You Are My Sunshine/He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo (Ep 31 Recap)

If you can’t beat them, join them, right? One more wedding!

Oh and we get a glimpse of Wallace and Tiffany as young Yi Chen and Mo Sheng ❤

Previously on YAMS… episode 30 recap

Estelle’s Recap

Now that everybody else is in loving relationships, who can forget Yi Mei? After all, she has changed her job, her outlook on life and all that, it must mean she is getting a new lover right? She met Mr. Right, the guy from the wedding while out on a work assignment. She is in the countryside checking out the situation on children being left behind by parents who are working in the city. She meets one kid who ran away from Mr. Right’s music lesson by the bridge.


the lead in

The boy tells Yi Mei that he misses his mom and the other kids bully him. Yi Mei tries to check out a bruise on the boy, but he immediately runs away. And of course, he leads her to a group of kids gathered in a courtyard. She makes audio notes about what she sees; totally not awkward. In any case, Mr. Right shows up behind her and she mistakes him as a predator so she starts to hit him with her bag.


the first misunderstanding

After all the misunderstandings are resolved, Mr. Right notices that Xiao Qi, the little boy from before is missing. The two adults leave a courtyard of kids (real smart) to look for the boy. They can’t find him anywhere and Mr. Right mentions that Xiao Qi likes to wait for his parents at this big tree at the entrance of the village. Hello, why didn’t you go there first???

found xiao qi!

found xiao qi!



Mr. Right turns out to be a musician who happened upon the village one year and noticed how lonely the kids were. Since then, he has been coming during his break to teach the children music. His hope is to help the children feel comforted through music. Yi Mei commends him on what he has been doing, but he just shrugs it off and inquires after her dreams. She tells him that it is to be a reporter, to discover the truth for the world. Yi Mei then requests to join him in his endeavor, and he finally introduces himself as Zhang Xu, not that his name is really that important seeing how we have like two episodes left. LOL.


budding love


the handshake of beginnings

Back to present day. The wedding is over and Yuan Feng takes Xiao Xiao to the hospital to get a checkup, but turns out she is NOT pregnant! Yuan Feng comforts Xiao Xiao by saying that they can always have children in the future since they are still young, but she is all like wait why are we still together? Yuan Feng is upset that she is dumping her, but she tries to explain that they got together because of the baby, so there was never a relationship in the first place. He holds onto her and confesses that this is even better because now he can prove he is actually in love with her and he is not just with her out of a sense of responsibility. Awwww ❤

wait, aren't we over?

wait, aren’t we over?

Some time after their first meeting, Yi Mei and Zhang Xu take a walk in the village. He tells her loving and not receiving is a lonely task, and that he understands that a look from the one you love is more than anything else in the world. However, he hopes that she can be happy instead. I guess it’s a confession?


all confessions must happen under a beautiful tree

The next time we see our lovely friends is two years later at Yi Mei’s wedding! Oh yes, she married Zhang Xu! Yay! And of course we get the knowing look exchanges between Yi Mei, Yi Chen and Mo Sheng.

pretty yi mei

pretty yi mei

At the wedding, Zhang Xu gives a long confession about how he met her, came to know her and finally fell in love with her. He then talks about how there are lot of other things he wants to say, but he is too nervous so he just wants to thank her for appearing in his life and that he promises to take care of her forever.


terrible suit

way to steal someone else's thunder!

cute, but way to steal someone else’s thunder!

‘Tis another day! Yi Chen returns home from work and finds Mo Sheng reading with wet hair.

Yi Chen: Why didn’t you dry your hair before reading?
Mo Sheng: I knew you were coming home.
Yi Chen: [gets the blow dryer] Come here. How old are you? Still acting like a child.
Mo Sheng: You wanted me to grow out my hair. Besides, from a legal standpoint, this hair is grown after we got married so it is shared property. Therefore you are responsible for caring for it, too.
Yi Chen: Where did you learn these illogical reasons?
Mo Sheng: From Lawyer He!


da best

Then Yi Chen pulls her book away, telling her that it will ruin her eyes to read like that.

Mo Sheng: This book is about a 30 year old woman who just got dumped and then died after getting in an accident. When she woke up, she is fourteen and has to restart her life. Isn’t it interesting? If you return to fourteen, what will you do? Will you go find me?
Yi Chen: That year you are only thirteen, just graduated from elementary school, not yet an adult.
Mo Sheng: You are right. But if it was me, I would test into the same high school as you so I can get a hold of you early on.
Yi Chen: Mrs. He, I’m sorry to tell you this, but I would not date that early.
Mo Sheng: But back then you also said you wouldn’t date in college and I still got you! Hmm? You lost to me, so how can you pretend now?





They are just so cute together!

Mo Sheng: If one can really return to the past, I would go back to when I was nineteen…

Then we see the reenactment but with Wallace and Tiffany!


only 20?

stalking him already

stalking him already

explaining her name

explaining her name

walking off into eternity!

walking off into eternity!

I can see why this version was not used. They just… don’t look like teenagers! LOL.

Worthy of Note:

  • Mo Sheng has become Yi Chen’s excuse for everything! He excuses himself from admirers and invites to drinking parties by saying his wife needs him home by 7PM etc..
  • Yi Chen gives advice to his assistant that how long someone is willing to wait for someone else is not evidence of true love, or else how much time will be wasted on waiting?

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  1. nzltt says:

    I love how Yi Chen used Mo Sheng as an excuse for something he is not interested in.

    And I love his advice to his assistant regarding waiting for someone.

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