Back in Time/Cong Cong Na Nian (Ep 5 Recap)

No promises made today can be kept forever.

Yay for friendship.

Yay for friendship.

Previously on Back in Time/Cong Cong Na Nian… ep 4 recap

Anna’s Recap

Oh, the teenage angst is alive and well with this bunch. There’s the usual boy/girl drama, some good ol’ underage drinking, party planning stress, ballroom dancing, and the list goes on. But the one common theme that runs throughout this episode is that there sure are a lot of promises being made. Promises to remain friends. Promises to love you forever. It all sounds so nice now, but we know that these types of promises never last…especially in a drama. Let’s all play a little tune on the harmonica, Qiao Ran-style,  and hope that maybe, just maybe, they can defy the drama odds.

After dropping the bombshell that Fang Hui is secretly in the murda bizness, Chen Xun’s friend lays out what really happened for them. He tells them that one of his really good bros in school was murdered because of Fang Hui, so I guess she didn’t actually directly kill the guy. Chen Xun obviously flips out and refuses to believe it. His friend says that he’s acting the same as way about her that his bro did back in the day, almost like he was under a spell. Heh…Fang Hui is some type of seductress? Kinda difficult to believe. All pissed that they’re talking so much crap about Fang Hui, Chen Xun up and leaves his friends.

My girlfriend ain't no murderer.

My girlfriend ain’t no murderer.

Chen Xun is out wandering around the streets, wondering if what his friend said about Fang Hui is actually true. He thinks about how Fang Hui has been really evasive and shady with him lately, and he starts having some doubts about who she is. He ends up in front of her house and has turned to walk away, but then he hears Fang Hui calling out his name. In the dark. Creepy. She comes outta the shadows and asks him to just say whatever he wants. Chen Xun asks her if everything they said was true. She tells him that if he thinks yes, then it’s yes. Yo girl, this is murder we’re talking about here; it’s probably a good idea to get the facts straight.

Let's keep a good distance btwn us.

Let’s keep a good distance btwn us.

Chen Xun tells Fang Hui to just be straight with him and to stop being so goddamn shady. She gets all upset that he actually believes that she’s that kind of person. She says that she had planned to tell him everything, but now there’s no need for that. When she tries to walk away, Chen Xun grabs her hand to tell her that even if she committed murder and arson in the past, he will still continue to like her. Damn. Remember how I said I dunno if I should laugh or swoon over half the stuff Chen Xun says? This one definitely falls in the laugh AND head shake category. But of course, Fang Hui loves his melodrama and bursts into tears. Teens, sigh.

Fang Hui: Murderess?

Fang Hui: Murderess?

FLASHBACK! Fang Hui says that she was a good student and wanted to focus only on studying. The guy, Chen Xun’s friend’s friend, was such a slacker and just wanted to goof off, so Fang Hui has no clue why he liked her. Everyone assumed that they were a couple, but she claims that they barely even spoke to each other. He tells everyone that anyone who messes with Fang Hui is messing with him. Then, one day after school, Fang Hui is being bullied by these dudes and this guy obviously steps in to protect her. Fight breaks out and the guy is getting the crap beat out of him. One of the dudes pulls out a knife, stabs and kills Fang Hui’s guy during the fight. Oh dayum. After his death, everyone tells Fang Hui that she needs to be responsible for his death, and she even had to stay in mourning for him until graduation.



Fang Hui tells Chen Xun that she was really scared that if he knew the truth, he wouldn’t want to be with her anymore. Chen Xun actually seems pretty unfazed by the whole story, and tells her that he’ll be with her no matter what. He changes the subject like SO FAST, and asks her if she forgot something today. He’s talkin’ about his birthday present. Okay, this dude just heard how his gf’s last guy legit died for her, and he’s worried about his bday present? Makes no sense! Anyways, Fang Hui gives him the guitar pick that she had gotten for his bday, and he’s all giddy about it. Chen Xun then promises her that he’ll never let her get hurt again. Sooo, you know that means he’s definitely gunna do something later on to hurt her. That’s how these dramas roll.

Promises of forever.

Promises of forever.

