Mr. Right Wanted (Ep 13 Recap)

I’m responsible for your happiness.

Previously on Mr. Right Wanted… ep 12 recap

Estelle’s Recap

Hai Ning gets a concussion from falling off the elevator after seeing Zhe Ming, who then rushes her to the hospital. Turns out she is not the only one stuck in bed, Zhe Ming is in the bed next to hers, also bandaged up because he got some head injuries as well. From what you ask? I haven’t a clue, because it’s not like he fell down too! But talk about drama induced coincidences!

looks grim

looks grim

While Zhe Ming is throwing down some cheesy lines about transferring them to a private hospital, and being at fault for “showing up at the wrong time” she is already busy calling her staff about the company. They launch into an argument about her job and how it is different from his businesses etc. He tries to prove his concern by advising her to let some work go, and she calls him a hypocrite for also being so into his job. Is this for real?

cheesing out

cheesing out

Since Hai Ning is out of commission, Bei Bei is out meeting potential matches. She meets a mother who is trying to find a wife for her autistic son. During that meeting, Bei Bei discloses for the first time her own upbringing, being abandoned by her divorced parents and being brought up by her grandma who let her keep a monkey as a pet. She shares her desire to hide in her own world because that is the safest.

Bei Bei: People all come alone, and leave alone.

oh bei bei, what a puppy!

oh bei bei, what a puppy!

Anyway, back to the cheese fest. OMG. HOW CHEESY can you be? Hai Ning accidentally drops her phone in the middle of the night, and Zhe Ming INSISTS that he picks it up for her even though she is fully capable. His excuse? “I’m the one who caused you to injure yourself, so I must be responsible for your happiness.” Gag. And it is also a mystery why he decides to reach under the right side of the bed for a phone that fell on the left side…

feeling shaken after he picks up her phone -.-;

feeling shaken after zm picks up her phone -.-;

Bei Bei bumps into Universe at the coffee shop she is meeting people at, and the two makes a sudden connection.

hey we are quite similar

hey we are quite similar

ET meets his mate

ET meets his mate

Hai Ning packs up to leave the hospital, but Zhe Ming insists that she stays because he feels “guilty for making her fall.” He brings her to a private residence and even has his butler take care of her for the time being. He shows her a picture of the new library he built in his Singapore house. He tells her he also put two rocking chairs on the porch, and that seat remains hers forever. And so Hai Ning decides to stay with the butler…. That glass windowed library really moved her huh? And is nobody going to mention the big fat pink elephant in the room? AKA his soon to be married girlfriend??? Or is she somehow out of the picture now?

The one redeeming factor of this episode is Bei Bei being able to break out of her shell. She goes to the zoo to look for Universe and happens upon her various dates in animal costumes (why??). She joins a running group in search of him, but no such luck. However, at the end of the day while waiting at the bus stop, she sees him! Cue loud heart bumping and a montage of their [very short] love story.

i can't find him!

i can’t find him!

hey he is at the bus stop!

hey he is at the bus stop!

for reals together now, boo

for reals together now

Oh, of course Zhe Ming and Hai Ning aren’t going to let Bei Bei and Universe out do them. So they go out and put a lock on some bridge to symbolize their eternal love. Le sigh for reals.

that's right, we legit now that i put up that lock!

that’s real, we legit now that i put up that lock!

how easy was it to get her back?

how easy was it to get her back?

Save Room for Dessert:

  • Not sure what the dance sequence with Bei Bei’s animal friends was all about at the bus stop… Does anyone know?

2 thoughts on “Mr. Right Wanted (Ep 13 Recap)

  1. RL says:

    Hi! Thanks for your recaps! They are so thorough.

    Just wanted to say that Lun Zhe Ming did fall down the escalator too…it was just a brief flash at the end of Ep 12.

    Also, I think the dance sequence has to do with the comment that Bei Bei made before– that she would marry the person if she hears music when they look at each other.


    • @RL, thanks for clarifying! I must’ve missed the part where ZM fell down! And now that you mention it, I do remember BB saying that about the music. Makes much more sense now! 🙂


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