You Are My Sunshine/He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo (Ep 28 Recap)

More Rio and a flowery shirt. On Yi Chen. Get yourself ready.

Previously on YAMS… episode 27 recap

Estelle’s Recap

INSO is facing serious problems as their stock is dropping and the government is demanding financial reports dating all the way from 2008. His team warns him that INSO is a listed company now he needs to be very careful with his decisions. Smith is continuously worried about the divorce case coming to light.


Yuan Feng has been hiding from Xiao Xiao ever since “the incident,” but he is not totally avoiding her because he still sneaks around her photoshoots and such. He wonders out loud why he is behaving so oddly (oh, glad you noticed too). After a brief flashback, Yuan Feng convinces himself that he is not guilty of anything.

self comforting

self comforting

talking to prop

talking to prop

did we see this reaction the first time?

did we see this reaction the first time?

Oh are you sure, Yuan Feng? Elsewhere, Xiao Xiao is feeling unwell so her manager tries to give her some medicine soup, but it actually totally grosses her out. Yuan Feng finds Xiao Xiao vomiting in a bathroom and starts to lecture her on bulimia. Her manager comes to Xiao Xiao’s defense, saying that she probably ate something bad, but it has already been three days. At this rate, he is starting to think she is preggers. Uh-oh.



Are you seeing where this is going? Our not-yet-a-couple couple is facing life’s biggest joke, or is it a blessing? Baby on the way? Could it be?


yuan feng style caring

the face of uh-oh

the face of uh-oh

Before we find out the answer to that, we first find Mr.Wolf chilling at the roulette table totally losing. He tries to escape the casino, but no such luck so he heads over to have breakfast. And who do we have there but our favorite two lawyers drinking Rio first thing in the morning. Jason introduces himself and identify Yi Chen who is in a flowery polo. Who have you become, Yi Chen? Is it the California waters or all that Rio?

check it out!

check it out!

Jason and Yi Chen confronts him, but Tom Wolf reminds the two that he can earn money faster by going to INSO. But Yi Chen wasn’t born yesterday; he has it all down in a recording. Yi Chen is not satisfied though, he wants to find out what other problems Tom is facing besides money.

Back to Shanghai and it is time to face the music for Yuan Feng and Xiao Xiao! Perhaps a children’s lullaby would best suit the occasion?

moment of truth!

moment of truth!

Yuan Feng not only has to face the lullaby, he also has to face his parents. He gains some courage after drinking our favorite drink and blurts out that he is getting married. The parents immediately mistaken future daughter-in-law to be Yi Mei, and they get ahead of themselves with excitement. Not to rain on their parade, but Yuan Feng lets them know that their soon to be new family member is named Xiao Xiao, a model. Talk about going against every criteria mom laid out!

parental shock

not whom they wanted

Speaking of mom, Mo Sheng’s mom suddenly remembers who Yi Chen might be. Apparently Papa He was involved in some construction project that had business dealings with Papa Zhao. Mo Sheng’s dad had already paid the project lead, but the lead didn’t give any money to Yi Chen’s dad. At that time, Yi Chen’s mom also came down with some serious illness and the family desperately needed money. Eventually Yi Chen’s dad fell down from a building after being chased by debtors. Carrying this heavy suspicion, Mo Sheng’s mom tries to find out if Yi Chen is indeed the son.

this is papa he? well, yi chen, you must look like mom

this is papa he? well, yi chen, you must look like mom

Guess who is going down, down and down? Our homeboy Jason and Yi Chen send an official notice to Smith and Ying Hui to initated the final battle. Jason and Yi Chen were able to convince Tom to be their witness (they agreed to help Tom with his case and they let slip that INSO is going under). Before Ying Hui signs the real divorce docs though, he asks to meet with Mo Sheng. Mo Sheng is unaware of what has taken place so far yet, because Yi Chen hasn’t told her. He knows Ying Hui has helped her in the past and she values this friendship, so he hopes Ying Hui can pretend to initiate this divorce proceeding as to maintain a good image in her mind. Yi Chen, you are way nice!

final face off!

final face off!

So Ying Hui meets with Mo Sheng at that same outdoors patio spot. She goes straight to the point and asks for him to sign the documents, even willing to go as far as to the court if that’s what it takes. She confesses that she wants to go into her upcoming wedding without any regrets. He pulls moves again and pleads one last time for her to stay with him, but he finally relents and agrees to the divorce. Ying Hui says some crap about wanting their marriage to remain beautiful and not wanting to hurt her because this is what she wants. Or you mean, you don’t want a lawsuit when your company is on the brink of death? I don’t feel even the tiniest smudge of sympathy for him.

back to where it all started

back to where it all started

Mo Sheng announces the good news to Yi Chen and suggests that they go to the casino to win her some dowery.

happy times :)

happy times 🙂

Mo Sheng: But I have no dowry.
Yi Chen: You are right. Maybe I’ll despise you.
Mo Sheng: Did you forget a word? (she means he should’ve said “I’ll NOT despite you”)
Yi Chen: Did I? Alright, let’s go back and get married before I regret it.
Mo Sheng: America! I never want to come back again!


don’t worry, he will still marry you ❤

Worthy of Note:

  • While Xiao Xiao is vomiting, Yuan Feng walks by and comments “[sigh] young models these days, eating and then vomit it all out right away.”
  • Yi Chen doesn’t return the flowery shirt to Jason because he thinks Mo Sheng likes this style; he even pops his collar. And when he goes home, he even does a hair swipe and puts on false frames. WHO are you, Yi Chen?


  • Mo Sheng takes Yi Chen to a bar and they see Tom Wolf being kicked out of the casino. Mo Sheng also pretends to be his sister while a random lady comes up to hit on him. Oh, Mo Sheng.
  • Xin Ying decides to get a divorce in hopes that Ying Hui will pick her up, but of course, he is not interested.
  • Ying Hui starts to self-hate for being such a jerk who will do whatever he needs to get what he wants. Linda pretty much confesses to him that she wants to be with him, but he doesn’t take the hint.


  • Yuan Feng has gone off to the deep end. He worries over whether Xiao Xiao’s makeup is pure plant product, how high her heels are, what food she eats for lunch (he objects against sushi because it is raw).

the glare



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