You Are My Sunshine/He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo (Ep 8 Recap)

Sometimes it takes a blind date for things to happen!

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Estelle’s Recap

Yi Chen meets up with Wen Ming (Editor Wen), Yi Mei’s friend to talk over her divorce case. Meanwhile Xiao Hong and Mo Sheng are patiently waiting for their blind dates. Xiao Hong excuses herself to go put on lipstick and bumps into Wen Ming. They start arguing about how one is dumped, one can’t get married etc.. Mo Sheng runs over to stop the fight and Wen Ming confuses Mo Sheng for also going on a blind date. Yi Chen hears Mo Sheng’s voice and angrily glares at her.

yams2 yams3

Xiao Hong confesses that Wen Ming stole her first boyfriend, and then when the guy broke his leg in an accident, Wen Ming dumped him. Afterwards, Wen Ming marries a rich guy but now that they are getting a divorce, Xiao Hong’s ex asks Wen Ming if she wants to come back. Xiao Hong feels really upset that people like Wen Ming can find love, but she can’t get find anyone. Just then the two blind dates come over, and Xiao Hong immediately changes into happy face. That face change!





The blind date is a bit awkward. Mo Sheng is deep in thought as she remembers back to her college days again and the tree she first met Yi Chen at. Meanwhile, Yi Chen is in his car thinking back to the day when his roommates used to tease him about Mo Sheng’s pursuit. He interrupts them and starts to leave when Xiang Heng tells him that Mo Sheng feels like she is bothering him so he should let down his pride if he still wants her.

Back to present day, Yi Chen calls up Xiang Heng, probably his one and only friend, out for a drink. He is already a couple of glasses down when Xiang Heng finally arrives. Xiang Heng complains that he just got home from the airport and fell asleep when Yi Chen called. He gets straight to the point and congratulates Yi Chen on getting back together with Mo Sheng. Yi Chen starts to leave, and Xiang Heng is all like what so you leave now that I get here? Lol, nice one, Yi Chen.

drowning in sorrow and alcohol

drowning in sorrow and alcohol

more drinks please

more drinks please

Mo Sheng gets home after the blind date, and is immediately attacked by Yi Chen on the staircase. When I say attack, I really do mean it.

yams11 yams12

Yi Chen: I still lost. After so many years, I still lost. Completely totally.
Mo Sheng: What are you saying, Yi Chen? Are you drunk?
Yi Chen: I am not drunk. I am crazy.

"i'm crazy"

“i’m crazy”


The next day Mo Sheng and Xiao Hong go out shopping for new outfits because Xiao Hong is going out to the movies with one of the doctors from the blind date. Mo Sheng is completely not in the mood as she is still deep in thought about Yi Chen. Xiao Hong asks her what’s going on, and starts to say she “understands” the deal between Mo Sheng and Yi Chen because they are good friends. Just then Xiao Hong gets a call from Treasure saying that Wen Ming’s family came by to make trouble. Mo Sheng and Xiao Hong return to the office to find everything a mess everywhere.

mess everywhere

mess everywhere

Meanwhile, Yi Chen is totally distracted at work and Xiang Heng notices. While talking, they overhear two other staff discussing how a girl broke up with her bf and now he is out on blind dates. The other staff is all like, you gotta stop worrying about saving face and need to be proactive to get him back if she still wants him. Xiang Heng says that girl is right and asks if Yi Chen agrees. Sneaky, sneaky.

distracted at work

distracted at work

"what's going on?"

“what’s going on?”

Yi Chen decides to get off work on time and Lawyer Yuan is super surprised. Yi Chen says this is called prioritizing and leaves Lawyer Yuan in the dust.

leaving work early for the first time

leaving work early for the first time

Mo Sheng has no food in the fridge so she goes out to get some and finds Yi Chen waiting for her downstairs. And OMG he is not wearing a full suit! He asks if she can take a walk with him and they walk to the bus stop. He asks her for some change and they get on a super crowded bus. They get off at Old North Street where they visited when they were in college. She asks where the night market went and he asks if she has not visited even once since coming back. She tries to explain but he stops her and they head over to a shop they went to before. He says the owner changed.


not in a suit O.O


how did he get here???


“careful, it’s hot”


old shop, new owner

They head over to the school racetrack and she says this track has her worst memories. Apparently she had once said if he ran in front of her or if he put his picture in front of her she will run super fast. In return, he asked if she knew no shame.

yams25 yams26

Yi Chen: Zhao Mo Sheng, you run so slowly, how did I get caught by you?


Just then they see Yi Chen’s old professor, Professor Zhou and Yi Chen goes over to say hi. The professor also recognizes Mo Sheng as the girl who used to sit next to Yi Chen. Cue flashback!

Back in college, Mo Sheng and Yi Chen are in class together. Professor Zhou picks on Mo Sheng to answer a question, but she doesn’t know what to say and Yi Chen whispers that he didn’t listen. Someone tells the professor that she is not of this major, and that she is here for her boyfriend. Professor Zhou asks to see who this boyfriend is and Yi Chen has no choice but to get up. The professor then goes on to lecture Yi Chen that just studying well himself is not enough because for someone who is the law major’s superstar, he should make sure his family education is good too. For someone like him, it’s silly if his girlfriend doesn’t know any law stuff.


Yi Chen brings Mo Sheng back to her house, and Yi Chen apologizes for the night before. (Hello, no apologies needed!) She says it’s okay because he was drunk and he asks oh yeah? And then BAM!


He tells her that he is sober, always have been.


‘Tis another day! Yuan Feng and Xiao Xiao go to Xi Shang Xiang for the photography session he promised her. Yuan Feng takes candid photos of Xiao Xiao as she talks to the local folks. They also gets some lotus and eat the seeds. While they are doing that, Xiao Xiao confesses that this is actually her hometown. Yuan Feng suddenly understands the reason she decides to come here for photos is to help advertise her hometown. She laments that despite being gone for so long, nothing has changed.



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