Mr. Right Wanted (Ep 17 Recap)

You must make mistakes in order to know how to do better next time.

Previously on Mr. Right Wanted… ep 16 recap

Estelle’s Recap

hai ning drinks with #80 and gets totally plastered

hai ning drinks with #80 and gets totally plastered

Zhe Ming invites the publishing company out to dinner to celebrate the success of the book Lies. Instead of feeling loved and cared for, Hai Ning gets all anxious and annoyed that Zhe Ming planned the party instead of her because he had nothing to do with the book. Uh okay…


look at that quartet in the background! this is one swanky dinner party!

Hai Ning twists her ankle and Zhe Ming flies over an experienced Chinese medicine doctor to take a look. Apparently this doctor is known for helping athletes recover from sport injuries. Hai Ning tries to push it off, but Zhe Ming insists that its important to take care of herself and misunderstands her discomfort as being afraid of pain. Just then, Dr. Lee and her assistant arrive at the publishing house. Hai Ning gets the staff to lie that she is not there, but the pair notices the additional lunchbox and deduces that she is hiding. Left with no choices, Hai Ning comes out and Dr. Lee completely cures her of her ankle pain. Finally, Hai Ning starts to feel cared for (as opposed to before?), but she worries that she is going to lose her freedom because of this. So what does she do? She goes out drinking with #80, who is having marriage problems and getting a divorce. #80 asks Hai Ning to deliver the divorce papers because he is afraid of seeing his wife.


trying to find #80’s wife

Uh-oh! Trouble in paradise! The next day at the office, Hai Ning discovers that Zhe Ming bought large quantities of Lies in order to “make her life easier.” When she confronts him, he replies that he would like her to quit her job after they get married. She declares that she never agreed to marry him. Hai Ning begins to wonder if she is fit for marriage after all. In addition, she pulls back all the books sold to Zhe Ming and announces to her staff that there won’t be year end bonuses as they previously had hoped.


WHO bought all of our books???

Hai Ning visits the pub owned by #80’s wife. The two get super smashed in the empty pub (business must be bad!) talking about what is “true love.” The wife lets out that she is still very much in love with her husband and that she actually wants to go home with him. Hai Ning records everything and sends the video to #80.


drinking away all the sorrow


“true love is felt with the heart. the heart!!!”

Prompted by the night’s happening, Hai Ning thinks long and hard about her relationship with Zhe Ming. The next day, she visits Zhe Ming’s office and tells him that they aren’t good together. She explains that she desires freedom and what he can offer is not what she wants. She thanks him and leaves a broken hearted Zhe Ming in the middle of the hall way. I hope her staff is ready for life without delicious gourmet food and crazy high profile treatment.


where are your cheesy lines, zhe ming???

Save Room for Dessert:

  • #80 is the famous winemaker that Hai Ning and delivery boy, Zhong Wen, tried to interview a few episodes ago.
  • Hai Ning wonders where Zhong Wen went, again. But of course, she makes no effort to find him…
  • Hai Ning visits Kam Man to attend #80 and his wife’s wedding (again). She takes this opportunity to visit his brewery and helps the newlyweds take wedding photos. The couple gifts Hai Ning a bottle of wine as a thank you for getting them back together.

“don’t be so silly!”


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