Mr. Right Wanted (Ep 6 Recap)

Looks + Money + Romance + Sex Appeal = Perfect Man

First date jitters.

Previously on Mr. Right Wanted… ep 5 recap

Anna’s Recap

After too many blind dates (and episodes) where nothing really happens for the story, Hai Ning finally meets her guy in this episode! But now that we’ve actually met the guy, it seems like all that build-up, if any, in the previous episodes was wasted. To be honest, I don’t find the guy to be that impressive. Sure, he fulfills all the requirements for the “Perfect Man,” but he’s just so perfect that it almost becomes boring. Let me put it this way, this is a dude who has a lot of opinions on tea cups and breakfast choices. But hey, as long as Hai Ning likes him!

Hai Ning and the group at the publishing company are having themselves a pizza party to celebrate the success of their latest book. They get to talking about what makes for an attractive guy for their next book that will captivate the female readers. One of the assistants give them the formula to the perfect man: looks + money + romance + sex appeal. Yeah, no kidding. Hai Ning also tells them the good news that some famous lady, Adele (no, not that Adele), who specializes in antiques and collectibles is having their publishing company take care of her upcoming book releases. It would have been way cooler if it was the singer Adele.

Pizza parties are the best kind of parties.

Pizza parties are the best kind of parties.

Hai Ning is at Adele’s latest exhibition for her collectibles, and there’s surprisingly a good amount of people there as well. Hai Ning’s old colleague who helped set up Adele with the publishing company thinks that everyone in attendance is treating this launch party like a matchmaking session. Yeah, that makes a lot more sense than these people actually caring about a bunch of bowls. Hai Ning steps out in the hallway, observing the guests, and thinks how all the Prince Charmings came here with glass slippers prepared and every girl there wishing that they are Cinderella. While she’s out there doing her contemplating, a gentleman at the party has taken notice of her.

Hmm...who's that out there?

Hmm…who’s that out there?

Hai Ning receives a phone call and is dashing away when the gentleman sees that she dropped an earring on the floor. Okay, how the hell did he see a stud earring on the ground when he was all the way across the room? He chases after her to give it back, and Hai Ning notices that she lost the other earring too. Oops. As she’s looking around for it, the gentleman notices it stuck to her scarf. He reaches over for it, accidentally unravels the scarf and sends Hai Ning twirling into his arms…in slow-mo. I actually laughed when I saw this and immediately followed it up with some excessive eye-rolling. SO CHEESY.

Twirlin’, twirlin’.

After spinning her way into the gentleman’s arms, Hai Ning and him shared a loving gaze for far too many seconds. She finally snaps out of it, thanks the guy for finding both earrings, and continues her way out the door. When she’s outside, she drops her bag and all the stuff inside comes flying out. I’m starting to think that Hai Ning is doing all this on purpose. Her old colleague that she was speaking to earlier has also showed up, and he says how Hai Ning is always this absentminded when she’s concentrating too hard on work. The gentleman asks him how he knows her, “Little Spintop.” Nicknaming already? He then sees one of the earrings lying on the ground again. Take care of your stuff, Hai Ning!

Finders keepers!

Finders keepers!

Back at the publishing company, Bei Bei reads a response from the CEO of Sally Jewelry, Lun Zhe Ming, for the husband-seekin’ Facebook ad. They do a quick Google Image search on the guy, and it turns out to be the earring-picker-upper from the party! Hai Ning tells the rest of them that she just saw this guy, and they should be more suspicious of why someone like him would need to respond to the ad. Still, they agree that a CEO being on the list of potential husbands would be a good addition for the book. All for the book, right?

Why does he look so familiar?

Hai Ning goes to meet Zhe Ming for the date, and she literally doesn’t blink when he steps out of the car. She claims that she’s just surprised that it’s actually him. Because all the passerbys are starting to stare at them just standing there, Zhe Ming proposes that they can have the date in his car. There’s no funny business though because they’re just chatting in the backseat while his chauffeur drives them around. Hai Ning asks him how he knew that she was the who posted the ad, Zhe Ming says that he found out from her old colleague. That day when she dropped the earring, he noticed that it’s actually his company’s product, and he asked her old colleague about her because he wanted to get some customer feedback on their products. Sure.

Backseat first date.

