. Do you have any recommendations for a complete drama I could marathon this weekend?


      • what kind of dramas are you looking for? you can check out “the favorites” for some of the series I like. maybe try out “in time with you” if you haven’t seen it yet. it’s short enough to marathon over the weekend!


      • piebokou says:

        wow I have watch everything on you recommend list. Same with Ana’s except the HK ‘s ones. Right now I’m mostly in the mood for something like Shan Shan come to eat or my sunshine. Or something along the line of Holy Pearl or Cuo Dian Yuan Yang


    • What about Cong Cong Na Nian? Anna recapped it earlier this year, but it’s not a happy series. Or this old Joe Chen series called The Girl in Blue. Also not happy. Or this HXM series, An Xiang. These last two are old though =\ I used to watch a lot of TW dramas, but I haven’t much in recent years, so I don’t have good recommendations there.


      • piebokou says:

        I haven’t seen any of the one you are talking about ,but I not really in a mood for unhappy dramas. I could prefer something happy. It doesn’t have to be Taiwanese. I just wish that if it’s Korean that it’s not a makjang lol I watching two currently airing one that its tiring me.


      • How about love is back? I did a couple of recaps on it but haven’t finished the whole thing yet; I think it’s like 40+ eps. The storyline seems pretty lighthearted though!


      • piebokou says:

        Let me check out the recaps you have done for it before I decide to jump into it. The synopsis on mydramalist doesn’t seems appealing.


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