You Are My Sunshine/He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo (Ep 14 Recap)

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Before we move on, can I just saw I really hate the English songs in this?

Ok, now that I got that out of my chest, we can continue with Mo Sheng and Yi Chen. Even though he coldly rejected her, he invites her into his place and even offers her water. See? He is not so stone hearted after all.


Mo Sheng starts to tell him that she went to the hospital today, but no one was there and he interrupts her immediately. He asks her if she is trying to cheat on her husband with him, or have a love affair or what. She tells him she is divorced, but Yi Chen questions what makes her think he will wants a divorcee. Mo Sheng tries to explain, but he stops her, saying he doesn’t want to hear about her past with her ex-husband.


Mo Sheng: I’ll leave then. Sorry for bothering you.
Yi Chen: Wait, I’ll take you home.
Mo Sheng: No, I can go myself.


Yi Chen: Sure you can, and then you will have some accident and I’ll become the suspect. At that point, we will really not be able to sort things out.
Mo Sheng: Then I’ll bother you this time.
Yi Chen: In this life, this is the last.

Yi Chen arrives at her residence, but neither of them move. Suddenly Yi Chen breaks the silence and asks for prove she loves him. She begins to speak but he tells her to just leave and he will give her an answer the next day.

It is finally the next day (after like six minutes of flashbacks and sad montage of the two of them sitting in various positions in the dark), and we are transported to the States. Ying Hui receives two letters, on from the School of Visual Arts inviting Mo Sheng and family there for a special exhibition, and another from their alma mater inviting him as a special guest for a school celebration. I’m pretty sure this symbolizes a reunion soon! And a love triangle is a-coming! Anyway, I could care less about that right now because I just want to know Yi Chen’s decision!

here's a picture of ying hui to tide over

here’s a picture of ying hui to tide over

He gets dressed and drives over to Mo Sheng’s place. He calls her and asks her to come down with all her identification material. I mean this is really unfair, he had all that time to get ready but she just got out of bed! A girl needs her time, dude!

Once Mo Sheng comes downstairs he tells her they are going to get married! Woahhhhhhh.

totally serious

totally serious

Yi Chen: If you don’t want to go, get out of the car.
Mo Sheng: I’ll go.
Yi Chen: [surprised] Are you sure?
Mo Sheng: Do you remember what you said before? If you are destined to become my husband, why not use my rights in advance?
Yi Chen: But reality proved that this kind of thinking is a mistake. Do you want to repeat that?
Mo Sheng: Let’s go.
Wah! I just want to insert lots of hearts here ❤ ❤ ❤ but I’ll limit myself to three.

It’s as if Yi Chen is determined to push Mo Sheng aside, he tells her again that she can leave and that decision is her own. However, when they are signing the marriage certificate, Mo Sheng hesitates and the staff asks if she is willingly getting married, to which she responds positively and fibs that she was just thinking about the color of curtains at home. Yi Chen throws her a look of disbelief. Tehehehe.

look of disbelief

look of disbelief

the marriage license

the marriage license

reciting the vows

reciting the vows

Right afterwards, Yi Chen gives her a key, telling her to move all her stuff over, and then gives her his credit card, saying she can change the curtain to whatever color she wants. The password is 973356. I don’t know why I memorized that number, it’s not even a real card and even if it is, it’s not my card!

here's the key... to his heart!!! <3

here’s the key… to his heart!!! ❤

Well, Yi Chen is totally unromantic as he leaves on a work trip right after. Or maybe he did this just so he can tie her down before he goes on the trip in case something happens and she leaves again? In that case, awwwwwwwwwwwww ❤ ❤ ❤

After Mo Sheng returns to Yi Chen’s apartment, or rather, their shared apartment, she calls up Xiao Xiao to announce the good news. Xiao Xiao congratulates her and Mo Sheng promises that she will be happy.


Meanwhile in the States, Ying Hui goes to the art exhibit and sees a picture of a girl taking a photo which brings back memories of Mo Sheng.

mo sheng taking a pic of ying hui

mo sheng taking a pic of ying hui

Ying Hui meets with Smith to announce his decision to NOT pass in his divorce settlement. He then decides to go back to China to attend the university’s anniversary event. He also decides to make donations to the school in the name of him and his wife. Argh, this is cheap Ying Hui, real cheap. Don’t lie to a girl and say you are divorced and then spring this on her. It doesn’t matter how much you like her! Grrrr!

argh, just go away!

argh, just go away!

Yuan Feng goes to pick Yi Mei up from her workplace. She asks why he came since she said not to, but Yuan Feng explains that saying not to means please pick me up. Oh, Yuan Feng!

Yuan Feng tries to take Yi Mei out to dinner, but she rejects it because she has work. In order to make up for also declining his offer to give her a lift, she suggests walking her to her car. Yi Mei gets lost in thought as she learns from Yuan Feng that Mo Sheng moved out of her apartment. Instead of going home or work, Yi Mei drives to Yi Chen’s place, looks up at his apartment, and says “He Yi Mei, there’s no longer a slot here for you anymore.”


trying real hard

That night, Mo Sheng calls up Yi Chen to ask him where to put her stuff. He gives her some halfhearted responses and then asks if she has anything more important to say. LOL. So she asks what time will he come back and he tells her Friday night. Yay! I will look forward to Friday night then 😀

you totally love it

you totally love it

mo sheng's happy face

mo sheng’s happy face

Worthy of Note:

  • The registry receptionist thinks Mo Sheng and Yi Chen are getting a divorce because they both look so glum and serious. LOL.
  • Mo Sheng attempts to refuse the credit card, but he tells her he doesn’t want to fight on the first day of their married life.
  • Ying Hui declares to Smith that he prefers Mo Sheng to be called Mrs. Ying and not Ms. Zhao.
  • Yi Chen’s neighbor drops by with some wontons because she lost something she borrowed from Yi Chen. She is surprised to learn Mo Sheng is Yi Chen’s wife. Yes, go away! Away! Shoo!

One thought on “You Are My Sunshine/He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo (Ep 14 Recap)

  1. piebokou says:

    lol they are 3 great parts in this episode the part where the registry guy Mo Shen if she’s being forced into getting married, the part where we see Yi Chen starting to give his wife a reputation by saying she controls him and the part where he answered her that he is still young and has no intention of going nowhere.


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