You Are My Sunshine/He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo (Ep 26 Recap)

Time to meet the ‘rents!

Previously on YAMS… episode 25 recap

Estelle’s Recap

Yi Chen massages Mo Sheng’s leg awwwww <3. Mo Sheng tells Yi Chen that Yi Mei seems to have found out about her previous marriage. Mo Sheng says she doesn’t want people to gossip about him behind her back, but he says he doesn’t care.

With Mo Sheng’s subtle hint to speak to Yi Mei, Yi Chen finds her by the window. Yi Mei asks why Yi Chen didn’t tell her the truth before and Yi Chen says he just found out recently himself too. Yi Mei says she shouldn’t have listened to other people instead of believing Mo Sheng. She starts to bring up about their college days and something she did wrong (probably when she had that talk with Mo Sheng), but Yi Chen tells her it’s all in the past now.


Ying Hui takes Xin Ying back to her home and reprimands her husband for not picking her up. He says her husband is already wrong for letting her work since some women are born for mansions and beautiful clothes. She complains about her work, how her co-workers are always talking about salary or kids, and she is just not interested in them. Ying Hui tells her that she can always talk to him, and that some people are too good so others are just jealous. He then asks Linda to pass on Xin Ying’s name for a job. Xin Ying hears the company’s name and is surprised, but Ying Hui tells her that such a company is not big in front of him. Argh. What is his deal with girl???


The next morning, Mo Sheng tries to get up from the bed, but Yi chen grabs her and forces her to stay in bed with him. After a while she wakes up to find Yi Chen playing Chinese chess with Uncle in the living room. She complains quietly to Yi Chen that he should have woken her up. Then she excuses herself to help Auntie in the kitchen, but Auntie starts to ask Mo Sheng about her family. Luckily Yi Chen interrupts in time and asks her to find his cell phone for him. Of course, Auntie reprimands him for making Mo Sheng walk, but we all know that he is trying to help Mo Sheng out. Yet, Mo Sheng misunderstands this as Yi Chen still upset with her dad’s problem. She wonders how great it will be if she can prove her dad’s innocence. Yi Chen comes in to the room and tell her not to think too much about this. She says if she doesn’t think too much he will complain that she is stupid. He admits that that is true. LOL.


Mo Sheng and Yi Chen find a picture of him with a first place cup for a physics competition in his childhood album. He gets really proud and says he is capable of everything! Mo Sheng says she should have gone to his school, but she was too lazy and couldn’t get up that early. Yi Chen chides that thank goodness she didn’t go, or else he wouldn’t have had those few peaceful high school years. They then see a picture of Yi Chen’s family and Mo Sheng suggests that they go see them. Yi Chen promises to take her when her hair grows longer. Can’t get over the hair can’t we?yams5 yams6Mo Sheng tells Yi Chen about her mom and how her mom and dad did not have a good relationship for some reason. When she went to the States she found out that her parents got divorced and the reason her dad committed suicide is to prevent her mom from getting involved in his scandal. Yi Chen suggests that they visit her mom before going back to Shanghai.

The next day, Mo Sheng and Yi Chen visit her mom’s place, but she is not home. However, just as they are about to leave, Mo Sheng sees her mom walking down the street and calls after her. Mo Sheng tells her mom that she got married and her mom smiles a little bit.


Mo Sheng’s mom asks if she has met Yi Chen before, but Yi Chen says she has probably mistaken. While Yi Chen goes to get a business card for Mo Sheng’s mom, Mo Sheng tries to ask her mom about her dad’s situation. Her mom tells her it’s best not to ask about it and that the law is just. Mo Sheng writes her number on Yi Chen’s card and gives it to her mom.


The lovebirds continue to be super cute! Mo Sheng asks for him to make breakfast the next morning, but he says she needs to pay up first. The next day he is late to work and he brings extra breakfast for his bros. They are all super surprised that Yi Chen can cook. Then Xiang Heng brings up a news article he saw about how the IRS is onto INSO for providing fake financial report.

yams12 yams13

Worthy of Note:

  • Yi Mei goes back to the station and her boss seriously reprimands her for taking off randomly. He says everyone worked really hard to fill her open slots. He then tells her that she has a really great boyfriend and older brother because they both asked for favors.
  • Yi Mei thanks Yuan Feng and returns the necklace back to him.


  • Xiao Xiao tries to convince Yuan Feng to go after Yi Mei again, but he gets upset because he feels like they have already had something something, how can she still act like this? He then dreams about giving the necklace to Xiao Xiao, but she gets totally angry that he dares to give her something that Yi Mei didn’t want.



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