You Are My Sunshine/He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo (Ep 30 Recap)

Yay! Wedding time!

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Estelle’s Recap

Just when Mo Sheng thinks all is well, her mom comes out opposing the marriage. Mo Sheng says she understands if mom doesn’t want to come to the wedding, but all she wanted was a blessing. We all know though that there is another side to this. Are we going to have another small bump in the road about three episodes away from the end?



After being rejected by Xiao Xiao again for still loving Yi Mei, Yuan Feng goes to meet his ex. Yi Mei has become a street reporter because it has always been her dream to discover news, not report news. She became an anchor because she thought that would be better suited for the person she loved, but it’s not what she had wanted. Yuan Feng tells Yi Mei that he might start a new relationship, and Yi Mei wishes him well.

yi mei looks much happier now!

yi mei looks much happier now!

thinking back to the days

thinking back to the days

Yuan Feng runs to Xiao Xiao and confesses how his love for Yi Mei was so superficial, so he would like to get a second chance with her instead. He tells her that if he doesn’t love her, then he won’t love anyone else either. He pulls out the necklace and asks her to take it if she’s willing to accept him. Wait, this is the necklace he had a nightmare about? Why would you actually give it to Xiao Xiao then???

everybody is eavesdropping

everybody is eavesdropping

When everything is going well, something must happen right? Mo Sheng’s mom comes to Shanghai to meet Yi Chen. She admits that she hasn’t been a good mother in the past because she had a bad relationship with Mo Sheng’s dad and also she was busy with her career. Yi Chen confronts mom about the past, and she confesses that she is worried he is seeking revenge. He tells her he would have no need to plan something so elaborate and he will never let Mo Sheng know about the past.


Mom blurts out how Mo Sheng’s dad paid his dues and he wasn’t at fault for Yi Chen’s parents’ death. Yi Chen explains that he knows since he was the one who sued the project leader four years ago and had the man sent to prison. However, he is also unsure that Mo Sheng’s dad doesn’t have some secret dealings with the project leader. Mo Sheng’s mom quietly acknowledges that that might be the case.


Anyway, after receiving confirmation that he will never hurt Mo Sheng, mom departs. Then, Yi Chen checks his phone and finds a couple of messages from Mo Sheng telling him that Xiao Xiao is moving out. Also she is waiting for him downstairs to go to the train station to pick up Auntie and Uncle. She comments that since he is not responding, he must have left the phone again somewhere. He thinks of how impatient she is while replying that he will come down now. Cute ❤


“good news!”

waiting impatiently

waiting impatiently

holding hands to go home <3

holding hands to go home ❤

Wedding day is here! I’ll skip the chitchat and just show you the pics 🙂 Lawyer Yuan does make some cheesy poem about having children.



Worthy of Note:

  • Yuan Feng helps Xiao Xiao get rid of a paparazzi and takes the opportunity to chat with her.
  • Xiao Xiao meets Yuan Feng’s parents and everything goes well! She also decides to keep the baby.
  • Yi Mei meets someone at the wedding, and me thinkth he is the one!
is he the guy?

is he the guy?


4 thoughts on “You Are My Sunshine/He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo (Ep 30 Recap)

    • Mo Sheng’s father did not kill Yi Chen’s father but they were involved in some financial dealings together that didn’t end well, and Yi Chen’s father committed suicide as a result.


      • Yi Chen did put the project leader in jail, but Mo Sheng’s father might’ve had dealings with the project leader that resulted in the project going sour, causing Yi Chen’s father’s death. The series doesn’t say Mo Sheng’s father is involved, but it is implied that he might be. I wrote about this in the recap.


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