You Are My Sunshine/He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo (Ep 25 Recap)

Supermarkets are a great fun time too!

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Estelle’s Recap

Yi Chen and Mo Sheng go grocery shopping and he offers to cook so Mo Sheng starts to order all sorts of food. He tells her if she gets fatter he will have more to hold, and she shies away from his embrace because they are out in public!

yams1 yams2

He confesses to her that he didn’t used to like coming to the supermarket because he always get jealous of other couples. She gives him a back hug and he teases her that “this is out in public!” Hehehehe.

yams3 yams4

Mo Sheng is surprised that Yi Chen is not bluffing because he has been helping Auntie cook since he was ten! She hugs him and asks him to teach her so she can cook for him in the future. He jokes that he is going to cut his hand if she keep on distracting him! They then talk about how they can pack up some for Lawyer Yuan to make him feel better, but Yi Chen changes his mind because maybe this will only make him feel worse.

Mo Sheng loves Yi Chen’s cooking! She finishes eating and says she needs to go lie down on the sofa. He tells her that it’s not good to lie down right after eating, so she suggests she will do dishes, but he tells her to go collect his clothes from the guest room and put them back in their bedroom! Tehehehehehehheheehhehehe ❤


Mo Sheng goes to the bathroom and puts their toothbrushes together, as in teeth to teeth. Sorry but that’s a little unhygienic =\


Mo Sheng complains that Yi Chen’s clothes are very boring and monochromic. He tells her that she can be responsible for picking out his clothes in the future. She then says she doesn’t need to make him more handsome or else more girls will swarm by! He grabs her and kisses her and says they need to celebrate him moving back to his room!

After I guess some action *ahem*, they talk about the divorce case. Yi Chen explains that her divorce papers were fake because Ying Hui never submitted the divorce documents. However, because her marriage with Ying Hui was not registered at the embassy, it did not affect her marriage to Yi Chen. Yi Chen is confident that he will be able to fix everything when he meets with Ying Hui.


So Yi Chen meets up with Ying Hui atop some building. He is wearing a blue shirt, not white! Yay! Anyway, back to the important stuff — Yi Chen confronts Ying Hui about the fake documents, but Ying Hui is unphased. Yi Chen tells him that even if he is super rich he will not be able to escape the law. Ying Hui is confident that Mo Sheng will not come out as a witness so he is safe. He continues to say that if people find out about Yi Chen’s relationship with Mo Sheng then the case will not stand in court. Yi Chen tells Ying Hui that he can keep that marriage certificate as a memory because neither him nor Mo Sheng care about it. Ouuuucchhhh. Good job Yi Chen!

Meanwhile at Treasure, Mo Sheng finds a giant bouquet of flowers from Ying Hui. She visits Ying Hui to return the flowers and let him know that the only gift she wants is the divorce papers. He asks her if she would come out as a witness in a potential lawsuit and she hesitates. Mo Sheng tries to convince him to let go and that she doesn’t even know him anymore, but he says that perhaps this is the real him now. He then entice her with the promising to clear her father’s name. She thanks him and insists that she can find it out herself.

nobody want your flowers!

nobody wants your flowers!

Yi Chen brings Mo Sheng to meet Yi Mei’s parents. Yi Mei quickly excuses herself and leaves the residence, but the rest of the family is having a good lunch together. Yi Chen tells Mo Sheng to learn how to cook Auntie’s fish and Auntie chides “what, you married someone just so they can cook for you?”


After lunch, the family goes to see the community performance that Yi Mei is MC-ing. Yi Mei looks over and sees Yi Chen with Mo Sheng that while she is getting off the stairs she nearly trips. Mo Sheng dashes over to save Yi Mei and twists her own ankle. Yi Chen rushes over to look at Mo Sheng and just mentions for others to check on Yi Mei. Yi Mei’s heart gets broken again.


this shot makes it look like that they are fighting lol

Yi Mei brings chicken soup over for Mo Sheng and asks about her ankle. Mo Sheng says nothing is wrong and that Yi Chen is just overreacting. Yi Mei tells her that even if she dies from falling she doesn’t want Mo Sheng to save her. She then warns Mo Sheng to stop putting on the innocent act because she has already met with Ying Hui. Mo Sheng finally confesses to Yi Mei the truth.


Worthy of Note:

  • Mo Sheng and Yi Chen go to thank the security guard and invite him to their wedding.
  • Yi Chen reads about American marital laws.
  • Mo Sheng watches a video on her phone about how to play Mahjong because Yi Mei’s mom is a big Mahjong fan.


  • Guess who is waiting for Ying Hui to get off work? Xin Ying. He apologizes for not showing up that day for their date, but he told Linda to tell her. Oh c’mon, Ying Hui! You are going to push this onto Linda??? And what is your deal with Xin Ying???



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