Current Faves #1

1st installment on what’s good out there!

Glance over at our “Drama Now” list on the sidebar, and you’ll see that I’m currently only watching one show. Since I have all this empty space on my drama viewing schedule, I’ve been able to catch up on some non-drama entertainment and discover some new things that are really, REALLY good.

Consider this “Current Faves” list a glimpse into what I’m watching and listening to right now. I’m also making this into a sort of series here on the blog (hence the #1 in the title) because I want to keep sharing with you guys what’s good out there besides our beloved dramas. So, here we go with talkin’ about some amazing entertainment!

❤ Anna

1. Better Call Saul (AMC)


Better Call Saul is the spinoff/prequel to my favorite TV show of ALL TIME, Breaking Bad. Seriously, if you haven’t watched that masterpiece of a show, drop everything you’re doing and watch it now. The titular character of Better Call Saul, Saul Goodman, was the seedy lawyer who helped Walter White and Jesse Pinkman launder their drug money and make some not-so-legal connections for them. Although I was skeptical of having an entire show based on this character, mostly because I didn’t know if he had enough depth to carry an entire series on his own. But in the very capable hands of Vince Gilligan (creator of Breaking Bad), Better Call Saul is already proving to be the next great TV show.

I love that there are a lot of callbacks and Easter eggs in this that reward loyal Breaking Bad viewers, but I don’t think you necessarily have to have watched that show to watch this one. While it would certainly help to have the background knowledge of this world that these characters inhabit, Better Call Saul is able to stand on its own merits. Only a few episodes in, but there’s already so much confidence in the writing and directing that I know I won’t be disappointed by it. I’ve missed you, ABQ.

2. Empire (FOX)


Two words to describe Empire: soapy ratchetness. And I mean that in the most enthusiastic way possible because I’m absolutely loving how insanely dramatic/ridiculous this show is. I binge-watched the first six episodes in one sitting, and it was wonderful. You guys know how I love those crazy inheritance battle dramas? Well, Empire is exactly that plus a lot of original hip hop and R&B music. Basically this is my dream come true of a TV show. Also, everyone’s clothes, makeup and nail game are so ridiculously on point that I wish I had a knee-length fur coat to sashay around in.

The patriarch of the Lyon family declares to his three sons that he will be grooming one of them to be his successor and new head of his multi-million Empire record label. Add an ex-wife that has just been released from prison into the mix, and you can imagine all the drama that goes down. Okay, obviously no one is going to call Empire “classy,” but dammit if it isn’t entertaining.

3. The Weeknd – Earned It

Of course The Weeknd is featured on the Fifty Shades of Grey: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack because duh, his music is sexy as hell. On an already flawless soundtrack (Beyonce remixes, anyone?), “Earned It” still stands out amongst all the great songs because it’s The Weeknd at his best. The song is sultry, dreamy, and made even better when set to his gorgeous falsetto. I’ve been a fan of The Weeknd since the days of “Wicked Games,” but he’s never been more swoon-worthy than on this track. And because the lyrics and mood of the song perfectly capture the Fifty Shades story, it’s just all-around good music.

Random thoughts on other faves:

– How good is The Bachelor this season?! I’m actually meh on the actual Bachelor, Chris Soules/Prince Farming (he’s a farmer, fyi), but the girls are winning this like no other. OMG, so many crazies. Y’all know that crazies = drama = the best. You done good, Chris Harrison.

– Yay, The Walking Dead is back! To me, you’re perfect, Rick Grimes. JK…but did you guys know that he’s the same dude with the notecards crushin’ on Kiera Knightley in Love Actually?


Yup. Rick Grimes: zombie killer and hopeless romantic.

– Been listening to the Vicky Cristina Barcelona movie soundtrack a lot lately, and rediscovering my love for it. The Spanish guitar music really sets a chilled out mood. The best kind of mood, amirite?

– Sundays without football just feels wrong, so that’s partially why I started watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix. It’s pretty good, but the real thing is definitely better. Countdown to September!

What are some of your current faves? Leave it in the comments!


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