Qiao Ran is all nervous leaving a message for Fang Hui’s pager. He wants to ask her out on a date, but he wimps out and just ends up asking her to study with him at the library. She tells him about how she went looking for the 1987 edition of The Little Prince (Seriously. Please pick a new book already!), but couldn’t find it. Qiao Ran reassures her that she’ll eventually find it. He tries to ask her out again, but before he could get all of his words out, Chen Xun comes strollin’ in. you...

Umm…do you…

The Fab Five are chilling in the park together, and they do what all other teenagers do…take personality quizzes! Lol. Jia Mo asks them if they were all to go on a rollercoaster today, how would you assign the seating order? Qiao Ran goes first and his answers reveal that Fang Hui is the person he loves the most. He tries to laugh it off as being ridiculous, but we all know it’s totally true.

Team Qiao Ran!

Team Qiao Ran!

Chen Xun and Fang Hui go off on their own, and she asks her how he would have answered the question from earlier. He says that if they were to ride a rollercoaster together, he would have her in his embrace and would hold on tightly. That’s definitely against the rules! I’m laughing and rolling my eyes at how ridiculously cheesy he’s being, but Fang Hui is loving it, per usual. At this very moment, poor Qiao Ran walks by and sees them holding hands from afar. Poor guy! He’s so sad that he’s bumming out the entire bus ride back.

Sadface Qiao Ran.

Sadface Qiao Ran.

Qiao Ran is playing basketball by himself when Chen Xun drops by. He wants to play some ball, but Qiao Ran really isn’t in the mood. When Chen Xun asks him if he plans to join the basketball team this year, Qiao Ran tells him that he doesn’t like competition and thinks that if you gotta fight over something, then it’s not worth it. Omg, he’s totally talking about Fang Hui! Qiao Ran then asks Chen Xun if he likes Fang Hui, and he asks him to guess. Qiao Ran lists off all of her positives, and Chen Xun says that’s exactly why he likes her. And cue a bummed out Qiao Ran.

Give it to me straight, bro.

Give it to me straight, bro.

During their ballroom dance lesson, Qiao Ran purposely moves over so that Chen Xun and Fang Hui would be paired up. While they’re having a blast, Qiao Ran looks absolutely miserable the whole time. Afterwards, Fang Hui asks him if he’s okay and he says that he just didn’t get a good night’s sleep. He reassures everyone that he’s really fine, but we all know better. Jia Mo then asks Fang Hui what she wants to do for her upcoming birthday, and they all agree to have a party.

I don't think he can look any more sad.

I don’t think he can look any more sad.

Qiao Ran is still depressed and hanging around the school, long after class has been over. Fang Hui finds him sitting by himself, playing the harmonica. He asks her why didn’t she go home yet, and she says that she’s worried about him. He insists that nothing’s wrong, but Fang Hui isn’t buying it. She asks him to tell him what his heart is thinking, and he says that he’s afraid if he does say it, then they can’t even be friends. SO SAD. She tells him that friends should be able to say the truth to each other. Qiao Ran asks her if she thinks if he’s not brave enough, but she says that she thinks he’s a very courageous person. He wistfully says that if he was actually courageous, he would be able to say the things he want before it all became too late. She asks him if he has never tried, how would he know that it’s too late. Yes! Tell her, Qiao Ran! Alas, turns out that this was all in his imagination and Fang Hui wasn’t actually there.

Tell her! Tell her!

Tell her! Tell her!

Chen Xun finds Qiao Ran at a local cafe because he knew he’d be here on this day, after cleaning his father’s tombstone. They reminisce about Qiao Ran’s father, and about how much things have changed. Chen Xun says to him that they’ll never change because they will remain lifelong bros. Drama rules say that the exact opposite will happen. Later at home, Qiao Ran receives a phone call. From who…we don’t know. Qiao Ran isn’t in school the next day. When Chen Xun asks their teacher if she knows where he is, she doesn’t know either.

Bros 4 lyfe?

Bros 4 lyfe?

