You Are My Sunshine/He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo (Ep 5 Recap)

Let all the rivals and confessions out!

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Estelle’s Recap

We return to the competition where Yi Chen gets stuck and becomes hesitant with his responses. His teammates inquire if he is okay and he says he is. However, he goes on super slowly but eventually manages to finish with enough awesomeness to get a standing ovation. Yay! Now go to the restroom.

yay! clap for yi chen!

yay! clap for yi chen!

After the competition is over, everyone gathers as Mo Sheng shows them the pictures she took. She suggests that they take a group picture, but they can’t find Yi Chen. Xu Ying pretends to compliment Mo Sheng on the photos and lets out that she saw Yi Chen out with some pretty female upperclassman. A worried Mo Sheng dashes outside only to witness Yi Chen being being confessed to by said senior. Yi Chen signals for Mo Sheng to come over, but she stays away instead. After he refuses the senior and Mo Sheng comes over, he asks why she didn’t before. She replies that she is not his girlfriend so what right does she have to fight off potential rivals? She then hands over some medicine she bought for his tummy. So cute!

pssttt come here, mo sheng

pssttt come here, mo sheng

"hehhe, i need a "title" in order to fight away rivals! you understand!"

“hehhe, i need a “title” in order to fight away rivals! you understand!”

The word has spread like wild fire on campus that Yi Chen has a girlfriend now! Mo Sheng is all confused and rushes to find Yi Chen to make sure he knows she wasn’t the one who spread the rumor.

Of course, now that she actually wants to find him, she can’t! Finally, after a lot of running she spots him on campus, at like the same street they always bump into each other at. She explains herself quickly and he already knows it’s not her, because he is the one who spread the word! He tells her if she is destined to become his girlfriend three years from now, why wait to take advantage of his “rights”? Gah! So they got together!!!!!!!

"i swear i didn't spread the rumor!"

“i swear i didn’t spread the rumor!”

"i know, because i did"

“i know, because i did”

Yi Chen and Mo Sheng start dating, and of course they spend time in library where she stares at him while he reminds her to study. On their way home, Mo Sheng asks the age old question as to why her. He says he doesn’t know because he really hasn’t thought it through. She tells him to definitely not think it through because she will prove to be the best girlfriend ever. He says okay as long as she is obedient. Hahahaah!

pretending to study of course

pretending to study of course

long walks by the ... river?

followed by long walks by the … river?

"why me?"

“why me?”

The next day, Mo Sheng accompanies Yi Chen to his classes and Xu Ying tries to pick a fight by telling Mo Sheng  that she is in the wrong class. Yi Chen asks if it’s not okay to bring his girlfriend. To even the score, Xu Ying blames Mo Sheng for forgetting to buy an additional lunchbox for the teacher, but Mo Sheng checks her notes to see that she got the right number of boxes Xu Ying asked for. Obviously this was all a part of Xu Ying’s plan and so she begins to lecture Mo Sheng. Yi Chen tries to help out, but Xu Ying is all like stop defending your girl, so he ends up giving his lunchbox away and shares the remaining one with Mo Sheng. Everyone is all like aww you are so sweet to your girlfriend and Xu Ying fumes with jealousy. But who cares? The two cutiepies share a romantic lunch on the staircase.

❤ ❤ ❤

Later that day, while Mo Sheng is throwing away trash Xu Ying mocks her by saying she is more like a janitor and not a girlfriend. Mo Sheng tries to diffuse the situation, but Xu Ying tries to scare her away by telling her that Yi Chen is actually really poor. In fact, he had to give his chance at studying abroad to Xu Ying because he couldn’t afford the tuition. Mo Sheng ain’t no soft persimmon though, so she reminds Xu Ying that everything they have now is given by parents and ends with recommending Xu Ying to read some inspirational people’s autobiography.

It’s comes as no surprise to me that Yi Chen overhears the entire conversation. He asks Mo Sheng to give him three to four years, but she isn’t sure what he means. He doesn’t elaborate but promises in his heart that it will only take three to four years to give her a good life.

yi chen promises to give her a good life. d'awwww

yi chen promises to give her a good life. d’awwww

On a day unlike any others, Mo Sheng declines Yi Chen’s invitation to hang out because that she needs to go somewhere without him. He feels a little dejected and Xiang tells him that Mo Sheng maybe feeling sad because he doesn’t do enough for her. For example, he has never taken Mo Sheng out for dinner or buy her flowers. So Yi Chen heads over to the camera shop to pick out something for her, but after seeing what he can afford he is worried that she will be scared away by his poverty.



Mo Sheng meets up with Yi Chen at night and tells him happy birthday! Yi Chen quickly asks where is his gift (still bitter, are we?), but she tells him she couldn’t find anything no matter where she looked. So that’s where she spent her day! He tells her it’s okay and asks her to close her eyes. And them BAM!

feeling surprised

feeling surprised

"oh, okay, i can dig this"

“oh, okay, i can dig this”

It’s winter break so everyone is going home. Mo Sheng and Yi Chen are actually from the same home town so she isn’t worried about not seeing him. She goes to get his phone number, but he tells her that he actually doesn’t have a phone. She doesn’t believe him, so he says then she can understand it as he doesn’t want to give it to her. She still doesn’t believe him and even begs him, but he walks away saying he doesn’t want to discuss it. 😦

why no phone number?

the first fight?

Mo Sheng gets home feeling super sad. Her dad asks her if she’s having problems with her boyfriend and she tells him about the phone situation. Her father explains to her that Yi Chen is probably proud and doesn’t want her to see his poverty which means he must really love her. Apparently Papa Zhao was also poor at one point and he refused for Mama Zhao to visit his house.

