You Are My Sunshine/He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo (Ep 1 Recap)

Here we are with the first episode of YAMS! Let’s get right to it!

Since I didn’t do a first impression as I normally would (I got too carried away with the recap!), I’m going to give you guys all a bit of background info. Also, this series will air two episodes per night every night until it finishes, but I won’t be able to recap that quickly. I’ll probably only be able to recap two or three episodes per week depending on time and posting schedule. Sorry! I ended up recapping only a few for the first week but then did like three per day for the rest of the time.



  • Wallace Chung as He Yi Chen
  • Tiffany Tang as Zhao Mo Sheng (starred in Perfect Couple)
  • Tan Kai as Ying Hui
  • Jian Ren Zi as He Yi Mei
  • Mi Lu as Xiao Xiao
  • Yang Le as Lu Yuan Feng (aka Chen Xun in Cong Cong Na Nian/Back in Time)


  • Chinese
  • 35 episodes shortened to 32 episodes
  • Original run: Jan. 10, 2015 – Jan. 29, 2015

Quick Rundown:

He Yi Chen and Zhao Mo Sheng were college sweethearts and completely in love at one point. It was Mo Sheng who pursued Yi Chen, but it was also she who left for the U.S. leaving Yi Chen alone in China. Seven years later, they meet again, but will they still find their way back to each other? Especially now there are more obstacles in their way.

Estelle’s Recap

We meet Mo Sheng at the airport where she says goodbye to a mystery man, whom I assume is Ying Hui, her ex-husband. In any case, he tells her they should cut all contact unless if she plans to come back to the U.S.

"let's not contact each other."

“let’s not contact each other.”

With that, Mo Sheng departs for the beautiful city of Shanghai! She laments she has been away for seven years, and she wonders how great it would be if he is still waiting for her after all this time.


imagine driving on THAT rotary! O.O

Who would have known except the drama gods, that he is at the airport! Yi Sheng “feels” her presence around him, but when he turns around, he just misses her and she already walked past.


i feel you…mo sheng…


nawh, who am i kidding?

Yi Chen rushes from the airport to a meeting with another business team to discuss details. Apparently the lawyer representing the other company is his old college classmate, Xu Ying. Xu Ying sarcastically talks about how he was a superstar at their college, but she was such a small fry that he probably doesn’t remember her. She then goes on to give a review of the last meeting because “some people may not recall.” Oh geez.


“hello, old classmate”

When it is Yi Chen’s turn to speak, he says that their time is valuable and expensive so they should avoid reviews like these in the future. Ouchhhhh, burn!


intense meeting in session

After the meeting, Yi Mei shows up to take him out to dinner. Xu Ying introduces herself and mentions her classmate status. Since she has never seen Xu Ying before, Yi Mei questions the validity of the statement (ha!). Probably feeling one-upped, Xu Ying quickly diverts the topic and inquires the presence of Mo Sheng since “Mo Sheng used to follow Yi Chen everywhere he goes”. What an annoying woman!


“yi chen, how come your girlfriend mo sheng did not come?”

Yi Chen and Yi Mei both keep quiet, so Xu Yin interprets the silence as to mean Mo Sheng is of the past. She then fakely apologizes for bringing up old topics because that’s what “classmates” do when they meet. Argh. Xu Ying also identify Yi Mei as Yi Chen’s new girlfriend and even says “it’s no wonder lawyer He would move on to new love when there’s such a beautiful woman near by.” Luckily Yi Chen interrupts and tells everyone Yi Mei is his sister. Yi Mei isn’t too happy with this introduction though.


unhappy to be JUST the sister.

Once they get into her car, Yi Mei immediately quizzes Yi Chen on his relationship with Xu Ying and mentions the possibility that Xu Yin might have liked him in the past. Yi Chen denies this, but she insists that Xu Ying’s elibility as a potential girlfriend candidate. Uh, no thanks please!


no, never xu ying!

