Hogu’s Love/Fool’s Love (First Impression)

Too cute to not watch.


  • Choi Woo Sik as Kang Ho Gu
  • Uee as Do Do Hee
  • Im Seul Ong as Byun Kang Cheol
  • Lee Soo Kyung as Kang Ho Kyung


  • Korean
  • ?? episodes
  • Original run: Feb. 9, 2015 – ???

Quick Rundown:

Kang Ho Gu and Do Do Hee are an unlikely pair, but as luck would have it they are thrown together after years of separation. Ho Gu, an assistant manga artist, harbors a crush from his high school days for Do Hee who is an accomplished swimmer, though always in second place. As Ho Gu gears up to take his seventh civil service exam, he somehow ends up with a… child? Will he be able to pass the exam and win over the girl of his dreams?


Estelle’s Take

If I could put Choi Woo Sik in my pocket and carry him with me everywhere I go, then I probably would. He is just so adorable as the bubbly, clumsy and totally clueless romantic Ho Gu who tries so very hard to please the woman of his dreams – Do Hee. Of course, he is innocent, naive and tactless so he makes the most obvious mistakes, but that’s how you know he is a genuine sweetheart and not some suave playboy with ulterior motives. This character is not a total departure from Woo Sik’s last role as Prosecutor Lee in Pride & Prejudice, but he is clearly less accomplished as Ho Gu – only a manga artist assistant who watches his dad’s comic store from time to time. Yet traces of being a fool in love (ha!) are still there and I can only hope Woo Sik doesn’t get typecast after this.

Uee hasn’t been up to much in the movie/TV scene since Golden Rainbow and I was never really a fan of hers. Ok, fine, I’m totally biased because she was an evil-doer who tried to split up JGS and PSH in You’re Beautiful. I mean as an OTP shipper I can’t really foster too much good will for her after her double faced tricks in that series, or could I? Her performance so far has been limited to just being cold and aloof, but I’m thinking she will come around later. Who am I kidding though, I’m probably only watching this for Woo Sik.

This is a tvN series, so you can expect all sorts of twists and turns and interesting plot developments as well as plenty of humorous moments. I have come to love a number of shows this channel has been churning out since the Reply series for their quirky love stories and different perspectives on life. After all, it can get a bit tiring watching chaebols taking over the world by dumping massive amount of money on every problem – and every girl – to ever grace the screen. So give this one a try, and start wishing you can get a mini Woo Sik on your next birthday.

This & That:

  • Choi Woo Sik immigrated to Canada with his family when he was in the fifth graded. Before becoming an actor, he pursued an education at Simon Fraser University. He starred in 2014 indie film Set Me Free for which he collected Actor of the Year at the Busan International Film Festival.
  • Uee actually used to be a swimmer.
  • Im Seul Ong is of popular boy band 2AM. He was also in 2014 series Hotel King.
  • This marks Lee Soo Kyung’s debut on TV. She is also in the movie Coin Locker Girl to be released later this year.
  • This series is based off of webtoon “Hogooui Sarang” by Yoo Hyun Sook. Yoo also wrote the comic Flower Boy Next Door is based off of.
  • Lee Sung Min of Misaeng, Tiny-G’s Dohee from Reply 1994 and C-Clown’s Kang Jun already cameo-ed in episodes 1 and 2. Lee actually stayed in character and even pushed Ho Gu to “sell” the comic book to him. Manager Oh, are you trying to make another Geu Rae? 😛



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