Faced with no way to contact Yi Chen, Mo Sheng decides to go out to the city to find him. Again with the crazy luck, Mo Sheng actually sees Yi Chen and Yi Mei. Mo Sheng introduces herself as Yi Chen’s girlfriend and Yi Mei is super surprised. She tries to explain how she looked everywhere for him and they make plans to take the same train together back to school. Yi Chen pulls her aside and they exchange new year greetings but that’s it. Uh oh, I’m feeling weird about this.

look at that cute face!

look at that cute face!


hand being pushed away 😦

Yi Chen comes home and calls Yi Mei’s parents uncle and auntie. If you don’t know yet, Yi Chen and Yi Mei don’t have the same parents. We also learn that Yi Mei’s school relocated to a building across the street from the college, so she will be going back with Mo Sheng and Yi Chen. From what Mo Sheng says (believing Yi Mei and Yi Chen to be real siblings), Yi Mei deduces that Mo Sheng doesn’t know too much about Yi Chen’s family and so Mo Sheng is must still be an outsider.

friendly pretense?

friendly pretense?

Back at the school, the trio have lunch together and Yi Mei is observing every interactions between the couple. Mo Sheng invites Yi Mei out shopping and they go to the bakery shop Xiao Xiao now works at. Yi Mei picks a chocolate cupcake and Mo Sheng shares that chocolate is also her favorite! She gifts the cupcakes to Yi Mei and tells Yi Mei happy birthday!

Yi Mei brings the cupcakes back and all her roommates compliment her on getting such great treatment. Yi Mei wonders if she would be good friends with Mo Sheng if it wasn’t for Yi Chen. She thinks Yi Chen is not really into Mo Sheng and they will break up sooner or later, so she must wait patiently.

even yi chen doesn't believe it when mo sheng claims she is bffs with yi mei now

even yi chen doesn’t believe it when mo sheng claims she is bffs with yi mei now

Yi Mei goes everywhere with the couple as a permanent third wheel. Finally one day Yi Chen tells Yi Mei to go home first. He then drags Mo Sheng to a corridor to give her a hot kiss (he even drops the umbrella). Yi Mei remembers something and goes back to find Yi Chen and dung dung, witnesses this scene!

third wheeling it up

third wheeling it up

hot kiss underway

hot kiss underway

Back at her dorm, Yi Mei asks her roommate if a boy doesn’t like a girl, will he kiss her? Her roommate says that a kiss is nothing and the boy doesn’t have to like the girl at all. Upon hearing this, Yi Mei tells herself that she no longer wants to be Yi Chen’s sister so she must take action!

Yi Mei invites Mo Sheng out to eat, but Mo Sheng pays. Yi Mei comes clean to Mo Sheng about her relationship with Yi Chen. Apparently Yi Chen and Yi Mei’s parents were really good friends and since their last names were the same, they decided to name their children similarly. When Yi Chen’s parents died, it was only natural for Yi Mei’s parents to adopt him. Yi Mei officially challenges Mo Sheng and confesses her love for Yi Chen. Meanwhile Yi Chen gets called out by Mo Sheng’s dad.

"you can't compare with the relationship between yi chen and me"

“you can’t compare with the relationship between yi chen and me”

Mo Sheng wonders if she can compete with Yi Mei, and she decides she needs reassurance from Yi Chen. She goes to Yi Chen’s dorm and waits for him downstairs. After a really really really long wait, Yi Chen finally returns. She runs up to him to tug at him, but he pulls away. She wonders what’s wrong, but he just tells her to not look for him anymore because he doesn’t want to see her again.

"what's wrong?"

“what’s wrong?”

Yi Chen: Zhao Mo Sheng, I rather I had never met you.

"i don't want to see you ever again"

“i don’t want to see you ever again”

So wait a second, they only dated for one semester and he waited for her for seven years?! WHAT. No wonder they say it takes one million years to become a He Yi Chen. Only a thousand to become Li Da Ren though. Hey, I’ll take a Li Da Ren, lol.

ANYWAY, back to present time Yi Chen asks the receptionist to notify him if Mo Sheng drops by and then tells his assistant to cancel all his appointments that day, but he still didn’t get to see Mo Sheng because she dropped off the picture at the receptionist’s desk without revealing her identity. The receptionist gives the picture to Yi Chen and he dashes out looking for her.

do you regret those cold words now, yi chen?

do you regret those cold words now, yi chen?

Worthy of Note:

  • Mo Sheng wonders why Yi Chen never looks for her when she doesn’t look for him. She asks Yi Mei about it… but seriously, wrong person to ask!
  • Something is going at the Zhao household because Mo Sheng’s mom refuses to eat with the family.
watching her mom leave :(

watching her mom leave 😦

  • Apparently Yi Chen had promised Yi Mei that he would not find a girlfriend in college. When Yi Mei questioned him, he says Mo Sheng came up to him herself. Ok that may be true, but WHAT???

6 thoughts on “You Are My Sunshine/He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo (Ep 5 Recap)

  1. one of my favorite episodes because of the cuteness between the couple and one of the least because of Yi Mei. I never saw In Time With You unfortunately. LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

      • haha. i planned to. but after all these years, I’m still suffering Joe/Ariel’s withdrawal so it was difficult for me to see her in a contemporary with someone different. lol.

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      • Omg, don’t even mention Joe/Ariel. I so wanted them to be together! But alas, she got married so i guess this is the end 😦
        I was apprehensive about the series too but I actually didn’t mind Bolin replacing Joe next to her. They were totally believable too, but I knew better than to ship them after watching it haha.

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