While Fang Hui and Jia Mo are shopping for a present for Su Kai, they see him in the store with another girl. And they’re holding hands. He calls out to Jia Mo when he sees them, but she’s already on the verge of tears. He even tells her to tell Gao Yi Yi (Jia Mo’s alter ego) to stop paging him and to not buy him drinks anymore because he’s not interested in her. Jia Mo asks him if it’s because of the girl he’s with, and Su Kai says, “Yup, that’s my girlfriend!”

Who's the girl?!

Who’s the girl?!

After their run-in with Su Kai and his girlfriend, Jia Mo is very distraught. She’s bawling her eyes out to Fang Hui. Fang Hui tells her that she’s not crazy for liking him so much, but she just needs to stop now. Jia Mo says no way is she going to stop. She’s not ready to give up on him, and just wants him to realize one day that she’s the one for him. Fang Hui can’t do anything else but hug her.

Shoulder to cry on.

Shoulder to cry on.

Poor Jia Mo is forced to watch Su Kai and his gf be all coupley during a dinner out with the basketball team. She does the only thing she can do: get drunk. Zhao Ye takes a very wasted Jia Mo home. He says that he can tell that she’s unhappy today, and when she’s unhappy, he is too. Too bad she’s too drunk to hear any of that.

I wouldn't have pegged Jia Mo as a sloppy drunk.

I wouldn’t have pegged Jia Mo as a sloppy drunk.

When Fang Hui is walking home, she runs into Chen Xun’s friend. More accurately, he was straight-up waiting in the shadows for her. He asks her if she likes Chen Xun. He admits that he’s the one who’s been slashing her bike tires and finding people to harass her. He says that even if she thinks he’s being a major ass, he was no choice. He’s gotta do something or else he’d feel sorry towards his dead friend. Fang Hui says that she doesn’t blame him. He tells her that she can’t be with Chen Xun anymore because he doesn’t want to lose another friend.

Fang Hui gets called outside from her house, and she sees a birthday cake sitting there on a ledge for her. Jia Mo, Chen Xun, and Zhao Ye are all there to sing “Happy Birthday” to her, but still no signs of Qiao Ran. But right when they wonder where he could be, Qiao Ran comes running up to them. Yay! He tells them that he went missing these past few days because he had some family stuff going on. Qiao Ran gives Fang Hui her present, and it’s the 1987 edition of The Little Prince that she’s been looking for!

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!

The Fab Five go hiking for Fang Hui’s birthday. When they get to the top of the mountain, they’re all screaming loudly and laughing, except Qiao Ran is wistfully looking at Fang Hui. Turns out that spent these last few days going around to bookstores looking for the book for her. Omg. PICK HIM. The mysterious phone call he got a little while ago was a bookstore letting him know that they have that edition. They’re all screaming, “We’ll be together forever!” at the top of the mountain. We’ll see.

BFFLs...for now.

BFFLs…for now.

Qiao Ran’s voiceover says that there are a lot of different types of feelings. Just because you’re good to a person doesn’t mean that you’ll be together. If you really like them, you’ll want them to be happy, even if that means that there’s no room for you in their happiness.

Don't give up. #TeamQiaoRan

Don’t give up. #TeamQiaoRan

Fang Hui and Chen Xun are walking down the street when some guy walks into her. Chen Xun makes a big deal about it, and a fight starts over her…again.

Fight time.

Fight time.

Extra Credit:

When the class was learning how to ballroom dance, Jia Mo goes up to do the demonstration for them. When the teacher asks who wants to partner up with her, Zhao Ye practically runs up there.

Qiao Ran is crazy good at playing the piano!

Chen Xun tells Fang Hui that he thinks Qiao Ran likes her, based on that conversation they had about her on the basketball court. Fang Hui strongly denies that she has any type of romantic feelings towards him.

Omg. Fang Hui please pick Qiao Ran.

Omg. Fang Hui please pick Qiao Ran.


2 thoughts on “Back in Time/Cong Cong Na Nian (Ep 5 Recap)

  1. Skimmed Milk says:

    Absolutely in love with Qiaoran *sighs* He’s like the best character ever and he sprouts the most meaningful, insightful and memorable lines in this drama.

    So upset when they decided to kick Qiaoran to London when they moved onto the university part 😦


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