Mr. Right Wanted (Ep 9 Recap)

Hey, TSwift, you ain’t the only one with a “long list of ex lovers.”

Previously on Mr. Right Wanted… ep 8 recap

Estelle’s Recap

Looks like Hai Ning’s days of free gifts and extra bonuses are over because the new man (Sphinx Ding/Ding Chun Cheng) she goes out to meet is a bit of an eccentric. Albeit she is an hour late to their date, it probably was not enough reason for him to start shooting (paint?) balls at her. To be honest though, she is pretty careless to agree to meet him in a field in the middle of nowhere, even if it is to “play badminton.”



Creeptastic soundtrack accompanies Hai Ning’s shrieks as the man appears with a gun in hand. He tells her coolly to turn around. Wait, when did this turn into an action film?

turn around, now!

turn around, now!

Back at the publishing company, the staff is freaking out because Xiao Shuai, the man Hai Ning went out to meet just posted some video clip that is vaguely terrifying. Oil to the fire? She doesn’t pick up her phone either.

Xiao Shuai “kidnaps” Hai Ning to a wedding studio and shows her a magazine she published some time ago. He tells her that his gf found a 7.000,000 NT wedding dress in the mag. In order to get that dress, the gf dumped him to find someone with more money. Now he wants to seek revenge by getting married before his now ex. Uh.. ok.



Hai Ning finds Mr. No Face (this is her nickname for him because he had sunglasses on the whole time) interesting and decides to meet him again at his rose garden. He points out a purple rose (ex gf’s favorite) that apparently took two years to perfect, and that his feelings toward the ex (love and hate) have become mixed together.

the perfect rose

the perfect rose… looks kind of fake to me =\

Hai Ning: He must have imagined what it would be like to marry his girlfriend, and to have her hold the flower he planted, but now marriage is just a tool for revenge.

Hai Ning quickly gains a new bff in Xiao Shuai and the two go out to play paintball. I mean I get that she’s supposed to be open and what not, but man, I would not be calling this dude I just met in the middle of the night after a nightmare to inquire about how to “release some anger.”

hai ning dreams that she shoots paintballs at chen hao... and then goes paintballing with xiao shuai for reals the next day

hai ning dreams that she shoots paintballs at chen hao… and then goes paintballing with xiao shuai for reals the next day

Xiao Shuai: Love is clearly a two people ordeal, but how come at the end of it all, only one person suffers?

Xiao Shuai breaks and enters the residence of a famous actress. This actress happens to be the one that Hai Ning’s co-workers are following for a gossip book funded by the actress’s agent, Anna. Apparently Anna is upset that the actress is ditching her for money. However, the actress explains to Xiao Shuai that she wants to marry someone rich so she can repay Anna for all the hard work, and leave Xiao Shuai so he can stop feeling burdened by her success. The couple shares one last kiss, and Xiao Shuai gives her a pot of purple roses before jumping out her window.

"this is the only way i can see you"

“this is the only way i can see you”

The media reports Xiao Shuai as a criminal with malicious intent, but of course Hai Ning and her co-workers know the truth. They decide against publishing the gossip book because that would be too cruel.

"i wanted you to live your life"

“i wanted you to live your life”

"this is for you"

“this is for you”

In the end, the actress visits Xiao Shuai in the hospital and declares that she will take care of him from this day forward. (Does this mean she’s quitting her job as an actress? Not sure how this solves the problem they were having about her success being his burden…)

missing xiao shuai

missing xiao shuai

Hai Ning: Is loving or hating someone harder? Xiao Shuai says, can love be forgotten?

Save Room for Dessert:

  • Guess what ex ex ex Fang Cheng Hao is up to? He writes a book dishing out the dirt on Hai Ning’s publishing company. The employees use the book as a target for dart practice.
  • Hai Ning goes to Cheng Hao’s book release, during which he names her as the person he is most thankful towards. Hai Ning realizes that only the person who is living better can say “I wish you are doing better than me.”
  • Hai Ning sends Cheng Hao a pot of roses to congratulate him at the end of the episode.
  • Anna takes her story to Cheng Hao’s new publishing company. I guess Xiao Shuai and the actress must weather a new storm.
Cheng hao's book "living better than you"

cheng hao’s book “living better than you”

post dart practice ^^

post dart practice ^^

*Bonus: Sphinx Ding aka Ding Chun Chen was on a Chinese dating show. I binge watched a bunch of it in September. Of course, he rejected all the girls who confessed to him, because duh, he probably wasn’t really there to find a soulmate.

4 thoughts on “Mr. Right Wanted (Ep 9 Recap)

  1. Haven’t got to ep9 yet, still at ep8 but I love that screencap of HN using CH’s book for dart practice, LOL!! I’m really enjoying the extended cameo list from so many established actors. Great recaps by the way!


    • @carolies541, I loved the dart practice part! You should see everyone’s faces hahaha 🙂 can’t say CN didn’t deserve it tho! Sphinx’s cameo was great in the episode; he needs to act more! Seriously! Btw I see that your icon is of jasper liu. I just finished love myself or you/pleasantly surprised and I’m about to review it soon 🙂


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