Thank goodness Yi Chen agrees with me and discards Xu Yin’s candidacy. Just then he gets a call from work and make plans to go to the states. Yi Mei overhears and asks him if he is going there to find Mo Sheng, which he denies much to her relief. He does tell her he can’t watch a movie with her later as she had hoped, and suggests that she finds a partner herself too.


sad yi mei 😦

A distracted Yi Mei nearly hits someone, but fortunately the dude only scraped his arm. He also recognizes Yi Mei as the host of a legal talk show which his mom is a BIG fan of, so he asks for her autograph and picture. All this totally weirds Yi Sheng out. At least this guy isn’t going to sue Yi Mei or try to rip her off due to her celebrity status.


say cheese to the selfie!

Meanwhile, Mo Sheng gets a new job at a magazine and who is her co-worker but the dude Yi Mei hit? His name turns out to be Lu Yuan Feng. Since his arm got hurt, their boss tells Mo Sheng to take over his current project with this super difficult model.

While setting up her new desk, Mo Sheng tells Yuan Feng that she is looking for a place to rent, and he tells her it would be hard to find so suddenly. YET right after he said that he remembers that his friend is currently looking for someone to rent her place! And this place is located in a nice area and is super safe. Did he not just say it will be hard to find a place? I guess drama first leads always have great luck! I mean this place comes fully furnished and the friend even left some photo equipment behind. What are the chances? How come I don’t have such luck???


welcome home!

After putting down her stuff and silently telling Yi Chen that she is back, Mo Sheng heads to her local supermarket where Yi Chen and Yi Mei also happen to be shopping. Cue the onslaught of “oh I almost saw you, but oh I didn’t.”

Finally! Mo Sheng turns around and notices the pair and thinks to herself that the two of them finally got together. Just then some rude lady brushes by and pushes Mo Sheng’s shopping cart into a soda can tower, causing a loud ruckus but successfully attracts the attention of Yi Mei and Yi Chen.


uh, it’s not what it looks like?

Yi Mei asks Yi Chen if he should go over there and say hi, but he rejects the idea and walks right by Mo Sheng. Yi Mei wonders why she feels worse that he didn’t say hi when she was so afraid that he would run over to Mo Sheng.



Back home, Yi Chen can’t shake off the image of Mo Sheng in his mind and he gets so distracted that he can’t even participate in his previously scheduled meeting. Awwwwww, Yi Chen! You know you love her!


why is she still in my head??!?! >.<

It’s a new day! Mo Sheng reports to her workplace and Yuan Feng shows up for moral support. The model, Xiao Xiao, turns out to be Shao Mei, Mo Sheng’s ex-dorm mate and bff! But Xiao Xiao is no longer who she used to be and she totally disregards Mo Sheng’s attempt to be friendly. They get started on the day’s work and take plenty of good photos, but Mo Sheng isn’t satisfied with the outcome.

During break, Xiao Xiao invites Mo Sheng out for coffee. The ex-bffs are at loss as to what to say. Xiao Xiao brings up the fact that she is an alcoholic (wait, is she serious?) and Mo Sheng tells her she has changed a lot. Xiao Xiao replies that it is only normal after losing her family and best friend. Mo Sheng tries to explain the past, but Xiao Xiao only says that she should save her explanation for Yi Chen because he looked everywhere for her when she disappeared. Mo Sheng wonders if everyone thinks she’s the one who left Yi Chen when it is actually he who told her he didn’t want to see her first.


it’s not my fault, i swear!

Her whole interaction with Xiao Xiao made me think of the Chinese saying “话不投机半句多” which means when the conversation doesn’t match, then even half a sentence is one too many. And so when they get back to the studio, Xiao Xiao announces that she doesn’t want to work anymore. This angers Yuan Feng, but what can he do? Find out in the next episode!

Worthy of Note:

  • Xu Ying tries to rope Yi Chen into buying dinner for everyone, but he tells her flat out that he has places to go with Yi Mei. Yes, nobody wants to spend time with you Xu Ying!
  • The “U.S.” airport Mo Sheng flies out of and the Shanghai airport she lands in look uh exactly the same…

5 thoughts on “You Are My Sunshine/He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo (Ep 1 Recap)

  1. coffeenlucia says:

    When I saw Yang Le I was like YAAAAAAAAAAAS It was such a pleasant surprise after seeing him in Back in Time.

    Love your recap!!


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