Mr. Right Wanted (Ep 15 Recap)

Love doesn’t need translations or scar removers?

Previously on Mr. Right Wanted… ep 14 recap

Estelle’s Recap

Zhe Ming takes Hai Ning to a fancy hotel to have their dinner with some expensive champagne. She is super charmed by his cheesy advances (aka, “you’re the center of my life,” “I can do anything for you…” etc.). Cue eyerolls please.

classy dress, hai ning

classy dress, hai ning

look at that gaze... fall into it!

look at that gaze… fall into it!

He asks her to give him a taste and the two proceed to a massive king size bed as romantic soundtrack plays in the background. Then he suddenly flips over the price tag on her dress and it says 300,000 NT. Oh wait, it’s actually a daydream! Hai Ning is really at the massage parlor and the sales lady is trying to convince her to become a VIP member. Good going, Hai Ning.

wha, wha, 300,000 NT?!

wha, wha, 300,000 NT?!

Hai Ning freaks out at the end of the massage because she’s got two red streaks running down her back. Tian Xin tries to calm her down, but Hai Ning is stressed out because two days from now is her first overnight date with Zhe Ming and she is desperate to make a good impression. Tian Xin, on the other hand, is more fascinated by the fact that her cousin and Zhe Ming “haven’t done it yet.” To be honest, Zhe Ming has only shown up like three times so far… discounting the time he proved to be a cheater…. so uh, yeah.

what do i do with the red streaks?!!?!?

what do i do with the red streaks?!!?!?

Zhe Ming sends a sexy dress to Hai Ning (at her workplace) and everyone is all oohing and ahhing over her renewed prospect. No worries though, Hai Ning is still all for matchmaking for work!

"it's perfect!" but oh hai ning, it's got an open back

“it’s perfect!” but oh hai ning, it’s got an open back and it’s like super short!

First up, a senior Japanese CEO (why are these CEOs trying to find love on Facebook???) who brings along an interpreter. Hai Ning gets super offended when the CEO offers 50,000 NT for one night with her.

In other news though, Bei Bei and Universe are in loveeeeeeeee. He feeds her yellow food (her favorite color) and sews clothes for her stuffed animal monkey. Universe successfully sweet talks her into going on a “Hai Ning and Zhe Ming” type date (aka overnight).

"you are the only one who knows that i love to eat yellow food"

“you are the only one who knows that i love to eat yellow food”

The Japanese CEO sends fresh sushi over to the publishing house and shows up to request “a second chance.” He continues to up the offer and this totally rallies up Hai Ning and Ah Fa, and they throw the two out immediately.

That night, Tian Xin gives Hai Ning a bottle of yan mei wine to help remove her back scars, but instead Hai Ning comes down with allergic reaction.

freaking out because of the never going away red streaks

freaking out because of the never going away red streaks

The Japanese CEO’s interpreter shows up at Hai Ning’s door. He tells her he is actually the CEO’s son, and he made up everything about the one night offer because he didn’t want a young woman to become his stepmother AND he was afraid young woman are only interested in his dad for the money. The young man shows Hai Ning two pictures of his dad and his old love, explaining that his father just wants to relive his youth. Surprise, surprise, the woman in the picture is Hai Ning’s mom!!! So of course, they set the two up.

all wrapped up to cover her break out

all wrapped up to cover her break out

Hai Ning lies to Zhe Ming that she’s working late, so she needs to raincheck their date. Zhe Ming shows up at her house and takes her to his fancy hotel for a rendezvous in celebration of her birthday. She finally comes clean about her embarrassing back situation, and he tells her its okay because “she needs to be taken care of.”

plus she got this necklace... which apparently is "the only thing [she] needs to wear" --- zhe ming

plus she got this necklace… which apparently is “the only thing [she] needs to wear” says zhe ming

the after glow...

the after glow…

Save Room for Dessert:

  • Zhe Ming resumes calling Hai Ning his “little spin top” and adds a new one “Peter Pan’s Tinkerbell”… Not sure Peter Pan and Tinkerbell are a couple, but okay, cool.
  • Hai Ning goes to the delivery shop to look for Zhong Wen, but the boss man says he has disappeared and no one knows where he went.

uh, i need to return this?

  • Tian Xin actually says “I’m pregnant, so I haven’t drank any of this wine yet.” Seriously??? She is finally aware she’s preggers? What about that binge drinking like two episodes ago?
  • Hai Ning’s mom is going to Japan next month to see the CEO dude.

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