Mr. Right Wanted (Ep 8 Recap)

Love that’s worth fighting for.

One tough cookie.

One tough cookie.

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Anna’s Recap

As I continue to watch this drama, I’m convinced that it’s totally unfair that Hai Ning’s getting so much free stuff (purses, jewelry, boxing lessons, life lessons) out of this, while all these poor gullible dudes are being used for their sad sob stories and emotions. While I’m definitely not a Zhe Ming fan, I don’t exactly sympathize with Hai Ning all that much when she realizes that she’s fallen a little too fast and much with him. Think about all the poor men that she’s exploiting for her book! Anyways, let’s see who’s the latest guy to get caught on Hai Ning’s hook.

After “breaking up” with Zhe Ming, Hai Ning is at a boxing club getting lessons from her latest match/potential husband, Rocky. When she goes in to hit him, Rocky’s reflexes get the best of him and he accidentally punches Hai Ning right in the face. Universe also just so happens to arrive at the club to see this go down. When she’s recovering from her bloody nose, Universe quietly reminds her to not hurt Rocky just for the sake of her book because he’s actually for real looking for a wife. Rocky comes by to check on her and they get to talking about her meeting his parents. He reassures her that his parents aren’t the ones pushing him to get married, and he’s the one who wants to because he wants to continue the family name. Not exactly the most romantic pick up line out there.

Don't go breaking a bunch of hearts.

Don’t go breaking a bunch of hearts.

Tian Xin’s babydaddy, Xiao Qiang, is at the publishing company to pass out sports drinks to the staff there because there’s a contest going on where you can win prizes from the bottle caps, and he wants to win a diamond ring for her. He’s feeling pretty confident that the universe will let him win after drinking six big boxes of that stuff. If he doesn’t, then he’s gunna take it as a sign and let go of Tian Xin.

Drink up.

Drink up.

Meanwhile, Tian Xin is planning to go to a high school reunion dinner because she wants to see this guy that she used to have a crush on. He’s a fashion designer now, and she’s convinced that they’re meant to be together now. She and Xiao Qiang didn’t break up, right? Soooo…she’s basically planning out how to cheat on her boyfriend. Damn, that’s messed up. Too bad for her though because the guy that she’s waiting for, Kenji, never shows up at the dinner.

Gold digger with a capital G.

Gold digger with a capital G.

Hai Ning goes to meet up with Zhe Ming at a restaurant after he said some of his trademark cheesy lines to her that he still likes her. But right when she gets to the door, she hesitates. She wonders to herself why she’s unable to just get rid of him once and for all. She ultimately chooses to leave, without going inside to see him. Good job!

Stood up.

Stood up.

Hai Ning goes back to the boxing club to see Rocky and for more boxing lessons. She thanks him for being so honest about why he wants to get married because she knows that every guy just wants to get married to continue the family name, but he’s the only one honest enough to say it aloud. Rocky tells her that’s not the only reason he wants to get married, and that he’s actually in it for the long haul. Love, he tells her, is a type of responsibility and you have to be responsible for another person. He tells her that he likes her, but she responds that she only thinks of him as a friend. Rocky isn’t fazed though because he thinks that those romantic feelings can develop later on. Little does he know that Hai Ning is still thinking about Zhe Ming ALL THE TIME.

It's you, not me.

It’s you, not me.

Xiao Qiang goes to visit Tian Xin at her place, but she’s not happy at all to see him. She quickly rushes him out because she found him to be too annoying when he reminds her to not work so hard while pregnant. This girl so doesn’t deserve him. She’s about to flip out when she thinks that Xiao Qiang is back to “bother” her, but her attitude completely changes when she sees that it’s her crush, Kenji, at the door. He tells her that he’s not staying in Taiwan for long, but he wants to find a couple of boutiques that will sell the clothes that he designed.

Not even trying to play it cool.

Not even trying to play it cool.

Tian Xin tells Hai Ning about Kenji’s visit, and she’s 100% sure that he likes her. Hai Ning is barely listening because she and I both know that Tian Xin is being ridiculous. She tells her how Kenji invited her out to dinner, and she’s all prepared to be Mrs. Kenji. In your dreams, maybe. When Hai Ning asks what about Xiao Qiang, Tian Xin says that her #1 Option is standing in front of her now, so why would she choose Option #2. Ugh, this chick. Poor Xiao Qiang is still chugging bottles of sports drink to try and win her a diamond ring. At dinner with Kenji, however, he introduces another woman as his wife to Tian Xin. Haaa.



For the first time in all of this, Hai Ning feels bad about tricking all these guys into thinking that she’s seriously looking for a marriage partner. She only feels this way because when she officially broke up with Rocky, he really didn’t take it well. Then, she overheard a phone call between him and his mom, and realized that she crushed his really real dreams of getting married. Hai Ning wonders to herself if she’s been too casual about other people’s feelings during this whole process. I know the answer! YES.

Tian Xin complains to Hai Ning about how Kenji totally tricked her into thinking that he liked her. Please, he definitely did not do that. So tired of hearing Tian Xin’s ridiculousness, Hai Ning finally can’t keep quiet any longer and tells her about Xiao Qiang’s drinking a crap load of sports drinks to win her a diamond ring. And what does Tian Xin do? She calls Xiao Qiang to yell at him for being so stupid. But drinking all those sports drinks has taken a toll on him, and he faints while on the phone with her.

Drink for diamonds.

Drink for diamonds.

When Xiao Qiang wakes up in the hospital, Tian Xin asks him how he could be so stupid to think that he can win a diamond ring with this silly competition. She takes out the bottle that Hai Ning gave her, twists off the cap, and shows it to him to prove that it’s all a scam. But lo and behold, it’s the winning cap! Only happens in a drama, of course. Even if he didn’t end up winning the ring, Tian Xin was so touched by Xiao Qiang’s dedication to her that she had already decided to marry him.

She's totally doing this for the ring.

She’s totally doing this for the ring.

Hai Ning invites Zhe Ming to see Rocky’s boxing competition with her, and he obviously agrees. On the day of it, he gets held up at work and isn’t able to go. At the competition, Universe and Hai Ning are busy cheering on Rocky, and she doesn’t notice his parents sitting in front of them. But Rocky isn’t actually do too hot in the match, and he ends up getting knocked out and losing.



After the competition, Hai Ning sees that she has 10 missed calls from Zhe Ming. But she doesn’t return them. Hai Ning ponders about how Rocky previously said that love is a type of responsibility. It doesn’t matter if she’s brave enough to love, her main responsibility now is the book. And with that realization, she proceeds to delete all of Zhe Ming’s texts from her phone.

Over him? No way.

Save Room for Dessert:

Tian Xin tricked Universe to be her fake date for her reunion dinner by promising him a pair of shoes worn by some celebrity. Obviously the shoes were fake.

After getting Hai Ning’s invite to Rocky’s competition, Zhe Ming says to her that he hopes that they can resume their previous relationship afterwards. What about his gf?!

Tian Xin allows Xiao Qiang keep his zookeeper job even though she always complained before that she hates it.

Hope those bottles are recyclable


One thought on “Mr. Right Wanted (Ep 8 Recap)

  1. This is one of my favorite episodes so far. I especially loved the build-up towards the climatic ending, with the KO, Zhe Ming’s missed calls, and Tian Xin/Xiao Qiang’s scene. I’m also glad that Hai Ning is beginning to reflect on her attitude towards the marriage meetings.


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