2014 Countdown #3: Best Cinematography

Even when a story isn’t top-notch, the aesthetic quality of a drama may sometimes be enough to sway you to watch it. After all, who doesn’t like seeing pretty people in pretty settings? Lucky for us though because we’ve found dramas in 2014 that are not only beautiful to look at but also wonderful to watch!

Number 3 on our 2014 Countdown: Best Cinematography!

Best Cinematography of 2014

Anna: When it comes to the best cinematography, there’s no question that Back in Time/Cong Cong Na Nian wins it, hands down, for me. Not only was it the best of 2014, I’m not even sure if there’s going to be another drama anytime soon that can challenge how ridiculously gorgeous this drama was. The visual beauty of Back in Time is largely attributed to the 4K resolution that it was filmed in, an ultra high definition that’s usually reserved for movies, but also to the excellent camerawork that captures every little detail. I previously said that it looks like the entire drama is filmed with an Instagram filter on it, and this filtered look also perfectly captures the nostalgia of the story. To be honest, I partially decided to recap Back in Time just because I wanted to take screencaps of every scene. That’s how beautiful this drama is!


Estelle: What is better than photos of food? Food porn in video form of course! Not only did Let’s Eat introduce to me a million delicious foods I need to try, it also challenged my resolve to not snack in between meals. The close up of the food, bumbling, steaming….mmmm, just thinking about it makes me salivate. And then the cameraman taunts me with the actors devouring the delicious food. It’s killing me just thinking about it. Check out the glory here and fall in love with the series!

Let's Eat

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Stay tuned tomorrow for…the Best Actor & Actress of 2014!


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