Love Through a Millennium/Xiang Ai Chuang Suo Qian Nian (Ep 7 Recap)

It is destiny.

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Estelle’s Recap

So Xiang Xiang stops the security guards from taking Gong Ming away by identifying him as her boyfriend. Of course, this catches everyone off guard. Yu Fei tries to ask follow up questions but gets pulled away by his manager. While Jing Jie is totally infuriated, Xiao Nan compliments Xiang Xiang on her bravery. Oh, Xiao Nan! You are an OTP shipper like us aren’t you? ;P

Gong Ming thanks Xiang Xiang for lying for him, but she confesses that she isn’t lying because she likes him. Instead of giving her a straight answer, he tells her that it isn’t time yet and that he has bigger fish to fry right now.

got bigger fish to fry

got bigger fish to fry

Once outside of the airport, Yu Fei chases down Xiang Xiang because he still can’t believe that Gong Ming is her boyfriend. Of course, about a million reporters are following him around so this is all bound to be public soon. Hehehehehehehehehe.

lost puppy being sent off

lost puppy being sent off

Back in 16 B.C., Ying Yue overhears a conversation between Wang Mang and a mysterious old man. The old man presses Wang Mang to end Empress Xu in four days and warns him not to make the same mistake again. This old man turns out to be Lt. Wang who is the mastermind of everything so far.

secret convos

secret convos

After conversing with Ying Yue and visiting Empress Xu, Gong Ming comes back to 2015. He rides a taxi to the old city gate. He uses the map to find the location that would be inside the city gates so he could teleport back into the city.

going to the city gates via taxi

going to the city gates via taxi. where did he get money from?

In 16 B.C. again, Gong Ming forces Lt. Wang to write a message to his men, asking them to execute the plan to kill Empress Xu immediately. Meanwhile, Ying Yue finds Wang Mang and holds him hostage. She threatens to kill if he should try to leave. He doesn’t believe her and starts to walk off, but our Ying Yue ain’t joking. She slices his side and warns him if he moves he will only bleed more. He confesses that this is nothing because her words are more hurtful. Awww…

got you, lt. wang!

got you, lt. wang!

don't you dare to leave

don’t you dare to leave

"your words hurt more"

“your words hurt more”

The Wang family men arrive at Empress Xu’s residence, but there is already a swarm of royal guards waiting for them. A fight ensues and the guards are victorious. Empress Xu is saved! The Emperor visits and orders his guards to capture Lt. Wang.

The next day the Wang family dumps all faults onto Lt. Wang. The Emperor calls Gong Ming back to his post and brings Empress Xu back as a Gui Ren, which is a type of concubine below empress. The Wang family sends poison to Lt. Wang in jail and Zhao Yan Fei loses favor. All things seem to be going as Gong Ming had planned.

passing judgement

passing judgement

Now in 2015, negative news about Xiang Xiang two-timing is all over the place. Jing Jie and Xiao Nan are both busy resolving conflicts and fixing relations while Xiang Xiang has to deal with the awkward atmosphere on set. She gets ignored by Na Na, the director, Yu Fei AND all the crew members as well. However, this is all nothing to Xiang Xiang. She is still most concerned over Gong Ming’s pseudo-rejection.

In order to combat the gossip, Xiang Xiang joins Na Na and Yu Fei on their interview regarding the TV series. While being questioned about her on set relationships both Na Na and Yu Fei pretend like everything is cool. Yu Fei tries to clear the air by saying he and Xiang Xiang are close like bros and people took their jokes too seriously. Things make a turn for the worse though when the interviewer asks Xiang Xiang about her love life. She starts to describe Gong Ming, calling him old fashioned but really handsome, even confessing that she really likes him, all to Jing Jie and Xiao Nan’s displease.

at the interview

at the interview

getting too excited when talking about gong ming

getting too excited when talking about gong ming

What’s worse is yet to come though – literally. Gong Ming suddenly shows up and walks on screen. Xiang Xiang drags him out immediately, but this is live broadcasting! So uh…

mmmm not a good time

mmmm not a good time

Anyway, he tells her that he is here to answer her confession. He says he will follow the orders of fate because they are destined to be. Gahhhh!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

"we are destined"

“we are destined”

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Now, Hold on a Minute:

  • Ying Yue informs Gong Ming that Lt. Wang is behind everything, not Wang Mang as he had thought.
  • Ying Yue calls for a doctor to heal Wang Mang after she hurt him.

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