He gives her back the missing earring, and says all this cheesy stuff about how there must be some connection between them if he picked up the earring so many times for her. Hai Ning tells him that she doesn’t understand why he went through so much trouble to just give her back an earring. He tells her to guess what his real motive then. While she’s trying to guess (and failing), they make a pit stop at a street stall that sells soup dumplings. He tells her that this is his favorite food in Taiwan, and as long as he likes something, he doesn’t care about brand names. Is he talking about her? Finally, Zhe Ming reveals to her that his real motive to responding to the ad is because he wanted to see her. Hai Ning practically chokes on her soup dumpling when she hears this.

Omg. He likes me!

When Zhe Ming drops off Hai Ning, he asks her why she’s looking for a husband. She pretends to act all coy and evasive with her answer. He tells her to have her answer ready the next time they go on a date. Smooth…but not really.

I'll call you.

I’ll call you.

For their second date, Zhe Ming hires a personal chef to cook dinner for them at his place. After a super boring conversation about tea cups, Zhe Ming tells Hai Ning all about himself. She asks him if he wants to get married, why would he choose the method of answering her ad? He says that it doesn’t matter if he meets someone this way because what actually does matter is if they can remain together and see the good in each other. Hai Ning asks him if he’s ever met someone like that before, and he just stares at her without answering. When Zhe Ming leaves and then comes back from taking a phone call, he sees Hai Ning fast asleep on his couch. Kinda rude to fall asleep during a date, don’t ya think?

Getting to know each other.

Getting to know each other.

Hai Ning wakes up on Zhe Ming’s couch, and doesn’t seem all that surprised. She sees the note that he left her telling her to wait for him to come back. When he does come back, he’s got breakfast for her. He actually went to two different places to buy breakfast because he didn’t know what she wanted to eat. She later tells him that it feels a little surreal that she woke up at his place. He says that if she doesn’t feel secure around him, she can give him a thorough “check up.” Perhaps influenced by this comment, Hai Ning later even has a sex dream about Zhe Ming. How scandalous.

Continental breakfast is provided.

Continental breakfast is provided.

At a Sally Jewelry event, Hai Ning sees another girl talking to Zhe Ming and she definitely gets a little jealous. In the bathroom, she overhears some girls talking about Zhe Ming meeting Adele. Hai Ning figures that he was the one who convinced Adele to sign with her publishing company when she was still trying to choose between two publishing companies.

Hey, I called dibs on him!

Hey, I called dibs on him!

She asks him about the Adele situation when he drops her off at her place, and he admits to it. Hai Ning is disappointed to find out that it wasn’t her own efforts that convinced Adele to sign with her publishing company. Zhe Ming tries to diffuse the situation and makes it sound like he didn’t actually do that much to convince her, so it ultimately was Hai Ning’s own hard work. She doesn’t seem to buy what he’s saying though, but he keeps trying. He tells her that Adele asked him if he’s fallen in love with her if he was singing her praises so loudly. Love?! Whoa there.

Love already?! Calm down, sir.

Love already?! Calm down, sir.

Zhe Ming tells her that he needs to leave Taiwan for awhile, but he has a gift to give her before he does. When he was in Singapore, he had his company design some jewelry that looks like a spintop because it reminds him of how she’s always busily spinning around. He wishes that she can slow down her spinning and not have to work so hard. It’s so ridiculously lame to listen to, but Hai Ning is LOVING it. She even got all misty about it. Zhe Ming tells her that as long as she wants him to be there, he will never disappear. THAT CHEESE. He even strokes her hair while saying this. Man, oh man. Feelings sure progressed fast…a little too fast?

Totally fallen for him.

Totally fallen for him.

Save Room for Dessert:

Hai Ning asks Zhe Ming if it’s okay for her to eat the soup dumplings in his fancy car, and he tells her sure, since he eats most of his meals in there anyways.

The publishing company employees and Hai Ning discuss how you’d know you love and want to marry someone. Bei Bei says that you’ll know when you think of them and hear music.

Zhe Ming has six older sisters, and he’s the only male in the family.

When Zhe Ming went on a business trip, he ordered to have chicken soup from Hong Kong shipped to Taiwan for Hai Ning. Just a tad over the top.

No wine for this candlelit dinner?

No wine for this candlelit dinner?


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  1. I think Zhe Ming is the kind of guy who can make cheesy lines sound romantic. LOL. Or maybe just because Hai Ning already fell for him, those cheesy lines were really touching to her.


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